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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Here in Brazil

There has been a lot of activity here lately. Dogs have been going backwards and forwards to the Veterinary clinic. Mom says it's a good thing but I can't see it. Trooper and Freddy came back complaining of a pain in the private parts. The vet has been up to something. I haven't worked it out yet. I just know I don't want to go there. Emmy told me it's okay I won't miss my balls but I like my squeaky balls to play with. I am not sure what she is talking about but I want to keep my balls. Trooper was neutered, whatever that means. Emmy wouldn't tell me.

Dad was with him when they did whatever they did.
The Poodle that came to our house with the broken leg was there still. her name there is Bella. Dad brought her x rays home for mom to see. Her leg is pinned together with wire of some sort. Freddy was really pleased to be home as well. Even though he came home with a pain too. His is nearly better because he stayed there a few days. He also had a cyst on his back removed. All thanks to Sun Super Dreams.  
Pebbles has had some off days. She isn't getting better. Emmy says she won't and is waiting for her at a bridge somewhere. I saw a tear in Emmy's eye when she said this.
I am doing my best to keep her company and be nice to her. She is still taking fluids through a tube three times a day and a lot of medications.
Guga is also being exra nice to her.
Even Gemma looks worried and stayed close by to Pebbles.
Cassie and Little One missed Freddy because he was staying at the vets also having the mysterious neutering thing.
Little One really missed him. She sleeps on top of him to keep warm and comfortable.
During the week I got away with stealing a whole load of dog food and nobody saw me. I am getting good at it. It's my ability to be invisible at times.
I checked all around first to make sure no one was looking. I even checked outside because they spend a lot of time out there.
Then I decided on a nap. I had filled my belly to it's limit and needed to lie down.
Then Mom woke me up. I was not happy about that.
I then went off to the bedroom so she wouldn't disturb me again.
I fell asleep dreaming of John Travolta doing some moves. When I woke up Topi was out sun bathing.
and Mini
and Gemma was asleep on a chair.
Please don't forget to vote  for me so I can really be a Superstar. You can vote all day if you like.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daisy's and Sam's New Haircuts

I am back again today to moan. Mom sent Daisy and Sam somewhere to have haircuts because finally the competition money was released by the bank.  They came back smelling like humans. I wanted my haircut and Mom said I don't need a hair cut. Then I asked her when my hair would be growing long like their's and she said probably never because I am a short haired dog. Now that made me angry! What if I wanted to be a Hippy dog? I can't be a Hippy with short hair. It may detract from my new career as a superstar not being as versatile as Sam and Daisy. They have a choice; long hair or short hair. Well Daisy looked beautiful.

and she is wearing her Daisy collar.

Sam apparently got the learner groomer and did not come out as well as Daisy's cut.

Sam then went and sat down to wait for her fur to grow again.


So, I am glad they didn't practice on me nothing worse than a bad hair cut. Below is Oscar. He gets special food because he was starving and needs to put on weight. He is pretty good at wolfing down his food. I told mom I wanted what he has and she said I wasn't starving so I have to make do with the same food as all the others, which really isn't right for a superstar. Please keep voting for me whenever you can. I need more votes to start my career.  Below are some superb new shots from my portfolio. Mom says I am looking like ScoobyDoo now. He must of been one Hell of a dog!


His head hasn't grown though-- just his body.

Here is me looking like the Scooby Doo character.

and one more. These are two of my more serious poses.

Pebbles wasn't very well for a couple of days with her Renal problems but picked up today. We all for so sorry for her. She is fighting to stay alive a bit longer. Emmy says she will look after her when she gets up there. Emmy says she has quite a few friends waiting for her. Pebbles always played  with Emmy as a puppy. They were special friends. She also knew Harry very well.

Here is Gemma enjoying a moment on Dad's lap.

And here she is enjoying a moment with me.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joey's New Moves

Hi!  I am back blogging. We have all been busy here. Mom has been fighting with the bank to make them hand over our prize money. It was supposed to be for fences here and other stuff, but they are being very awkward and now there is a possibility that the prize money will go back to Australia, which is where it came from because the ninety days is almost up. I personally would like to meet this bank manager and give him a piece of my mind in exchange for a piece of his butt. I have nice big new teeth just right for this. I also need to practice biting as I haven't done any of it so far. So, his arse would be a great place to start. Emmy is telling me off again I shouldn't have said 'arse' and now she made me say it again. I am still practising my superstar moves and have come up with some very good new moves. I have been using accessories for my routines too. This is a photo from my Arabian dance routine.

The Arab Sheik (me) has upset one of his camels and runs off to hide. They chase him back to his tent and then he disappears. I play this part so well. The routine never explains exactly what I did to make the camel so mad though. That bit is best not mentioned. Then when the camel gives up his search for me I break into a faster dance routine with all sorts of new moves.

Here I peek out to see if the camel has gone and he has.

