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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lost the house

well the bad news is mom and dad remortgaged the house and now can not afford to pay the payments so we are all moving hope they can find someone to accept all of us. Mom is crying and angry because nobody gives a damn not even those closest. Nobody wants to know you when you are down and out we know that because we were all in the street and down and out. They remortgaged the house to find a way of paying for our huge maintenance bills and bought a bakery but it is not makng enough to pay for everything we need. It probably will some time in the future but by then it may be too late. Mom tried everything to save it but it is not to be. Let's hope we don't lose the only two people who ever loved and treated us with respect. What a shit world we live in! Just because mom is not a registered charity nobody helps. Mom gets up at 5.30 to clean kennels feed and let us all out in rotation. Dad goes to the Bakery at 4.30 and does not return until 8.pm He does this seven days a week. They say God helps those who help themselves, but he doesn't. They do not have the money to construct all of our kennels in another location. Mom works all day until 6.30. She cooks for us because it is cheaper than buying food. She cooks vegetables, rice and meat, with dog ration. There are two new dogs here as well. Mom took one in that was half her normal body weight. She is really a sorry sight. Mom said to St Francis 'if I accept that dog, which I really cannot afford to with all of my problems then help me, but he didn't. She told us today to forget the big dog in the sky because he is probably just as indifferent as the human one, or maybe they are one and the same!