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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here is Joey the little pup abandoned very young weighing just 2.9 kilos. He has grown a lot and will be staying with us as one of the house dogs. He gets on well with all the rest of us and sleeps on the bed with Pebbles, mom and dad. Mom says if he grows big then he will have to have a bed on the floor like me and the other big ones. The five pups abandoned in the box have all been adopted now. Tupa is still alive one vet says he might have a chance, so treatment is continuing in the hope he will make it. He is still gravely ill and the other vet at the clinic is pessimistic. So, we are all hoping and praying for poor Tupa. Mom is still trying to raise funds for the dog houses and fence wire and stuff they need for the dogs outside. Life is a constant battle for Mom and Dad. She is so worried about the dogs outside being cold at night. They had more car problems that cost a lot to put right. So if any of you humans out there want to help then contact mom. We are also going to have a visitor in September. Mom says she is a volunteer and is going to help look after us all for a while. She is coming from somewhere called Norway.   

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Carnival Is Over.

The Carnival is over now. It wasn't much fun. At least we weren't scared by the fireworks this year. We didn't hear a thing where we are. Tupa is very il and the vet got the results on his throat problem. He has level three cancer of the most aggressive form. Now the vet is saying he will have to be euthanized. The other tumors were bad but this is worse. Poor boy we didn't know him long but we all liked him. He even stole three of our dinners one day and we all laughed including him. Mom just gave us some more. His ear apparently just sealed over and he would of been stone death that side. Mom and dad tried their best. The lady that is paying his bill is also really upset. He is the poor guy that came here with the terrible ear infection and the huge lump infested with maggots under his chin.  

He came in very thin and already gravely ill although we didn't know it at the time.

Mom is a bit down after losing the dog with distemper on New Years Eve, Losing the house January 15th, car never seems to work, washing machine broke and floods all over the floor, she can't get to the doctor because the car is not reliable, and she still has bills to pay from the move. She is happy about the fact they saved nine puppies recently. The three on the rock, Joey and the five dumped at the gate. So two down but nine in front. Talking of Joey here is his favorite spot. he says it's his shelf forever and noone has the heart to tell him that very soon he won't fit there anymore. So we let him dream on. there are some things a dog has to find out for himself. Joey doesn't know he is growing very fast. He doesn't have a mirror or a tape measure.

Joey has been able to win Guga's heart though and now they play together. The oldest and the youngest are bridging the generation gap. We are never too old to play! Humans should follow this advice too. We had a video of them but it won't upload will take another one with mom when I can.
Topi has been making good progress and is very different from the robotic, little, distant dog who first came here. He is showing a lot of emotion lately and is happy. We are glad for him because all that spinning was no good for him. He stills spins a bit but not all day like he did a few months back. We have a great video of Topi. 

Daisy lives with Topi and is jealous of every bit of attention he gets. Well that is it for now. Tupa is still alive and we obviously can't see him because of the car problem.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Page

We have made a new page so people can see at a glance what we are about. Check it out

Hit another rough patch here

Today mom is very depressed. Things aren't going well. First of all she needs to see a doctor because she has found a lump in her breast. Second the car has another problem, third Trooper has a problem and will probably need a vet, fourth they are without a penny and the dog food ran out today, fifith they have several other bills that need paying quickly. We thank all those that have helped and ask anyone that hasn't helped yet to please reconsider donating as we are in serious trouble here. We want to survive and for mom to achieve her dream of becoming a proper charity and help more dogs.Please donate no matter how small the amount it will help us survive. We are dependent on mom and mom is dependent on you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Trooper is trying to tell Mom and Dad that he wants his wooden house back.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kennels and Compounds

Dad spent the weekend making a play compound for all of us, so we can run freely. Here is the start

Then after more work

And finally we tested the finished compound by placing Pluto and gracie in it.


We gave or old sofa to Tasha as she is one of the dogs without a house or bed and she loves it. She also has a large plant in he Kennel which makes it look like a lounge.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Joey and other news

Joey weighed 2.9 kilos when he was dumped at our gate. Look at him now just five weeks later.

Mom thinks he is going to be a big dog because he is growing so fast. We are real good pals now and play all the time. Here we are on the sofa. We have rearranged the sofa cover for mom. It's now in an artistic draped manner, which is very chic in the canine world.


Remember poor Tupa with the bad ear. Mom had to take him back to the vets the day before they moved because he had a problem. He has an anal tumor. The vet did a biopsy and yesterday the results came back. It looks bad for him. It is cancer and he has other tumors as well. His throat isn't getting any better either. The vet is going to try and save him, so he is staying there for now. We are all praying he gets better.

Poor Tupa

This is the steep drop down to the river that mom is so afraid one of us will fall down. It's a long way down. Today dad started building a play area but they need more fence wire and posts and other stuff to make us as comfortable as we were at the old place. Some of the kennel dogs are sleeping in cardboard boxes.

We can't run free until mom and dad can block off the fall to the river and to the road. They are asking for help to build a nw infra structure here to contain us.

Here is handsome old Guga hanging out by the table.

Here is Joey hanging out with Pebbles and Misty.

Early morning view from house.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Wel we experienced one we survived one year with allt these dogs in Brazil. Only the Inrternet people cared about us. Thank you so much.

Dogs in Brazil Have Moved

Mom and Dad and all of us have finally moved. We were all very surprised to be woken at 3.30am and loaded into cages and taken 95 miles away from everything we knew. It's colder than where we were and we want our dog houses to keep warm and our fenced yard to play in again. Mom says in time she will sort it out, but we want them as soon as possible. Mom and Dad drove 95 miles to the new house and 95 miles back three times in 2 days taking us all there. Mom says they they finally lost their house but she managed to save us. She says it is a miracle thanks to other compassionate human beings. Here are some pictures of how we travelled. All the people in the street stared as the pick up loaded with dogs passed by.

It has been a very difficult year for mom and dad since the disaster last January. They lost everything except us. My mom is brilliant she saved us all when we thought we would all be thrown on the streets and left to die. Mom worked very hard and she was always determined to save us despite her moments of deep despair now and then.  She lost a lot of weight and went without many things so we could survive. We love her and she loves us. She has spent days trying to organize the house and is still very worried about our daily expenses and how we will get on.
Joey slept the whole trip in the front of the pic up with Misty. He then helped Mom unpack.

Mom said he was a 'great help'. I didn't see it that way, but hey! I am just a dog.  Mom and Dad are taking us all out on leads during the day because there is a dangerous drop to a river and mom is afraid one of us may fall the 25 meters down to the river and get washed away. We still need help here as after the move they are nearly broke again. They had to pay for Internet connection, new cell phone chips, transport for all the stuff including us. So, please help spread the word they need to survive and become a charity. Mom and us want to say a big Thank you to all our Internet friends who made this possible.