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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well some more people came to see the house, but no offers yet. Mom still dreams on and thinks that will give her more time to wait and see if an Angel appears. Riquinho is still in the vets and not eating yet. God knows what the bill will be. Still mom loves the little old guy.  Dad's street dog, the one that is a bown labrador has mange and needs treating for this. He is also losing weight again for some reason. We are powerless and without resources to help him. He is old so he would also be a high risk dogfor a lot more expenses. Poor old Guy. Imagine being that old and on the streets with mange, no teeth and probably some other illness too. He is a pure breed dog, so someone once bought him and then the novelty wore off.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Hope, No comments, no contributions!!!!!!No hearts

Mom and Dad got turned down for their business loan today, so they are stranded penniless in brazil with us 14 on their backs. mom is crying. The bakery is not making money because dad can't  buy stock for it. We don't know what will happen next. Dad is too old to go back to England and work. He probably would not get a job anyway. Mom has health poblems so we are all stuffed! Dad nearly cried when he realised that when we close the bakery at the end of the month then he will have to leave his three street dogs who now depend on him for food. Two of them are really old. The Bakery is 40 kilometeres from where we are. Oh no! mom has started crying agan. It was incredible that not a soul in the whole wide world made a single contribution to help us here. Dad says it is because we are in Brazil and the whole world thinks Brazilians are bandits, but mom and dad are not Brazilians only us dogs are. Mom said anyone could visit and verify the situation if they were interested enough.  Well we will be gone soon Mom said the time is nearly up for them to cut the telephone and internet. They gave Mom 45 days to pay the bill, but of course our food took priority and Riquinho is still in the vets very ill running up yet another bill. Up to yesterday it was 270 reais and he still is not eating. Mom thinks he will probably die because he is very old.. Nothing goes right here. Plans never work out just like us dogs. We plan to have decent owners that love us but for the most part here in Brazil that is just a dream.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

prospective buyer

Well it looks like the man wants our home. Mom says she hates him because he is buying our stability and all our memories although she knows it is not his fault. She said once he gives a deposit on Monday then thats that. We are out! not that anyone cares anyway. lets hope we can all stay together and some one accepts letting 14 dogs into a rental home. The save the 14 campaign was a dismal disaster without a single contribution--it is hard to beleive. Mom and dad give to charity and the have next to nothing. They supported an old woman in the himalayas for years. The always give a little to the homeless here in Brazil and all of us. They have helped a lot of people and now no one wants to know. As Bobby Womack said, 'Nobody wants to know you when your down and out'.


Well today some one is coming to see the house to buy it, which is better than the bank taking it, but still mum is very sad because she does not know where we will all go. We will be at the mercy of landlords who may complain about the noise we make. We can't help barking and howling sometimes. We may not even find a landlord to accept all of us. Riquinho is ill at the moment and it does not look good for him. He is around 15 and has a lesion on his kidney and a bladder full of stones, with an infection too. He is taking medication all day long. Little Sam (the pretty one)who looks like a Cairn terrier, only she isn't because of her floppy ears, is doing okay. The tumor hasn't reappeared and we all wish her well. She is too young to die. Mom is still wishing for her miracle, but the chip in gadget just chipped out. None of us understood the notion of 'chip in' because to us chips are fried potatoes. Mom says they are the great British invention although the French would dispute that. Still apparently no body sent a single chip! Well if the guy offers to buy the house then the great roller coaster of worry will be put into motion. Where will we go, how will mom move us and build new kennels for us in a week? we just don't know. She looks very worried now! She doen't want to leave Harry here. He is buried near to the house because he was so dependent. Then there is our special pathway with our stones each one has our name paw print and a mosaic sun that mom made especially. So many memories--Tequila, Bonnie, the others that died in the first days too weak and ill to make it. They are all here resting peacefully. All the plants and flowers that mom planted. We thought this was our home and now we will all have to go.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some of dad's street dogs that will also suffer as we hit rock bottom

His eye is all damaged by the constant fights. Dad has been feeding him for nearly three months.

This old scarred dog is always being beaten up because he only has teeth in one side of his mouth. He also has been fed by Dad since he opened the Bakery, if you look closely you can see that even after three months of feeding his ribs are still visible.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mom cried yesterday

Mom received a reply from the Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue and they said that Sam, the new little dog with cancer, is not a cairn terrier because she has drop down ears. Well that did not matter to Mom. What made her cry was that the nice lady, called Sue, said to Mom 'thank you for taking care of the street dogs. What a wonderful thing you do'. Mom said it was the nicest thing she had heard for months and was really happy that somebody appreciates her and then she cried. She is keeping the e mail to look at it when she is depressed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Tribute to Harry, Bonnie and Tequila

As you all know our pack leader and best friend Harry died recently Mom says he is at the Rainbow bridge so this is for him and the others that died.

New pictures of some of us

First of course me!

Now a very grown up Pluto.

Pluto and Gracie AKA The Terrible Twins. yes we know that they don't look anything like each other!
This is Mini abandoned by her owner who moved to an apartment in Rio de janeiro.
This old dog has been adopted by our Dad at the Bakery. He is feeding three street dogs there as well as all of us.

Is this a Cairn Terrier?

This  is the little dog with a tumor. She seems very nice and loves mom. She is having her fourth chemotherapy session on Thursday. We all hope she makes it. She is a bit of a joker like Tequila was. Mom says she looks like a Cairn Terrier. We think she is just another Vira lata. What do you think?
Cairn Terriers (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Sam is not a pedigree, Mom found out. We all love her playful cute character anyway especially mom. Here are some of the e mails mom got about her

You e-mail was blocked for some reason so we missed it. We apologize for our late response.
We are a family from Belgium and we love animals and dogs in particular. We have several dogs, most are Havanese.

It's a great job you do with the street dogs. We think it's wonderful that people help them. We try to support friends of us who do the same here in Belgium. We used to work as volunteers in a local animal shelter, but since we have several dogs of our own now and we do lots of activities with them we don't have time anymore to do that. Dogs mean a lot to us. They are trustworthy and so attached.
The dog on the picture is a very special dog. We are so sorry to hear that she has cancer. 
We don't think that she is a Havanese. Her coat is different and she is too large in size. A Havanese is between 23 and 27 cm. It's like a Maltese but a little bit larger and can have all kinds of colours and patterns.
The coat of a Havanese is long, but doesn't touch the ground. It's silky or wavy.
Her head is also different. The ears are placed higher than in Havanese.

But she is a pretty dog though. We can't define the breed. It's possible that she's a mix of several breeds.
We've also visited your blog. Great job! Keep up the good work!

Lots of greetings,
Linda, Kristine, Laura
& i nostri Felici Animali

And here is another one
No this isn't a Cairn terrier. They do not have drop ears. The coloring is
similar and she could be a Cairn mix of some kind. Possibly with some
Soft-coated Wheaten terrier - do they have that breed in Brazil? She is
beautiful whatever she is - thank you for taking care of the street dogs -
what a wonderful thing to do.

All the best,
Volunteer Coordinator - CPCRN