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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Joey's Back.

Joey says ‘Do you want to be in my Gang?’ 

Hello! This is Joey here – remember me? – Mom’s favorite fur baby. 
I have now got over a rather bad case of doggy writer’s block and like all great artists’, 
I don’t know where to start... so much has happened since by last blog. 
Lots of new dogs (dad’s been collecting again), new visitors, dogs leaving to go to Canada and Scotland, new kennels outside, dogs in the bathroom and bedrooms! –  
....dogs everywhere! 
This has all made me feel very insecure especially as I have heard mom and dad talk in whispers...this has frightened me so I am now adding ‘whispers’ to the list of things that scare me...  
New people, big scary planes in the sky, pretty new dogs, strangers (like Scooby Doo, I just want to jump into mom’s arms and hide)..  
A few of pretty dogs have gone to Canada to be adopted and I am Scooby scared by this and am on my best behavior as am worried I will be next... especially as I overheard that all the pretty ones go! (not that I am in the least bit vain!) 
I am secretly hoping (hush- don’t tell anyone) that Bowie (far too muscular for my liking – I look puny in comparison!) and Trooper (always been jealous of his gorgeous markings) are next in line.. . 
Guga (Guges as I like to call him) is still on doggy earth, even though he has given mom and dad a few bad scares – he’s a bit slower now though. 
Murphy has a new puppy to mollycoddle – Katie wasn’t sure about her at first as she’s rather cute and a tad immature, but now that I have decided that I am her intellectual superior – she is ok. 
Well – I think that is enough for now – promise that you will have more pearls of joey-wisdom soon. 
Have to dash as it is ‘chicken shredding time’ (cooked of course) – have to admit that it is my favorite time of the day as I am the only one who is tall enough to reach the table and gobble up all the chicken scraps when mom isn’t looking....all the other short ass’s miss out!...ooh, starting to salivate already!... 
Bye for now, Joey...