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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi there folks. The little puppy found in the shoebox has grown a lot and we now have a picture of her to post. She is going to stay because after extensive advertising for someone to take her in not a single person even enquired-- let alone wanted her. The same old story here in Brazil. After that Tequila got bitten by a very poisonous snake and was also rushed to a vet. She collasped unconscious and her tongue turned blue. We all thought she was going to die for sure. She stayed in the hospital for six days and ran up a hefty bill. She is now home and still taking antibiotcs, but seems to be back to normal. Jan showed us all a picture of her with her swollen head resembling a water melon. Her eyes were completely obscured by the massive swelling. Mom and Dad said no more dogs here. All puppies dumped in the future must be ignored. We understand their problem. It isn't lack of heart; it is lack of something they call funds. The results of this blog are the same as the propaganda for the little puppy---not a single bit of interest. Hey we can't give up hope though maybe just maybe one day a kind heart will pass by and read this blog.