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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pluto and Gracie

Here are the three doomed puppies. Already today it seems like there is only one left. Two have gone missing for the last day. They are not used to humans and scream like they are dying if anybody goes near them. Mom says this will make it even more difficult to try and find homes for them. She will try though. They can't come here because if the inevitable occurs and nobody wants them Mom can't afford to support any more dogs. So lets all hope and pray we can save them somehow. mom isn't having a very good week because first of all Dad is ill, second the homeless pups and last night me and Misty had a big fight. The first fight here in the house for nearly a year. Mom says it was my fault because I am so jealous. They threw a bucket of water on us and we stopped for 10 seconds and then I decided to bite Misty again. Dad was very angry.

Well just look at little Gracie now, all grown up. She lives with Pluto and they play all day long doing puppy things. She is in the middle of excavating in her kennel. She has dug a hole so big that she can get inside of it and hide. She is constantly covered in mud due to her unusual hobby.

Pluto has grown up a lot too although he still romps around like a puppy. All of us are worried about Dad because he has health problems too and was rushed to hospital last week. Jessie's surgery had to be cancelled because he won't be able to help carry her out to pee whilst she is recovering and obviously Mom can't carry a 45 kilo dog alone. Mom has found a street dog down the road with three puppies. She says that they don't have any chance of survival at all. She is going to take some pictures for you all to see.