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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This used to be an intersting blog but....

This used to be an interesting blog but Mom has all but given up. They Can't help animals in the street when they are struggling to keep us going. They cannot go to Teresopolis without money for fuel. They  are grounded. Mom has resolved a way of getting some of the medical procedures sorted out. She met a lady with 70 Dogs who is going to lend mome a space for surgery. Then we have an angel vet who will do the surgeries free. First is Guga for his prostate problem.  He has to be neutered. Then there is Freddy who will have a large cyst removed and also be neutered. Then there is Trooper who will be neutered and have a wart removed from his neck at the same time. So with three recovering dogs after this Mom will be very busy. She only has one large Elizabethan collar to stop them biting at stitches so it will be a fight to keep an eye on then all at once. Guga lives in the house so he will be easier to monitor.

Here is Freddy  during happier days when we all believed in miracles and thought Mom and Dad could make it. Other than that there is no good news here. Mom has no food in the cupboards and has not paid any of the unpaid bills. Both mom and dad are in despair stranded here with us and no resources, Nobody has even come to see the house for sell. Face book has not gone much further as we need someone to help Mom promote it and she doesn't understand much about it. Some days she say's she wished the world had ended on May 21st last. It would be a lot easier than all this stress. Nobody knows when and where it will end not even us. We are all frightened. just waiting for the axe to fall.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Total Panic Here!

We are in total panic here soon there will be bailiffs taking mom's fridge, cooker etc. They are behind with electricity, telephone, med insurance, credit card interest payments, The guillotine is falling. She is very nervous and feels sick. She and dad know they won't be able to find decent homes for us. We have been loved here, treated with respect, nursed in the spare room when we were ill. She treats us just like good  human's treat their children. A good human looks after their offspring well and doesn't let them suffer. Good humans stick by their children through thick and thin. Mom and Dad love us and went to the end of the road for us. It's just not fair. There are so many bad humans in this world why them? What did they do wrong to deserve this? They made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Mom say's she can't even bear to think of life without us and we don't want a life without them. We know the ordinary people tried. We are finished without professional help a big bail out. There aren't any with that kind of money even interested in their situation. We touch the hearts of those who live ordinary lives not those who live bohemian lives. Mom says we are all Angels from Heaven and we should talk to God about our situation. She say's only God can help us now! Keep praying people maybe he will here us before the axe falls.

God made mankind responsible for His animals. All animals are God's animals and we are answerable to God for our treatment, care and protection of them.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


S.O.S. This is a slide show of all our resident dogs mostly looking happy as we know some of our pictures depress many especially the pictures during the floods when we showed animals eaten alive by magotts some had body parts falling one a tail and one a leg. Somehow Nicki our flood victim got left out of the slide show mainly cos mom is a comp twit. They are trying to save our home and happiness. We thank everybody for the support they have shown us and we continue praying for that miracle. Don't forget we now have a facebook page called Dogs in Brazil that's right you guessed already!

Face Book

We have opened a face book page called Dogs in Brazil in a last ditch attempt to save our shelter and continue our mission we haven't mananged to link to the blog yet. Please visit all invited and join the campaign. Only a miracle now. Last avenue of hope. Mom has all but given up. She has had the stuffing kicked out of her at least that is what she says and I don't understand what this means. All I know is I don't want to lose my friends and my Mom and Dad who love me. Anybody who understands Facebook we welcome their suggestions and help.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our house now for sale

This is our home for the last ten years it was a shack without ceilings, floors,  window, and doors. The rain seeped in and bats flew around. Mom and Dad worked hard and reformed it to the best of their  financial ablity. They are now forced to sell. All the Dogs kennels will have to be dismantled and somehow built again in a day because where do you put 17 dogs while preparing a new infrastructure? Who will want a tenant with 17 dogs who wants to build kennels in their property? We are doomed without big time help that means us and Mom and Dad. Thats the meaning of Things Fall Apart. They worked all their lives and did what their hearts told them to do, which was help animals like us. Now they can't help themselves or us. Mom is still trying but the effort is failing. Only two solutions sell house which creates more problems or a wealthy person gives substantial help and gets involved with helping animals.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

http://www.vivastreet.com.br/post_review.php?clad_id=35614653  hi this is the link for our house if anyone wants to buy it. Hi Chandra I have sent link diectly to you I don't know why it doesn't work try that and let me know. Guga is wagging his tail!

