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Saturday, April 18, 2009

April News

Well the new little pup called Gracie is growing a lot. Mom says she is a type of mixed Labrador. Mom is also looking after a dog with cancer of the mouth. He is seventeen years old and belongs to a girl who works for mom. There are fourteen of us here now. We all still miss Bonnie and her interesting tales of life in the hills all alone, but it is great to have a new little one around. One of the street dogs down below in the valley died last week with some sort of disease and the neighbour who leaves his dogs roaming in the street had one run over. Mom witnessed this and was very angry. She also saw a dead dog by the side of the road yesterday obviously it had been run over. Life outside of our little haven here is very precarious. Still nobody has made a single comment about mom's blog. Dad is supposed to be coming back from abroad some time soon. He has been away for nearly two years and we are all eager to see him again. He has been working a lot to support our lifestyle here. We never found the snake that bit Tequila, but did find a small poisonous snake here last week. We are all growing thicker coats ready for the cold mountain winter. Tasha loves the cold but the rest of us hate it.