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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sad Easter

We all had a very sad Easter here. Two dogs gained their Angel wings and Emmy says she is looking after them. They are both in Heaven with Emmy. Matilda the puppy died of distemper and Molly the old girl who was in bad shape when Mom and Dad rescued her passed away in the vet clinic after falling ill. R.I.P. Matilda and R.I.P. Molly. You were both loved. Wish you could both of stayed around longer.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Big Blog

It's me I am back to blog and it's going to be a long one. It has been three months since my last blog. The longest lapse ever. Mom and Dad have been very busy. Dogs have been coming and going, so lots of new faces here. First the new faces. There are five of them. Lets start with Molly. She is a nice old girl and very timid. She hasn't mixed with anyone yet due to her mange. She was living on the streets alone and starving.

She is extremely thin.

She is quite old and was having a rough time on the streets. Mom and Dad are feeding her up to make her strong and pretty. Just after Molly arrived we got some visitors called Donna and Sarah. They came to help Mom and Dad look after us. They gave lots of baths and Sarah (a vet tech) organized all of the medicines for us and they made mum a medicine chart. Donna fell in love with Cookie. I am not sure why she didn't fall in love with me instead. I am much better looking a far cuter. Here is Molly getting a bath. She was so thin we all thought she wouldn't make it.

One month later she was looking a lot better.It made me hungry just looking at her. I was very upset to see an old girl like her struggling like that. I have never known hunger and never want to encounter it. I love my food and whine every night at dinner time so that mine comes quickly. I am always first in the queue which really annoys the others. 

 After one month here Molly gained a bit of weight and looks a bit better.

The next new dogs to arrive were three puppies in a box.  I got even more upset about this.

All the pups who were only six or seven weeks old had been abused. I just don't get it? Why would a human do this? If I ever catch them I am really going to bite their ass and other bits of them too. I am normally a very passive cool dog, but this makes me turn into Cujo and worse. This is Harley who had his eye poked out. At first Dr Andre thought it may of been a cat, but when he saw the smallest pup had broken teeth he knew it wasn't a cat. Below is Harley.

 This one is called 'Bogart' he is the biggest. He also had an eye injury, which is being treated in order to try and save his eye.

The smallest one is a girl called 'Matilda'

Harley and Matilda have people who want to adopt them. Bogart is still looking for a nice family. They are in the house and go out in the sunshine when it's not raining.  After that mom got an email from an American couple who had been staying in Rio and found a dog that they fed for a few months. They were travelling further on in South America, so they didn't want to leave him back on the streets. Mom took him in the same day that Skye left for Germany. He came from a slum area where the couple were working.

When they have finished travelling then they may want to adopt him. He is a really nice guy and settled in as though he has been here years. Shame about his ears needs to have them pinned back somehow. I hope he doesn't take off in a strong wind. Okay those were the dogs that arrived now those that left. First Skye went to Germany to be with Linda who helped Mom here for over a month. Here she is in Germany.

I am going to miss those blue eyes. She was such a smarty pants that she probably already speaks German. Then Alice left and went to Portland Oregon. Sarah that visited here found her a nice home there.

Now Alice gets to go hiking and stuff. We are also going to miss her. We used to call her Pogo behind her back as she was always jumping up and down.

 Then Olivia left for her new home in Rio de Janeiro.

Then some dogs have been ill. Mom had 14 dogs taking medications and one time. She said that she needed medicating too as things got very hectic. Freddy ate a bar of soap with Arsenic in it. It is used to cure mange. He is a total dustbin and wolfed it down. He had to be forced to vomit, which looked very unpleasant. Then Bill and Ben attacked a poisonous toad and went through the same process. This is when I realized that my superior intelligence helps to keep me safe. Some dogs are more intelligent than others, need I say more. Freddy has three ears but he really needs two brains to keep up with me. Rusty got his balls attacked by Dr Andre who politely said 'he has been neutered'. Rusty didn't describe it in the same way. Tasha has been very ill with EPI , which mom said is Endocrine Pancreatic insufficiency.  Tasha had a colonoscopy which involved sticking a tube you know where. I can't talk about that it brings tears to my eyes. 

I told Trooper that Mom had booked him in for a colonoscopy as well. I said I heard her on the telephone. he fell for it. Boy was he mad. He was even madder when I told him it as just a joke.I had to run very fast. 

   Then finally little Luiza started to look like one of us. People said she looked like a hedgehog, a baby dinosaur, and an alien. She is so happy having come here totally bald to be looking like the little English Staffordshire terrier she is. Mom is English as well, so they talk about England although Luiza has never been there she likes to know about it . She has a sense of humor,so she didn't mind all the name calling and like most English people she laughed along with it. She has been having regular baths for mange.

She is black and furry now. She is very happy about it. She felt naked without her fur and I can understand that. 

She is very pretty but don't tell Gemma I said that.

Me and my girl playing

and more play

All the visitors love Murphy and Rusty. Mom and Dad have started calling him 'Ginger'

Rusty nd Cookie have started hanging out together.

Cookie showed him the bed and now he is addicted.

I hope to be back blogging regularly as soon as things calm down here. Mom also has the worry of finding a new shelter for all of us. We now number 42. We all needed saving and mom and dad saved us. Please help them to save more. They work hard for us. They give us lots of love and sacrifice a lot for us. We are expensive and all have feelings. Thanks to all that help mom to help us. Emmy told me to say that. She is still around. she pops back every now and then to see how I am doing. She is proud of me. I learnt a lot. She tells me about all the DIB dogs up there with her. Wish I could tell mom how they are all happy and healthy. especially Hope who had a really hard time and some others. I am now old enough to understand how lucky I am to be loved and fed here in Brazil. Mom and Dad I love you!