Things Fall Apart.

Well mom and dad have paid another payment and now have a little over three weeks to find yet another one. So the constant worry goes on for mom. She is up at 5 am because she can't sleep and goes to bed late. She works wiv us all day and is tired. She apologizes to our internet friends because she rarely has time to visit their blogs. She is behind with internet bills, telephone, electricity and credit card interest payments. The hole is getting deeper. They have advertised the house in classified ads in the paper and on internet sites of houses for sale. They have been looking around at houses to rent with land enough for us.  Mom says it looks pessimistic. It is getting hard now for me to blog cos mom has no time or mental state and we are sure the world is fed up of our woes by now. We have been getting a few small donations apart from the nice person who  has lent us the $1000 but without a substantial donation its a downward spiral. The small donations up until now have covered the cost of our food but not our medical expenses or any of the other things they have to pay for. Gisele Bunchen Brazilian super model was a non starter much the same as all the other wealthier people she approached for help. Guga still needs his ultra scan and three others need medical procedures. We are praying for that miracle where is it? 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Have been lucky

Today a lovely lady has loaned us the money for a mortgage payment to keep us going until we sell our house. She doesn't have a lot of money so it really was a great act of kindness and we feel terrible having to accept the money from someone who is not rich. We say thankyou to her publicly and privately as she wishes to stay anonymous. A gasp of releif for one more month we nearly fell of the abyss and she has saved us.


This is Jessie and Guga sleeping at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed. Mom says a dogs life here is better than her's. We all  just play, snuggle up warm to sleep and have few worries. Mom on the other hand can't sleep properly and gets up during the night frequently. I sleep next to Dad on my special bed and Misty the other side and Pebbles gets to sleep on the bed because she is the smallest. Guga snores and Jessie frequently makes little yelping sounds. We think she remembers her illness in her dreams. Pebbles pushes mom's covers and takes her space but she doesn't mind. My special bed is a coffee table at exactly the same height as the bed. It has a large sponge cushion and I sleep right next to dad. I can reach over and lick his face if I want although he is not so keen on it. In winter it is very cold up here on top of the mountain and the floors are mostly stone so we need our thick sponge cushions to keep warm.Mom still hasn't solved the mortgage problem but we keep praying that our lives won't be turned upside down and inside out by this. The rich and famous well nothing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Mom is still trying although we are expecting to get formal written notice to leave next week they may give us 30 or 90 days depending on how mom can negotiate with them. If its only 30 then we have even bigger problems and the street is looming closer. They do not even have the deposit for a rental property. They would only have that if they had managed to sell before the bank got its hands on the property. The loan on the property is a little more than half its value, So it looks like they will get some more bad luck and lose the equity in the house too. She has placed ads to sell the house in the classified ads here and it is with agents. As we said before nothing goes right, Quite a while back somebody wanted to buy and mom and dad refused the offer because they thought that things would turn around but instead they have spiralled downwards constantly. The paper work for our non profit has come to an impasse because we have to apply for licenses at the local council and pay the lawyer and of course with dogs needing medical attention that is impossible. We now have Guga waiting for an ultra sound and neuter due to the prostate problem. Minnie walking with a limp and Tasha with a growing cyst which needs investigation. This week the results of the test on Troopers abscess come in. It still hasn't healed up so the vet tested it for anti biotic resistant bacteria, He said it could be a post trauma tumor or his immune system. Whatever it is we know it will be expensive. These few urgent cases will probably come to r$1000. So we have no chance here without selling the house. We are advertising it on twitter too for $95,000. It has a lot of land with it. It is also flood proof as we found out.

