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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Really Bad News

I`m Emmy`s mum writing because Emmy and the others are all too shocked and sad to speak right now. Harry died on the 19th July at around 11.15am Brazilian time. He came early in the morning to give me his usual morning nuzzle, which normally goes on for a full five minutes. He was in perfect health and ran to the gate barking as usual. Everything was totally normal. He ate his breakfast and hung around as normal. He even came into the bathroom with me because he always took a shower with me. We had noticed he was looking older lately and slightly thinner but he was just as fit as ever. He played with Misty like a young pup. We heard a weird scream around 11.15. He was in the bathroom, which also was totally normal for him. We went running to see what was going on and found him dead. I tried artificial resusication for more than ten minutes until a vet arrived but it was hopeless. He seemed to have suffered a massive heart attack. Since then I haven`t stopped crying. I miss him so much. Th house seems so quiet and empty without my beautiful Harry. We will never really know how old he was as he was a street dog from Copacabana. We reckon around 10 or 11 years. We tearfully buried him in a coffin and laid flowers on his grave. I can`t pass the grave without talking to him. I hate to think of him out there all alone he was so dependant and desperate for attention all the time. God how we all miss him. Misty is at a loss and Emmy has no one to hassle. This mission is very hard to bear at times. He was with us eight years and was one of our five house dogs. He like all the others was unique and irreplaceable. The only consoling factor was that he did not suffer like Tequila and Bonnie.