Of course,  you all realise that I won't be taking a sofa on the dance floor with me. I will be using the actual dance floor. I practice here because it is more comfortable and Mom only has this one old sofa and she said I can't take it out with me when I start my Superstar career. She was very serious about that so I have to forget the sofa as a prop idea. Never mind John Travolta didn't have a sofa and he did alright without one and I have a much hairier chest than him too. I showed my routine to a few of the others. They loved it. Pluto laughed his socks off!

Oscar too except he wasn't wearing any socks!

Cassie had to lie down because she laughed so much.

It was hard to tell if Freddy was laughing or growling so I never made any comment.

Gracie came out to have a look

Then she just hid her face. I don't think she really appreciated all the effort I have put into this. 

Well in all I was pretty pleased with their reaction. Most of them were in awe. Guga and Pebbles couldn't be bothered to wake up and watch. It was a bit rude if you ask me.

I forgave them though because Guga is very old and Pebbles is ill. I had a visit during the week from Emmy to remind me not to be selfish and take up all the space on the sofa. She said I was squashing poor Pebbles. I moved and went to play with Gemma so Pebbles could be more comfortable.

  I am trying to be a better dog and have decided what I am going to buy Oscar for his birthday. I am going to get him some miracle wrinkle remover I saw for sale in town. The pack says it removes all wrinkles and deep wrinkles too. He has a serious problem with wrinkles for a dog so young.

Last weekend Mini got a new coat to sleep in and she got all tangled up in it during the night. When Mom and Dad put it on her I heard her saying 'No I don't want it please take it off'. Well Mom and Dad just can't understand our language and stupidly thought she would be warm and comfortable. It took her hours to get one leg out and the rest knotted around her. She was in a terrible mood after that.  Mom and Dad got the hint because they had to get up at 2am and unknot her from the coat.

During the week a Poodle with a broken leg arrived. She only stayed overnight and then went to get her leg mended. She has to have metal bits out in her leg to help it stick back together. Nobody knows what happened to her and she wouldn't speak to us. She was in a lot of pain. Mom was giving her medication for the pain all night. She is going to stay at a sanctuary for three months now because she isn't allowed to run. Then Mom and Dad will collect her and she is going to be adopted by the lady who found her.

Well Gemma and I are inseperable.

Gemma and I have a great time we run all over the house chasing each other.  I am so glad Emmy led her here to be with me and the others. Emmy is an Angel for sure. She can fly now too and she can see everything I do, which sometimes is not so good. If I need any advice she is there for me. She watches over Mom and Dad too. Don't forget to vote for me so I can really be a SuperStar. I am putting a lot of effort into my bid for fame. You can vote many times a day and every day so please keep voting. I am worth every vote.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Dog Arrived Called Oscar.

I was having a quiet week practising my poses and superstar stuff when a surprise turned up here. Dad went out and he took Nicki with him and was gone quite a while. When he came back he had Nicki and another dog with him. I recognized the other dog because I saw him two weeks ago I couldn't forget him because he was very thin and looked quite miserable. We were all coughing with kennel cough at the time. Well dad drove in took Nicki out of the car and I watched through the window. The new dog is very strange. He has a black tongue and is full of sores. Mom said it was Bot flies that did it. I have never had this and I hope I don't they made a real mess of Oscar's back it's all sore and bleeding and now has to be sprayed with grey stuff twice a day. I later found out that Oscar had never been off his chain or out of a cage free in his life. He was very excited about the prospect of running free and eating properly instead of starving. Emmy told me this and told me I take it for granted because I nearly always had it but some  dogs don't and humans don't treat them properly. She told me Oscar was very ill treated and that's why he looks like he does. I began to cry. I am personally going to bite those people that did that to Oscar when I find out where they are. Emmy told me to be real nice to him because he deserves to have good friends and be loved just like me. So I am going to try and be friends with him. I am not allowed to play with him right now because he has stitches and sores all over. Here are some photos and you can all see I have been nice to him.

Here he is arriving. He looks quite happy about it.

Dad is getting him out of the cage.

Nicki was there too because she went to see the vet too

Here you can see what those awful humans did to him. He has been eating well for two weeks now and still is just a bag of bones. Mom is going to make him beautiful but not quite as beautiful as me.

He has a black tongue. He said it's normal when we all asked him why.

Dad made a new kennel for him and a new pink house for him. He liked that. He said he never had anything all his life the only thing that was his was a rusty old chain. He didn't have a house or a bed.

Dad showed him around.

Then Dad gave him his first taste of freedom to run.

He ran a lot. At first I had to encourage him so I ran around and around the compound shouting 'Come on Oscar run' he then got the idea and we both ran together. It was a miracle he was shouting at me 'I can run! I can run! and I barked back 'Faster Oscar! Faster! We had great fun and everyone barked. Even Oscar barked once. After that everyone came out to see what was going on. 

Guga and I had a chat with him .

Even Pebbles got up from under her blanket to have a look.

Meanwhile I have been practicing some Superstar moves. I am learning to dance too like John Travolta.

Mom says my nose is just like John Travolta's nose.

Me and Gemma chillin together.

and now me and my older friend Jessie.

We played in the sand for a while and made quite a mess.

and lastly some more of Oscar he deserves to be happy. Here he is waking up after his first night here.

He loves his pink house.