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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Anyone that would like to help us and has facebook?  http://www.surfdogricochet.com/ReFUR%20a%20FURiend%20Campaigns.htm

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daisy Update

This is little Daisy. She is still at the vet clinic in case she develops distemper. She has gained some weight and is wearing her beautiful daisy collar donated by a kind soul. It was the collar that gave Mom the idea to call her Daisy. Her  leg is complicated because the vet said that she was probably hit by a car. The x rays show her hip bone was broken and there are bits of calcified bone fragments everywhere. The vet actually described it as a 'soup of bone fragments'. Her leg was broken too. The people near where she was sleeping said that she had been run over twice, so we don't know if she got both injuries at once, or on seperate occasions. The vet said breaking the hip would have been intensely painful for her. She has no sensation in her paw and is dragging it. The vet said, mom should get something to protect it as it is scraping along the ground and sore. She looks a lot better than the forlorn little girl lying in the street who could hardly walk. She has been taking vitamins and eating well. I guess the rest and respite from having to hunt for scraps of food all day has done her a lot of good. Mom spent a few hours with her and says she is really sweet. She began to follow mom and dad around the room like a little lamb. So, Daisy will probably stay with all of us here for the rest of her life. The vet says she is around six years old. Nobody will adopt her like this. The vet said making any improvements to her leg would require specialist surgery and a whole heap of money. Mom and Dad saw her xrays. Guga survived his castration the poor old chap was complaining a bit earlier but seems to have perked up this afternoon. This should be the end of his prostate problem. He weighs 46 kilos now or 101lbs. He is a big dog with a big heart. We all glad  he made it. Mom and dad are still looking for somewhere to take us all. The pups are doing fine too. They are leaving for adoption on the 11th. Mom is going to be on an internet radio show talking about us all.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here's our little pups playing. We think they are some type of terriers and possibly pit bull mixes. They have been here a week now and have grown a bit during the week. They bite mom and dad's fingers. They are going to take a course of doxicillin because they had so many ticks when they arrived. On the 11th september they will go to the adoption fair in Rio. Tomorrow mom and dad are going to see Daisy the little white dog and Guga is going to be neutered to cure his prostate problem. Mom's a bit worried because he is so old. Mom and Dad are going to look for somewhere else to live with all of us as no buyers have turned up. Now it's nearly summer thay have more chance of selling the house but not a lot of time left. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeding Time

Puppy Progress

Well after a shaky start the pups are dong well. They should be ready for adoption in two or three weeks. Here they are.

They are sooo cute who could possibly leave them to die like that. This one has a little heart shaped nose! Still No one has stepped forward to save us here in Brazil. So, I guess very soon the work will come to an end and the next phase of life the Nightmare phase will begin. We hope God gives us all strength to cope with it when it comes. Best Friends wrote to us several times but are no longer interested in doing a feature on us. Another blow!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well Dad went to the bank yesterday after the dreadful telephone call giving us thirty days. They have agreed that if we can find around $6500 in the next 28 days then they won't go ahead. So in effect we got another 28 days. After that they can get us out quickly. They made Dad sign a contract and gave him a bill of 10,100.00 reais which is what they want in Brazilian currency. Of course, it will be impossible to raise this amount of money so, we are back to square one awaiting a miracle. Mom has been real busy with the puppies pooping everywhere and squealing for food every three hours. They are adorable though and deserved the chance to live. If anyone has any ideas on fundraising please let us know. Anyone can think of ways to make this situation more visible to the world then please let us know. We are truly desperate. mom will get some pictures of the puppies posted later today. Daisy's blood test have come back but vet left the clinic early. She is not showing any signs of distemper and is apparently eating well and gaining some weight. Now everybody think Miracle miracle miracle miracle 

Monday, August 22, 2011

30 days left

We have just been informed we have 30 days only and then we are destitute and on the streets with the whole pack. 30 days is nothing. Mom is in shock as the reality of our disaster hits home. We have nowhere to go and no money to rent anywhere whatsoever. The vital sale never happened for us! We will soon be a memory to everyone except ourselves.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mom knew she shouldn't have gone out today!

