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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joey's New Post

I have been busy here. I decided to train my friends here how to play football because soon the world cup will be here and I thought they should at least know the basics. I didn't have much success so I trained some of my friends here about the blanket game instead. Some dogs did get the idea about football but others were completely baffled and Henry had never even seen a ball or toy before. Trooper peed on the ball and then nobody wanted to play anymore, He spoils all my fun!  He doesn't like me because I am so handsome. It's a jealousy thing. It's not my fault I was born this way. 

Anyway! I know he did this on purpose. Dougal got the idea immediately. He is young and smart but Mom can't find a furever home for him. 

Rosie didn't want to play football even though I told her that her big feet and long toes would make her a star player. 

She would rather play with her new toy. She is wasting her talents. Those toes are magnificent.

Sam got the idea quickly and was after the ball like a streak of lightening. 

The rest were hopeless at it.  I took the ball back and went to sleep. 

Henry went to the vet clinic because he is still too tired for anything. He has anemia. The vet stuck something in his butt whilst there, so that explains why he didn't want to play football. I wouldn't want to play either if this happened to me. 

He never mentioned it but I saw the pictures. He has been feeling better lately and has started to smile. He even laid down for Mom and Dad to rub his belly. He still doesn't want to discuss what happened to him before he came here. He has a real funny smile. 

When we all saw his first smile we all laughed. I will have to give him some smiling lessons so he can smile properly. Daisy laughed her head off--well not literally.

 Skye fell on the floor and laughed until her belly ached.

Then she showed him how to smile beautifully. She is a professional smiler.

He then tried again but his tongue got in the way. he had such a terrible life that he doesn't know how to smile yet.  .

He tried again but it still came out looking funny. 

Nicki is better and knows how to smile. She had a breast removed because of a tumor.

Guga is a good smiler. Shame about the teeth though! I told Mom to get him dentures but she won't.

Guga has been smiling a lot lately and playing. He has bladder stones and is taking medications to cure them. Still nobody has explained to me how the stones got in his bladder. He joined in with our play this week. 

Val and Gemma have been playing the blanket game too. I am a good personal trainer and have trained them well. 

Here I am during one training session. You can see that I take my work seriously. The hole that Nina chewed in my blanket enabled me to stick my head threw it and wear the blanket. Thank You Nina.

I have some sad news too. Mini went to the vet clinic too because a few days ago she vomited and Mom suspected something wasn't right. Her appetite has diminished a bit too although she is still eating. 

She was very frightened and tried to bite one of the vets. Her results came today and she has the same illness that my friend Pebbles died with. She has Renal failure starting. Mom so wanted to buy a Dialysis machine because so many dogs die of this. Dr Andre wanted to help and he would give them dialysis. After the first few sessions just one a month can keep them healthy. I cried Mom said it's fatal without this and in Rio they charge a fortune over $1200 for one session. Mom checked it out and there is no need for this life saving treatment to be this expensive. Now poor Mini will probably die too. We are all saying prayers to our Canine Angel to save her. Dr Andre said that four dogs died of this in the last week If Mom can then one day she will get this machine and offer this treatment at cost only to help the multitudes of dogs dying with this now. We love Mini and don't want her to go.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Win two tickets to see the Rolling Stones

Mum says that these old humans can rock. Maybe in a chair if you ask me! Anyway all those that like the old humans please take note.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Bye Foley

We heard today that our dear friend Foley passed over to the rainbow bridge around three pm. Foley and Pocket had a blog and for a few years we have followed their antics. They made us laugh through some very rough times and their human parents always supported Mom when she was really down. They were always there for us. We are all so sad to see Foley go. She was a great blogger and a feisty little Yorkie. We are posting this as a tribute to the best blogger we knew in our doggy blog community. Foley was the best. Pocket will probably get help from Foley like I get help from Emmy. We will miss her so much. http://foleymonsterandpocket.blogspot.com.br/  A huge gap in the community and in our hearts. Go with God Foley. You will never be forgotten.