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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

yet more bad news

The little dog mom picked up starving who she thought had a prolapsed uterus apparently has a vaginal tumor. Mom took her to vets who removed it and spayed her. She was started on chemotherapy immediately. Oh my God more money going out and not enough coming in. Hey what could mom do leave her to die? A lot of people would in fact the majority here would. I love my mom! I wish other people could see how good she is and how she sacrifices for her canine family here. Not a single donation and less than two weeks t go!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Well mom is still very depressed but she is so busy with illnesses that she has not had much time to reflect on the impending doom looming over all of our heads. Still nobody responds to our cries for help. Erica Jong wrote if God was a Dog--huh obviously not. Well one of the two new dogs here (photos soon) had a pyometra, which is an infection in the uterus that is very common in unspayed dogs. She was abandoned because her owner moved to an apartment in Rio apparently. This will cost mom and dad another 500 reais and the other little dog that mom took last week wwho was hanging around town for over five months while  Mom watched her get thinner and thinner until all her ribs and spinal column became visible and saw that she was not going to make it alone. She was here for three days and has now got a prolapsed uterus so she will be spayed on Friday i fshe is up to surgery by then because she is very mal nourished. Her uterus is visible and open to infection, so this will mean more money. Mom says we are all in deep, deep trouble and if we are all angels then we should all pray. We are doing all we can to help and we are eating less food to help although some like Cassie are complaining. I don't complain because I can see her suffering in the house and I know that she is also eating less and cutting back on everything. Although without a Guardian Angel it is obvious that we won't make it.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We are worried

Well as you can imagine we are all very worried about the dire situation here. Mom has given up and sunk into depression and we all want to help her. It is only the humans who don't want to help. We can all sense there is something very wrong just like the first few moments after a human abandons a dog. We usually panic suddenly feeling very alone and begin to run frantically along the streets looking for the people we depended on. When that wears off we begin to get hungry and afraid. We know what mom is suffering. The only difference is she can't visit restaurants and sit looking at the clients wagging her tail hoping they throw a scrap of food her way like we can. The general consensus of opinion from friends and family is that she is stupid to have wasted her money on us. Some have even suggested get rid of the dogs.Well! of course, we despise this sort of advice and we know that mom loves us with all of her heart and won't abandon us. These people just don't understand what it is to love. We understand because loyalty and love are canine traits and not normally human traits.