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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi folks!
Here in Brazil we have been costing mom and dad a fortune. Pebbles managed to get a rare type of fungus and after four visits to the local vet she had to be taken thirty kilometers away for another diagnosis. She ended up with the vet cutting a chunk out of her leg and stitches in her leg. The piece of flesh was then sent for biopsy and we are awaiting the results. She cost around 500 reals in total. Gracie has some sort of skin irritation too and needed treatment as well. Jessie is recovering well, but of course she needs to have the same surgery on her other leg. On top of it all we had an outbreak of fleas and some of us had to take special medication that cost a fortune here. Yesterday mom and dad visted a friend who has 90 odd street animals and she just accepted a mother a five pups dumped near to us here. She also has nobody to help her financially and has huge expenses. Mom told her how she wrote to several famous people who profess to like animals, asking for help--including Joan Collins. Needless to say most didn`t have the grace to even answer and no body wanted to help us here in Brazil. We are in a forgotten corner of the world. Some people may say why don`t the Brazilians help? Well mom says she can`t answer this without upsetting a lot of Brazilians. They just don`t think of dogs in the same way that people in the first world do. A small minority adore animals, but a huge majority are indifferent to our suffering. The situation is getting worse in the last two month one freind of mom`s picked up eight strays in danger and sick. Another friend of mom`s who has thirty picked up a dog who has been in the vets for 40 days recovering from a facial trauma. We are not sure if he was run over or beaten. The gaping wound was infested with maggots. He luckily will make it and all thanks to the few good hearted samaritans around here. He fared better than the two nthat were run over and left to die slowly by the side of the road last week. There are only four or five of humans working for us dogs and they are saturated with the daily problems. They cure one problem and two more appear. Noneof them are rich and all of them have their own financial worries to attend. Is the world so mean that nobody can take them seriously and raise some funds for us. They are welcome to come here and speak to the few in the team and to see and hear our tragic stories. We can`t talk, but you can see the scars and deficiencies we have due to neglect and cruelty. Local politicians don`t want to know about us. Religious groups say we don`t have souls. The local priest kicks us if we try to enter the church. They poison, stab, drown and starve us to death. Please is anybody out there that cares enough to make this little forgotten corner of Brazil a happier place for all? We need the good humans to educate the others to respect us. It is a large, but not impossible project. Worse still the only vet around here who actually treated street dogs for free has brain cancer and is dying. Mom was very upset about this.