Mom saw the little street dog and his friend yesterday. He was licking his tumor constantly. He will suffer a slow death. We ironically named our house Carpe Diem which means Seize the Day. It looks like the day seized us instead.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Six Days left

We now have only six days to find another mortgagae payment, so we have been blogging less as panic sets in. Yesterday Mom and Dad went to Teresopolis to take their  mind's off of their  problems. They still have around 130 animals to rehome before they close their warehouse. Many of the same dogs are there.  They just never get selected by the public for one reason or another. Spider, who we blogged about weeks ago is still there. A gorgous poodle cross hyper active and called Aranha or Spider in English because he climbs. he is the only dog with a lid on his cage.

Aranha was chased by five humans when he got out and when they reached him and called him he came back just like anyone's obedient pet would. We wish we could take him but we can't . Mom has too many worries and we may all be out of a home sooner than we think.

Mom took a picture of some food bowls used by one old GSD at Teresopolis and we thought we were bad just look at what he did. He needs concrete bows do they make them anywhere?

Imagine what this dog could do to furniture. Now here are some local shots near to us seen on the way to Teresopolis yesterday. First this poor hungry dog rooting through the rubbish.

He looked in pretty good condition. A very young dog probably his first winter on the streets.

He also made quite a mess for a few rotten morsels of food. Near by another curled up trying to keep warm because up here in the mountains it is very cold in the winter.

This one looked worse but still not too bad in comparison to many street dogs around here. Now onto us at home. Mom has been watching Freddy and his leaf hobby. He does the same thing every day. He carries a leaf from his kennel and runs down to his food bowl. He drops the leaf on top of his food and starts eating.

When he has finished it is always the same. Look at his bowl.

He seems to be using leaves as currency and leaves a tip in his dish. Wow! if only they were, then we would be okay and could live in peace. Mom is tired of fund raising every single free moment of the day and night. She says she would like to watch a film sometimes or just relax, but she can't she is on a mission and needs to win the battle. She is still tweeting the rich and famous with absolutely no effect at all. Many other ordinary dog lovers on Twitter are helping her but nobody with the means to change the situation. Not long before the bank start proceedings against her now. I have prayed constantly to our big doggy God in the sky we don't know if he is the same as the human one. I think he is. A miracle is needed very quickly now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stranded In Brazil

In these last days Mom's madness has grown, She withdrew the last of all the money in the world that they have, Over draft is exhausted, credit cards zapped out and  critical bills still to pay. The rich and famous just don't help. She wanted to find an eccentric millionaire that could make a donation big enough to get us out of this mess then to sell the house without the constant worry of the bank snatching it and then to move on buying a cheaper property and using the remaining equity to finish setting up the non profit and to try again to earn some money with a small business. She said an eccentric, but I disagree with the adjective. Anyone who helped us get out of this mess would actually be a big hearted and sane individual not an eccentric individual. We have no idea what will happen I guess one day we will wake up and there won't be any breakfast or dinner for all of us. Then they will have to decide what to do with us. We are still praying that day won't come but this is the closest we have been to it so far. Mom lives her life in a nervous frenzy. We are stranded in Brazil with no income and no money it is a very odd feeling for Mom who worked her whole life in England. This uncertainty is painfully worrying for all of us. We tweeted Giselle Bunchen because she is Brazilian and has just become a billionaire super model. She did not reply either and this is her place of birth. We have no one to turn to. There are no charities here and Mom can't return to England without us. She is really stuck in a very solid jam.  Today she is working on her e book. We hope that isn't a disaster too. So many disasters when will something go right here? Well Thanks to all those who have tried to save us, It is just that there is not enough of you. If we could clone those big hearts we would make it. Up to date nobody wants Freddy. Brazil is like that it is extremely difficult to give dogs away especially big dogs. Oh by the way Trooper is on his way to the vets as his abscess still hasn't cured itself so that will be one more bill to put on the unpaid bill spike.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Antlers and Chews!

We are blogging today about antlers! Yes Antlers. A strange thing to blog about in the middle of a financial crisis. The antler chews were of great interest to Mom because we are not allowed any chews here. Way back in the blog I told you the story about how we all got warts in our mouths, which the vet suspected came from raw hide chews that had not been properly treated. If the cow has one of these warts, which are caused by the papillomas virus on his skin and then the dog injests small parts of the virus it can cause an outbreak of warts. The warts are highly contagious and pass from one dog to the other by the sharing of water bowls. Anyway we all nearly died and Mom spent a fortune with three different vets trying to save us.She found the cure and we all recovered. So Mom's letting me blog about the Antler Chews sold on the internet at www.scoutandzoes.com She thought they were a really good idea and the animals don't have to die to become a chew.  Now that's a real bonus! The people that sell them have a real nice, friendly web site. It's a real fur friendly site.

