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Friday, January 15, 2010

Two sad pictures the first is a dead dog that was in the process of being devoured by a pack of vultures still present behind the dog. They fled when we arrived to get a picture. The second is a baby horse born in the streets desperately eating from the communal rubbish bins. Well hope all of you had a nice christmas.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi Folks, We all survived the fireworks on New Years Eve! Although Panda and Jessie nearly had heart attacks. Above is a pic of Gracie after being speyed just before Christmas. She wasn't very happy about being grounded for ten days and seperated from Pluto. She stayed in the house with us and made a real pest of herself complaining non stop. We are all glad she is now better and back with Pluto. Below is a pic of one of the best looking German Shepherds in Brazil, of course, it is me reclining attractively on the sofa. If, anyone knows of a better looking GSD than me please send in their photo and we can have a vote on it! Meanwhile here Jessie is still waiting for her surgery due to financial issues. Everybody is due for their annual vaccinations too. Panda had a slight tummy bug but was soon better. The weather is very hot. Still nobody responds to our website. Mom saw a dead dog in the road yesterday being eaten by vultures she says she will post the photo next time.