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Monday, September 21, 2009

Here is Jessie hobbling along, but she is doing just fine. We all feel sorry for her because we all remember her complete paralysis a couple of years back. The operation apparently was a success and her torn ligament replaced with a nylon support. The operation cost a lot of money and in a month she needs to replace the ligament on the other knee too. So it's not good news for mom and dad. Still no response from the world out there apparently they are all too mean to care about street dogs in Brazil. They seem more concerned with other important things in life like jewellery, new cars, designer clothes, and other useless status symbols. Mom says that is why the human race is in such a bad state because they are all inherently selfish.

Monday, September 7, 2009

We are all still here and waiting for summer. Most of us like to bask in the sun except for Harry and me. Jessie is having her surgery on Thursday and is very nervous. She will have a nylon cord placed in her cruciate ligament. I glad it isn't me! The little puppies vanished soon after and mom doesn't know what happened to them. We have all suffered from the dreaded Bernie fly season and are glad that is over too. Mom and Dad have apparently opened an English school to try and earn some money to pay for our needs, so we see a lot less of them now. Mom still visits Tequila's grave from time to time. She is still writing her book about our lives although for some reason Jessie is the protagonist and not me. Still I can't complain I am the voice of our web site and my opinions predominate here. There hasn't been much response to the blog site I guess people have better things to do and other charities to support. Well I 'll let you all know how Jessie gets on with her to new knees soon.