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Friday, October 14, 2016

Joey update

Hi I'm back again. Mom and Dad have increased the pack of dogs here to 85. I am still the best looking and most intelligent dog here after all it's me that get's to blog. I have always been special since Mom and Dad had to carry around in a bag around their necks when I was just a young puppy because I screamed so much if they left me alone. That's how I got my name. There are several new puppies here. Sasha is one. She is quite sensible and knows how to behave. She may even get adopted soon. She finally stopped peeing on the floor now.

As you can see she is pretty. Not as pretty as my girl Gemma though. Gemma and I have a long term relationship. Then there is Bambi. She was run over by a car and left to die. She is very jealous and tries to bit any dog that tries to steal her thunder. She is suicidal and just doesn't realize how small she is. I guess her brain is small too. I'm glad I have a big head. I have disciplined her by growling at her but she just doesn't get it. Just how many brain cells do you think she has in that tiny head?

Then there is Benny. He has wonky back legs and can't walk properly. A lady comes here once a week attaches him to machines and does all sorts of weird stuff to him to make him walk again. Here he is lying across a ball. I passed by snapped this shot and asked him "why are you lying across a ball? He said it was so his legs would work properly and told me to lay my head on a BIG ball. I don't know what he meant by that? He has a strange sense of humor. 

He came with his sister GiGi. She is a tough little pup and will do anything to protect her brother. She looks kind of cute here but you should see her when she is protecting her brother. She is like the Hulk except she doesn't turn green and she doesn't have pants to split!

Then there are two more that were abandoned in the streets. Daisy2 and Lily. They seem like a nice pair. Mom vaccinated them yesterday. Their only problem is they squeal like banshees when other dogs visit their kennel. 

There is Luna she had a metal pin put in her leg and is still limping. She was found in the streets with her friend both injured. Her friend is still in the clinic so she is lonely and a bit timid right now. She will perk up when her friend arrives. 

We all had a big fright last week when Nicholas went blind. We all felt very sorry when we saw he was so afraid. Mom brought him down to the house as he couldn't cope anymore. He has started taking baby steps now, but he hangs his head in depression. I can understand this. I closed my eyes and imagine a world completely dark, night and day. It's horrible. Mom says the vet can cure him, but its gonna be expensive. He has cataracts and they need to be removed. Poor guy keeps bumping his head and walks like a snail. He likes Guga and decided to follow Guga. I guess he isn't that intelligent as the blind Guga was leading blind Nicholas. The two of them were an accident waiting to happen. 

Mom and Dad are always busy here. Running a home for all of us is exhausting. They give us all cuddles, biscuits and good food. They need help to do this. Mom said to ask everyone reading to help her pay for Nicholas's surgery and little Maggie's surgery bill, which is 950 reais. I forgot to mention Maggie she is new too. She is so quiet I forgot about her. She had her leg shattered as she got run over by a car. The vet had to pin it and secure it with wire and it will end up a tiny bit shorter than the other leg. She had a huge cut on her leg and I saw a bone. I felt sick! Then Mom felt sick when she saw the bill. 

That's it for this week. I will be back. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016