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Saturday, April 21, 2012


We have an anonymous donor backing every donation $ for $ up to $500 so now if you have been thinking about donating it is an excellent time to do it. Thank you to all of you who have helped us past and present. We would not be here without you and the fate of all the dog's would be unthinkable. As dog's we have no voice in the human world, but I am barking 'Thank You'  right now. All the dogs here have been extremely lucky to have survived the streets and then to have survived mom and dad's fate in life too. They lost everything and have managed to keep all of us going for over a year. Now mom is about to get her Charity status so she can fund raise properly and help more street dogs.   We are all happy about this. Once she get's the charity status approved there is going to be a celebration here. It has been a tough time for mom and dad. Mom fought to save us all like a mom dog would and she was determined not to give in.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog houses and Joey's New Diet

Well it has been a strange week here. Lots of rain and Guga became famous on Care2 http://www.care2.com/causes/beloved-old-street-dog-is-rescued-just-before-huge-mudslide.html Joey has started eating money and dad is still building dog houses. First here is Joey.

Mom lost this ten Reais note and thought it was gone forever. Then she found it in the botom of the washing machine all wet. She put it in a safe place to dry and the wind must of blown it off the shelf into Joey's mouth. Mom looked everywhere for the missing corner but she couldn't find it. She thinks it is inside Joey's stomach somewhere. Without the missing corner the bank won't swap it, so mom wasn't that pleased about his new liking for money. Dad has finished the big dog house for Cassie Freddy and Little one. He is now painting one for Daisy and Topi's kennel, which will be ready tonight.   

They seem to like the house and Freddy won't have to sleep in the plastic drum anymore with his rear end hanging out. They still have many to make and dad will continue with the work until the wood runs out. Mom and dad had to go out this week on a long drive to sort out some of the charity status stuff. They saw a sad abandoned dog in the middle of nowhere. The guy painting white lines on the road side stopping place said the dog had been there two days after someone left him there. Bad humans do this. Mom felt terrible, but she just can't take him-- there aren't enough kennels here for all the dogs here and she can't tie him to a tree. She just doesn't have any means of taking one more right now. He looked in quite good condition right now, but there is no food supply where he is. He is seventy miles from where we are, so she can't even go and feed him daily. She says if a miracle occurs she will go right back and pick him up. He may have moved on by now though.

We all felt upset and annoyed about this situation. Poor guy was there when Mom and Dad passed early in the day and still waiting when they came back hours later. He obviously thinks the bad human will come back for him. We all know different here. Bad humans don't change. Mom also took some photos of the mountains.

and this beautiful purple tree

Joey is busy helping dad right now. He is showing Dad where to cut the wood with his paw.

Mom finally got a good picture of Panda who hates cameras.

Here is Sam with her winter hair style!

And Trooper

Well life goes on here. Mom says it's a battle!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Raining

Well here again it's raining and there have been mudslides and flooding where we are and in Teresopolis too. Five people have died so far and more rain is expected. Mom was very scared she thought it was going to be like the last disaster. We had all day without electricity. Mom had to put Sol in the half made dog house as she was afraid the lightning would strike the metal cage she is stil living in because she hasn't got a kennel so far. The microwave blew up at 2am in the morning as a bolt of lightning struck near by. It was a very severe storm and apparently one months rainfall fell in just twenty four hours. Mom panicked here as the water level rose very quicky. Our exercise compound statrted filling with water and became a swimming pool. By nightfall everything was covered in several inches of water.

Here is Sol sheltering temporarily in the half made house. She was warm and dry here.

 The rain was relentless and the day after we still have a swamp here.

The kennels are still full of rain water.

Here some other photos taken before the storm got going. First Joey in pink.

Joey again because mom thinks he is handsome!

Now Joey and Pebbles.

The handsome Pluto next.

Another shot of the garden as it began to fill with water.

It's very muddy here right now. A hillside collapsed nearby and the lightning blew a hole in a house nearby. Mom amd Dad were lucky that they just lost the microwave. We will all be eating cold rice now. Have a Happy Easter everyone. Here it passed by with deep thought and rain. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

World Stray Animal Day 4th April 2012

Here in Brazil for mom and dad its World Stray Animal Day everyday. Their lives revolve around all the streetdogs here with them. There world has become street dog orientated as they are always doing something for us. Dad is building two more houses with some money that a kind lady donated so the dogs outside wouldn't freeze to death. They are still trying to get the perimeter fence wire donated so we can all run freely. Today would be a good day for humans to donate just because it's World Stray Animal Day it would be a very apt tribute for us and them. Here is the base for Cassie and Little One's house.

Mom took a photo of me and Joey squashed under the computer desk. She uses me as a foot rest whilst working on the computer. 

Here is a nice shot of Jessie who spent a whole year paralysed. She is yawning because she just woke up.
Here is Daisy who had a bath on Monday. Her fur is very long again. Mom says she will have to keep it that way so she can stay warmer during the winter. Daisy is the little street dog who is lame and had a broken pelvis. She has put on a lot of weight since her rescue last year.

 If anyone can help mom and dad to buy the fence wire so we can all run around freely then please think about donating for World Stray Animal Day.