Mom decided to pop out for half an hour today because she has been stuck in the house most of the week. So,, mom and Dad drove to the nearest town just down the river about three miles away. They bought some bread and turned around to come back. On the way back they crossed a bridge and mom noticed some puppies on a rock stranded. They drove behind the river up a dirt road to get to the other river bank. Mom and dad started to descend to the river when a lady and her son also turned up to descend the to river bank. She said that she heard the puppies barking at night and saw them earlier. There were more at that point but they must have fallen in the river. Well they all climbed down the river bank and found three puppies. Mom asked the lady if she was going to keep them and she said 'No'. She intended to leave them in town on the streets, so at least they wouldn't drown. So,have  Mom and Dad decided to take them home and put them in the adoption fair in two weeks run by our friends in Teresopolis, Puppies are usually quite adoptable. So now Mom and Dad got even more work to do with three more to feed and clean up after. Phew!

And here they are eating and safe

Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Daisy the Little White dog

Here is Daisy waiting to see a vet. Dad is home now so we heard the full story. She had lived around a group of houses for a long time. Everybody knew her. She used to chase motor cycles and the riders used to kick her as she snapped after them. She was run over twice by vehicles. She also had many fights with other dogs in the street. The people from this small community kept her going with food nobody could afford a vet and they all came out of their houses and cheered when Dad took her away to the vets. Someone said God will Bless him and others said God will help him. We hope so! We have faith and we will get there in the end. Daisy had two litters of pups and one litter was seven males. Nobody is sure what happened to all those pups who are long gone. The vet hasn't seen her yet she will be seeing her about now. She had to have a bath and shave because she was so matted. She is very dirty with ticks and fleas too.

She look s just so sad and forlorn neglected and in need of serious love. We are hoping the leg can be repaired but in most cases we have seen they end up permanently crippled like Nicki.

This is the lady that does the grooming or Banho e Tosse as they say here.

That is the ladies assitant not mom watching.

When a lot of the matted fur came off we had a big surprise.
This is amazing. The dog is black and white not cream coloured. The white was so dirty it went beige and the black looked like oil or more like dirt. So folks when you see a black and white dog it's her not an imposter. She is going to have blood tests for tick disease and other things and probably an x ray to see if anything can be done about her mangled leg. Well folks one more for the pack. She seems like a real sweet dog she didn't bite anyone bathing her or helping her. We think she will be a super happy baby one day. She is still very frightened and doesn't know whats going on but once she gets out of the clinic, if she doesn't have distemper she will begin a new life with love. We have a lot of worries but we are still so happy to have saved one more. Each one counts and there is some happiness in rescue work. Believe me I have seen it! 

Daisy is off the Streets

It took nearly a week to find her again but here she is and it really was a girl.We were told by some people where she sleeps. They were good people and sometimes fed her. They said she got run over by a car twice. She has problems with both back legs. They also said she had two litters of puppies. So We guess she must be at least 18 months old. She is going straight to a vet where she will stay until we see if she has distemper or not and to give mom and dad some time to raise money for her care. She will have to be vaccinated, treated, groomed, spayed, wormed and possible surgery if it's not too late on her leg that is knuckled under. What a joyful moment finding her and knowing she will get the vet care she needs at the very least. As you all know our future is in the balance but we are trying to keep the family together even if we have to pitch a tent somewhere.

She is such a cutie.

Both legs have been injured and the wounds haven't fully healed.

Who could resist this little face?

