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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well thank God Pebbles is going to be okay her tumour was benign. We are all disgusted here with www.vitaminuk.com The medication for Bonnie never arrived and they don't answer mom's e-mails. She promised the medication to another diabetic dog if Bonnie died first. They just ignore us and we all thought they were angels! We still think about Bonnie a lot and Mom goes down to her grave with flowers and talks to her. Jessie is limping badly with arthritis. We are all hoping she won't get paralysed like Bonnie-- she is too young for that. She will probably need a dog cart in the future and Mom said it is best to start looking for one up for donation now because humans are very mean and not a lot of people want to help us here in Brazil. We are in a forgotton corner of the world. Nobody seems to visit our blog site and nobody leaves any comments. Mom says it is because humans are a self centred bunch of beings that don't give a second thought to small rescue centres like here. We are so lucky to have a Mom and Dad who care.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sad Day

bonnie passed away on Thursday 6Th November at around 4.00pm. She was very weak and had problems breathing properly. We all cried and her mom too. We all feel so lost without her and empty. The house is a void without her. The medication from England never arrived. Mom tried so hard to save her, but she lost the last battle. Pebbles in the meanwhile has had a tumour removed from her side and we are all awaiting the results of her biopsy to know whether, or not she has cancer. Mom says she cant take anymore stress due to sick dogs, but we all know that if Pebbles is ill she will do everything she can for her. Bonnie has been buried with flowers on her grave, but we don't have the courage to go and look just now!