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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finally I Am Back With the World's Longest Blog.

We had a very busy last couple of months and we didn't have time to blog. So much has happened here since Christmas. Up until Christmas things were pretty normal. No new dogs for a while and the only worry Mom has is that they won't be able to buy the shelter and will have to move again. It's actually a very big worry to us all. I worry about that and I worry about my blanket, which is being abused by others. 

You can tell I am not very happy about the situation. I went and sat somewhere else immediately.

Life apart from that was continuing normally. There was a constant queue at the treat window.

Here is Ollie.

Skye, who will miss the treat window when she goes to Germany.

Tessa who now looks so much better after a human broke her nose, upper teeth and leg. She has gained a lot of weight and calmed down a bit.


Henry. Whilst they were queuing up for biscuits me and my gang were hunting Lizards.

A lady from England came to help Mom and we liked her she made our dinners. Her name is Ruth.

Then a man called Donald came from America to visit. He is Faith's new dad.

he met all of us.

Faith traveled with Chico Donald's dog.

Now she lives in luxury with her friend Chico in the USA.

Ollie went to the vet clinic with his balls and I am not referring to tennis balls. He came back without them.

Xana had a haircut. I really had to bite my lip not to laugh in front of her when she got back. After all she is very old and I have to respect her feelings. Here she is before.

Nobody realized how fat she had gotten until they took all that fur off!

Nina tried so hard not to laugh.

Then Christmas day came and all was fairly normal for here. Cookie and Murphy were trashing the house.

We held a spontaneous bed party.

We thought about eating turkey on Christmas day.  

We were just working out the finer details of a plan for our turkey lunch when he heard us. 

On New years day mom and dad took a whole bunch of us for a swim. Including me. I hate getting wet. 

Cookie loves it. 

So does Murphy
and Freddy
and Daisy
but Charlie hated it.
Rosie liked it
Oscar loved it.

Another party on Mom's bed

Then all of a sudden on the second day of the New year things got very busy around here. 

First this little girl arrived. She was completely bald.

Mom says she may be an English Stafforshire Terrier.

She was living on the streets.

When Murphy saw her she just couldn't help herself and her shock was clearly visible because her tongue nearly fell out of her mouth. I quickly told her to "Shut her mouth and act normal" That's the code here when we see something shocking. I did explain to Murphy that the poor girl's feelings would be hurt and she shouldn't stare like that. Alice managed a more normal expression but then ran full speed after her for a second look. 

Then a few days later another new dog arrived this one is Hannah. She was ill with Tick disease and her blood was so thin it caused spontaneous bleeding. This has stopped now and she is a nice dog. She was also living on the streets. 
Mom and dad managed to push her red blood cell count up with iron and lots of liver to stop the bleeding after a few days.

Then some nice people also from England arrived. They helped mom and dad for a few days and we all got extra cuddles.

Here is Khaya she put the flea stuff on us because we all hate fleas.

Then next came Simon. He was in a terrible state. I ran around and told everyone "No staring, tongue dropping, or reactions".  Then I couldn't help myself when I saw him and I screamed. Everyone complained and I just told them "Don't do as I do--Do as I say" That's  when Emmy finally lost her cool and came back from Heaven and told me "Control yourself before I nip your ear". 

He looked very bad. One of the bad humans threw boiling water down his ear and in his eye.

Mom and dad took him to the vet and he had an ear full of maggots and blood tests. His eyes were full of pus too. The blood test said he had advanced tick disease and liver problems. He was very ill. We all felt so sad about him.

He couldn't see through the pus in his eyes and everyone is hoping he won't be blind and deaf in one ear.

Then just as Simon was getting settled in another dog arrived. She looked like a bone covered in black fur. Dad found her by the rubbish where he found Faith. 

This time I manged to control myself and just said "Hello" as casually as I could. 

She has a long thin neck as is very similar to my girl Gemma She is getting extra food now.

Today Mom let me into a secret. They have been trying to rescue a dog for a few days and the humans created problems. They have finally possibly sorted it out and tomorrow yet another dog will be coming here. It's a boy dog and he is very young and needs help. he has been run over by a car and without treatment for a few days. Mom has been frantically trying to sort this situation out. Here is St Francis a special Saint for us animals. We are praying he helps us all.