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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hi! Mom told me to tell you all we will be back blogging soon. We have some problems here like having to move out of the rental property. Nobody wants to rent us anywhere so Mom is trying to raise the money to buy a permanent base for us fifty dogs here now. She took in a box of puppies dumped at the gate and there were eight more of is all at once. They have been here a while and are doing well. They have had their first two vaccinations and are all healthy. Then Mom took in two adult dogs as well so ten more in a short space of time. Simon left for the USa and Hannah got adopted here. Well mom told me to be quick until we can do a proper blog. She says we can do this next week sometime. Then I can show you all the pics of the newbees. Meanwhile we have to help her raise the funds for a new home or else we are all in big trouble.