 The Antler chews are extremely hard and we will confirm this when we try them soon. We are not getting paid to write about the chews but I think we will get a chew each. We can't wait because life without chews is not a Dog's life. They are allergy free, don't splinter like bones, have trace minerals and scrumptiously chewy. Look at this one just waiting to be chewed I am licking my lips and drooling just looking at it.

If by chance you don't have a dog then these chews have a variety of other uses. Even to the English Royal family. They wear hats made out of them.

Imagine somebody paid £75,000 for the Antler hat worn by Beatrice to the Royal wedding. Poor Mom just took the last few centavos out of the bank and is wondering what sort of world we live in. Anyway at least we going to get some nice chews soon. I am going to tell Mom to make hats with them and sell them. Now there's an idea.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ignorance is bliss

Here is Guga shamelessly showing his bald belly after the ultra sound so happy and completely unaware of financial problems. Mom wishes she was a dog sometimes or at least a dog here. You can see Jessie and me in the background watching the antics. God let's hope mom finds the money to continue.

Here he is with dad such a happy boy and to think he could be dead if we mom and dad had not rescued him just before the disaster. He is a very lucky old fellow and we love him to bits! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looks like a no sale

Look like mom and dad didn't mange to sell house yet. They are stuck paying the interest only on credit card bills and high interest rate loans for more time yet. They need to sell house or a miracle. They have to maintain things to avoid eviction and the bank selling house in auction to first bid to cover loans. There is equity in the house and they are trying to preserve this. If you can help we really appreciate it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

More on the buyers

Well it looks like we are going to move where to who knows and what will happen who knows? Its the end of an era and many dreams here. They want to buy the house and are coming back with the sons to take a second look.After mom and dad pay off all the debts there will be very little left. Mom has promised us all she will keep trying for us to be together. She could go back to Europe and have a normal life but she won't abandon us unless there is absolutely no other choice. She is very quiet right now sat in a corner. Why is everything here so difficult.?

They Arrived

The prospective buyers female humans have arrived and Dad is showing them around. We have all been stuffed in one bedroom and are barking in disgust. We want out! There is a lot of noise. Mom and Dad don't even have a plan if they say that they want it. I hear talk from them saying they will probably go far from here. Somewhere where they can open another small business and try to survive. I heard Mom say 'well! it's all in God's hands now'. We are praying hard for a good outcome, however, after three failed businesses and a natural disaster they don't have a lot of luck. I told mom not to worry 'nothing is forever' I just hope this doesn't apply to us dogs we want to be with Mom and Dad forever. Mom is indoors and very nervous now the moment has come. I will get back later with the results of this. Mom tweeted a lot last night but no miracles here. Reality hits hard.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More House Hunters Coming

Tomorrow there are apparently more house hunters coming to see our home. If anyone makes the right offer Mom and Dad are going to take the chance and sell hoping that they can find a way of renting with us. They cannot go on as they are and maybe we will all get lucky and get to stay together. Mom is still contacting the rich and famous right up to the last minute. She is a real trouper and does not like to give up. As they say 'it not over until the fat lady sings'. Who knows maybe at the last moment her dream will come true? Nobody can say she did not try hard enough. She did everything possible to avoid this scenario.  This time we will try to be good because we know we can't go on like this or Mom will be ill. Last time we barked and growled at the people even Guga we were extremely rude to them because we don't want to move or risk being seperated from Mom and Dad. They have to sell because even though they haven't been forced to yet, as they haven't actually ever got the three months behind they are always close to it. They live on an abyss always clinging on by the finger nails and this is no way to live.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Short of time

We have not posted this week so far because the only helper we had is down ill and there is no time to blog or go out 17 dogs create a lot of work. We hope to be back to normal soon.