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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jessie and Pebbles

Jessie and Pebbles are entered in the IMOM photo contest in the USA. Jessie has received three votes and poor Pebbles only one, but hey who cares its all in a good cause. To see them go to www.imom.org and feel free to vote for them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm Tequila, abandoned in 2006. I seem to be a purebred Beagle. I arrived outside the property and cried for three days non stop until they let me in. I heard the others saying how good it was here and decided I wanted to be part of that. I was very fed up trying to hustle food on the sidewalks and avoid cruel humans all day long. I love my large kennel and I am a professional hunter of small animals.

No news on the methyl cobalamin for Bonnie yet. It is taking a long time to arrive.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Woof! I am Pluto. I was found at four weeks old dying by the side of the road. My family including my mom were all dead in a plastic bin liner near by and somehow I managed to survive. I crawled out of the plastic bag and sat waiting by the edge of the road for someone to save me. I nearly ran out of time because when my new mom arrived and scooped me up she took me straight to the vets who said I was seriously anemic and had an edema due to malnutrition in my throat. I was covered in sores and scabs due to the malnutrition and I had the worst case of worms my new mom had ever seen. The vet said my body temperature had started to drop as I was in the process of dying. I had diarrhea for three days and couldn't eat solid food. I was given medicine by drip for three days and then started on some mushy type of food. I missed my mothers milk and I weighed less than a kilo, but I decided I must survive to tell my story to all of you out there.

As you can see now I am pretty and weigh over twenty kilos. I am extremely naughty and get to sleep in the house. I chew up everything I can specialising in dish cloths and rubber sandals. I have learnt to sit and lie down but I only do it when I want to.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hi I'm Sol which means sun in Brazil. I am full of energy just like the sun. I was abandoned and ill and came to live here. After a course of strong antibiotics I got better and helped Jessie to recover as well. I played with her when she was paralysed and gave her motivation to get up and chase me by biting her ears. I love Jessie a lot she is a very gentle and maternal dog. She made me very happy when I first came here. I am the smallest dog here and now share a kennel with Pluto who you will meet in a while.

Hello, I am Harry. I was abandoned in Copacabana Rio de janeiro and brought here to stay five years ago. I was the first dog to arrive. I was so thin I couldn't lift my leg to pee and I was nearly bald with mange. My mom and dad treated me and I soon became the spectacular specimen you can see above. I love Misty she is my sweetheart even though she is totally mad.I love to play with her and am never far from her side. I don't socialise with Emmy much and once bit her on the ear for taking liberties with me.

I am well trained and can do all sorts of tricks. I guard the property in a very professional and orderly manner. I love my mom and dad a lot and my life here. I have a lot of allergies which is why my previous owners dumped me in the streets. I had a lesion on my liver and could only eat chicken and rice for the first six months. Now I am nearly better, but still suffer bouts of allergic reactions at times.

Hi, I am Tasha,
I have been here four years and now weigh in excess of fifty kilos, of course, I was much lighter when I first arrived in fact I was only 21 kilos. I came here with another male dog who was found along with me. The same breed, but slightly different colouring. Nobody knows if he was my brother or my mate. Sadly he died during the first week from a tick related disease. He was just too thin and weak to survive. I was the lucky one and you can see how magnificent I am today. I love my large kennel and adore hunting all the small animals that pass through my territory. You can see what happened to me when I attacked a porcupine. I have done this three times and will continue until I finally get the better of one of them. I don't like other dogs too much, but I adore my human family. I love to sit on the sofa with them and kiss them with my huge wet sloppy tongue. I also love to howl and I am the lead vocalist here!
News Bonnie.
The methyl Cobalamin is in the post it should be here any day now. We are all praying to the big doggy in the sky to help her walk again.

News Harry.
Harry suffered an ear infection and also had his teeth cleaned this week.