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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well! almost two years since mum started this blog and the response has been amazing! Not a single donation or offer of practical help and only one comment so far. Mum and Dad have been working hard trying to make ends meet, but of course with such a large family it i a constant strugle. There is still one empty kennel here but not enough money to put one of the tragic street dogs there. Nobody wants to sponser one, so it remains empty. mum has seen another two dogs dead in the road and many more maimed and crippled on the streets. The Western world all profess to be dog lovers, but they only love their own personal dogs. There are ten dogs here that need teeth cleaning and Harry has another ear infection. Just to give you all out there an idea of the expense---teeth cleaning is 90 reais each dog. The medication for Harry`s ear is 40 reais and that is not counting the four vaccinations this month and our food. Fortunately there have not been any real big emergencies health wise here for a while. Jessie still has not had her other leg surgery done for the same reason. This is exactly why the a kennel remains empty and as each one of us passes on (we are all getting pretty old now xcept for Pluto and Gracie) then more kennels will be left empty. We all think it such a shame that there is no help at all out there for the few humans who care about us. Well we certainly are a bunch of down in the mouth depressed dogs at the moment. Above are two pictures of another abandoned horse. Mum is trying to treat the horse but can only borrow the abandoned stable for three days. So there isn`t much hope there because she has no where to keep a horse. She also doesn`t have the money for a vet or transport to a vet. the horse has a bad wound full of maggots. Not many humans around here give a damn about it. the horse is worth more money dead as meat than alive.