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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hide and Seek

Hi! This week it's been raining an awful lot here. They had some landslides but it's over now. There was a whole lot of mud, which we all spread everywhere indoors and Mum went kind of crazy every time she looked at the floors. She was very nervous about all the rain coming down. The new dog seems to have moved into the house as if it isn't overcrowded enough. She hasn't got a bed yet the humans say they will make one for her soon. I have been teaching the others hide and seek with a ball. Shame I couldn't find my own after the vet took them. here I am starting them all off.

It is actually Skye's ball and she looked every where for it

She was smart so I decided to be more artful with the hiding technique

I hid the ball and walked nonchalantly back so no one would catch on.

Cassie saw me and tried to tell the others with paw signals

Freddy was mouthing something to Cassie but neither could understand each other's meaning. Labs have low IQ's. Emmy said I should say that this statement is my own opinion and has no scientific proof.  

Topi looked everywhere but he couldn't find the ball either. 

Xana just laughed she knew where the ball was all along.

We had a great laugh watching them all run in circles.

Gracie and Little One gave up.

In the end I told them 'It's here you fools' and walked away.

Here is Skye in her new house she laughed a lot when she saw it.

Hope just watches me and I could swear I heard her whisper something like 'Barking Mad' to Nicki. I have no idea who she was talking about though!

Hope has a new thing from Guga's auntie in America. It is to help her walk and to help Mom and Dad walk too because they seem to be having problems lately. She was very happy and screaming 'I am walking--I am walking as she stumbled around.  

She is putting on weight and getting stronger.

Then the rain came and we had to spend quite a while indoors whilst there were a lot of storms. 

and finally me and my girl Gemma playing.