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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mom is busy

Mom is busy so I put the old post I wrote before I lost my balls first. In reality I feel totally normal now and don't miss them one bit. I should of said two bits here. Well mom and dad came across a white German Shepherd dog in a house nearby beeing kept in appalling conditions. She was laying in poo and couldn't walk because her back legs don't work. She was crawling around a filthy kennel and starving. I just don't understand some of those humans. Mom has called her Hope because we are all hoping she will get well.

Mom had to take her straight to a vet clinic because she was in such bad shape.

She had millions of fleas. It took three baths to get the caked on poo off of her. She has been laying in urine for weeks and now her poor skin is very irritated

She is severely mal nourished and paralysed behind.
This is so horrible I think I am going to cry.
Well she had xrays and the vet found no reason why the poor soul isn't walking. I reckon she just gave up and laid down to die. She is now recovering from this ordeal but we don't know what the outcome will be. She is twelve years old. She is having acupuncture. Mom said this is having needles stuck in her. I didn't like the sound of that but Mom said it will help her and I believe my mom. On Friday they went back to the vet clinic to see how she was getting on. She is using her back leg to scratch now which is a good sign. She is taking medications and eating well. Here she looks a bit happier.
 I asked Emmy if she will live and she wouldn't tell me the answer. I am not sure that even she knows. She said she is doing what she can. She said Pebbles is fine and playing with her like she did years ago. Emmy said Pebbles sent a kiss to everyone and thanks everyone that tried to save her. I sent a few kisses back to them both. Well after this Mom has to take in six dogs in a very dangerous situation. they are about to be thrown onto the streets like I was. The first one arrived yesterday.
 She has beautiful blue eyes. She is a young dog and just recently ost her puppies. She has dried up milking inflamed in her breast which looks painful to me. he has a brother who will be arriving soon as well. Mom can't keep up with this and needs all the help she can get so if anyody can help them they are doing as much as they can. Mom is going to try and get some of the new dogs adopted. The brother and sister are very pretty and look like wolves so Mom things there is a possibility of finding someone for them. The other four are small mixed breed dogs and Mom is so hopeful in there case. She will try though. This tiny shelter is now packed with dogs and their problems. Some have come here with serious problems so if anyone can help Mom and dad they would appreciate it. It's a lot of work and costs a lot to help dogs that often come in half dead. This girl isn't too bad she has a bald neck where the heavy chain she was on took the fur out.
 She has the problem about the milk because they said all the puppies were born dead. Mom doesn't quite believe this.
 And here is the huge heavy chain they had her tied to twenty four hours per day. Mom and Dad brought her home still wearing it because it was so difficult to get off.
She has fleas and probably worms too and will need surgery so she doesn't get pregnant again. I now see what mom means when she says dogs shouldn't be having all these puppies because look what happens to them all over the world. It isn't fair. We keep the humans company, love them, and guard them they should all treat us with respect, but they don't. Some do and many don't. I now realise how lucky I am to get to play and sleep with Gemma and Mom and Dad.  
Please don't forget to vote for me to be a super star. I want to help my mom save more dogs and pay all the bills she is running up here helping dogs. The link is at the top of the page.

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