 Well one more now.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is the spinning dog or Rodador as he is named at the Terseopolis shelter run by Estimacao. He is the dog Mom wanted to take and work with. He had distemper and suffered neurological damage. The vet doesn't think he will get better, but mom wanted to try because obviously no one will adopt him. He walks straight on a lead and when occupied he stops. Mom read that sometimes there is a great improvement if you work with them during the first year after the sickness. He has already lost months of therapy. It makes us so angry that no dog lover wold back us to help these special cases. Here we are fighting for survival instead of doing what we are good at, It is really a great loss of potential and an even greater loss for all the dogs that we could help if we had some backing. We like this dog a lot and have known him for a while. He could of had quality of ,individual attention and therapy and a friend to play with to distract him, if things hadn't gone so wrong. Mom has a programme for him all worked out in her head. Instead of that she has to worry about how to eat, I guess that what you humans call capitalism. Doesn't seem to work well for me from a dogs point of view. Below is a picture of him for someone special that I know who can't watch videos and follows our blog, Hi G! Sorry you can't see the video but this picture is for you. This dog reminds us so much of a puppy we gave away actually Pebble's puppy one of her four. His name was Bounty.
Here he is still circling with a very old dog that was lucky enough to get a real good owner today. It was one of the volunteers who we know well. He will be happy.

Here is  

Little Dog

The little street dog is still out there some where. Dad has been looking every day for two days now that we have found a vet to take her/him. Now we have a vet but not the dog. We are really hoping the dog is okay still. Three days ago it was still around. Dad waited until lunchtime from early this morning and then had to go to Teresopolis to help transport four dogs. He took a video of the cute little spinning dog. Mom will post this here when he comes home. Meanwhile Mom is avoiding all calls from Sao Paulo central bank is trying to contact us.  The hour is approaching and everybody is very nervous. We are trying not to think about it right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well we are still here. The littlle dog is still out there somewhere. There hasn't been any change and we haven't managed to sell the house. We did manage to sell some more personal stuff but are vastly short of keeping things going including food which is very frightening. Mom did manage to make a new webpage with a chipin in English. She won't know if it works or not until someone tries it. This page was created to raise the $3000 for the registred charity status to go through. Mom was hoping that might improve the situation at least they could campaign in Brazil as well. It is already and if they had the money it would be up and running in two to three weeks time. They had many promises of help if they could become registered as a charity. She is not too enthusiastic because doantions come in very slowly here. Any way address of new chipin is


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Street dog Video Thursday

We fed and gave water to the poor little dog but still haven't found anywhere for the dog to stay for the three week quarantine period. At least she is eating and hopefully will hang around until we resolve something for him/her we still haven't managed to see. She is a very sad girl but next we have a video of a very happy boy. Remember this.

Well Guga or Mr Happy is all settled in and loving his new life. He is literally rolling over with happiness watch this video.

He is just so darn cute and hardly a tooth in his mouth!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Dog

Vets are saying three weeks quarantine for her not sure how we will resolve this no one has quarantine and most people don't vaccinate their pets. OMG

Little Dog Found

Little dog is with a shop keeper but no vet will take him/her because of distemper epidemic here still trying

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Non Profit

All the paperwork is ready now for our non profit and our lawyer is ready to go ahead. We are now are just $3000 from completion. We are going to try to raise this money so we can at least continue our work wherever we go and can run local campaigns here in Brazil and globally. We will be able then to get help with dog food, medications, vaccinations, etc from Brazilian companies, which will help a lot. Presuming we get to find and afford somewhere to rent. Another huge problem but we are trying to resolve all these issues one at a time. We have been doing this years and really want to continue the work. We would like to devote our energies entirely to the street dogs and their problems and be able to help by raising money in a professional way. We missed out on many offers of help just because we were not a registered non profit charity and at least one large donation. Everybody paws and hands crossed we get there. We only now have two more bridges to cross. Move from here and rent somewhere for the dogs and us and to open our charity. Then we will run campaigns to expand our efforts. So think positively folks. Anyone with face book please share. Anyone on twitter please tweet, and spread the word so a new beginning can start.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Still looking for dog

We are looking for the dog because we have some pledges to pay for medical care. Will post when we find him/her

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Dog on the Block

Mom saw this poor dog whilst out today. One year ago she would have taken him/her (she never got to see if it was male or female) straight away. She saw the dog walking with great difficulty before it laid down by the bike. Mom had a look at the dogs paw and noticed it has what looks like a club foot. Two toes are clawless and completely moulded together. It is a very sad dog and such a sweet face. The dog wagged it's tail as Dad talked to him/her. Then started to put it's paw in the air just begging for help. Mom cried and she saw Dad wipe a tear too. They then went back to the shopping area and bought a lottery ticket they can't afford. Mom says if she wins the first thing she will do is go and get this little Angel. So sad he /she is defective and thin and so vulnerable to attack from nasty humans because the dog cannot run away. Now they are going to have nightares. Please big dog God in the sky let them win the lottery today and bring the poor baby home with them. The dog has Mange too. It was also extremely cold today. Where is it going to sleep? What will it eat? Who will give it a cuddle?   

Monday, August 1, 2011

Maybe we should change the plan

As it has become obvious we are not going to be able to sell our house in time mom and dad have been thinking. Maybe we should start looking for somewhere to rent right now. The plan is to move to the very outskirts of Teresopolis where we would have a probabilty of earning money. Where we are situated now it is just not feasible. It's a sparsley populated mountain village 55 kilometres from the nearest city. Even our bakery was 45 kilometres away and fuel for cars is highly expensive here. So, once near a big city there would be many more opportunities for us to earn a  living. We would abandon here and maybe keep pestering the rich and famous in the hope against all odds that one would send a substantial donation enough to pay off the house debts. We would then continue to try and sell the house.  Meanwhile we could rent somewhere and set up kennels for our dogs. Maybe we should be campaigning for this because although the move and deposit for a rental house will be costly at least we would have a chance of getting there. We  would need to raise the rent money and moving costs only, which would be less than saving our home. If, wait until the last moment it will be worse and we are already suffering with days of no food, soon no electricty, internet, no money for gas to cook, or hot water to shower. It is obvious even if the bank gave us more time that we need to be earning money ASAP. Mom is very sad and defeated today, but she is still determined to look after us even if they lose everything including the equity in their house.   


Mom woke up this morning and told us all to make the best of it here. She told us that now that we haven't sold the house and it is beginning to become obvious that we are not going to get lucky then all of our lives are going to change drastically. Today she has not one cent to buy anything. The car is without gas. In an emergency she can't even get us to a vet or herself to a doctor. Now things are really bad. People are weary of our problems and those that empathise have done and are doing all they can. Those that could helped in a more substantial way never did and  have forgotten about us long ago. Their situation is a bit like the natural disaster here that started a long chain of events. People reacted at the time but now it's long forgotten globally. A few kind people always remember us but not enough of them. Mom and Dad are hardly eating, They cancelled medical insurance weeks ago and have only spent on us. We love our mom. She is a good mom. She makes us better when we are ill. She wipes our tears when we cry and she cleans up if  we make a mess. She never complains or blames us. We want to help but we don't know what to do! They never managed even to sell the freezer. Mom says it will be a very bad week. We are going on a radio show in September but mom says we will be lucky to survive that long. As each week passes things get worse. We have now approached many animal loving celebrities with no luck. There are still 14 vaccinations to do. Cassie has conjunctivitis. A kind lady in Rio has some food for us but we don't even have the money to travel there its an hour and a half away. I worry that all this will kill my mom in the end. She can't take much more.  Guga's ultra sound money is safe his auntie Chandra helped.  On bad days I hear her say she just wants to lay in a corner and die. On good days she gets angry and sad alternately. She has saved so many of us why can't someone save her and if she is saved then so are we. She can't sleep. She has lost a lot of weight and feels like the weight of the entire world is on her back. It is!  We hope she doesn't drop under the pressure of it all.