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Thursday, March 21, 2013

How I Lost Gemma

It's horrible when you lose someone you love! It has happened to me before I loved Emmy. Pebbles and Hope and in my short lifetime. I lost these friends that I loved. Well! I had a huge scare the other day. I thought I had lost my girl Gemma. It started off a normal day and I was doing what I do best. Playing and teasing the others here. I was out side trying to annoy Oscar who just laughed at me. I still can't believe that black tongue. Well at least it doesn't show the dirt. 

When I got back indoors I couldn't find Gemma. I looked everywhere.

I thought she must be outside so I sat and waited with Guga. I told him Gemma had disappeared. He was very nice and told me not to worry and he would help me search and get the others to help too. I love Guga. 

Guga decide we should first call out her name and see if she turned up.

He shouted loud several times but she didn't reply. I was feeling really worried and sick. Then Guga said he would talk to Trooper and get him to help. Trooper was shocked.

He called his best friend Sam to help him look and they went off to check by the gate to see if she had got out.

They couldn't see her either.

Nicki tried to pick up her scent. It was no good she always smells like flowers to me!

She took off running and said that Gemma was here somewhere.

I was getting more and more anxious by the minute.

Nina who is new here and too old to go running around watched the window for signs of her.

She said she would handle any phone calls too. She thought it possible that someone had kidnapped my Gemma. 

That is when I began to cry!

All the dogs in the big kennel said they would help. Gracie looked worried too.

Then Freddy who is a bit dim shouted 'she's here!'

He thought that Cassie had sat on her and called Gracie over to see. Of course Cassie had not sat on my Gemma. Cassie said she would do some intense sniffing but she couldn't do it properly because she was still laughing at Freddy thinking she had sat on Gemma. I din't know whether to laugh or cry. 

She drew a blank. It was then that Emmy whispered in my ear where she was. She said to me,  "you can make yourself invisible can't you? Joey. Well! Gemma has learnt from you. Go and double check the sofa."
I went off running and then I saw her. 

She was hidden in this bundled up blanket on the corner of the sofa.  I was so relieved. I pulled the blanket off and gave her a big sloppy kiss. She just giggled after frightening me to tears. Well we played a bit after that. I showed her a few more tricks. Here is one of them.

Then we went and sat on the other sofa that we haven't ruined yet. We have plenty of time still for that. I was just so glad to be with my girl that I sat there calmly with her. 

I learnt a lot from this experience. Always treasure the ones you love. When your in trouble you soon find out who your friends are. They are the ones who help you. I have a good pack of friends here and we all help each other. We tease each other and run jokes on each other but when one of us is in trouble we all help each other. Lastly I learnt that when you lose something you should always check everywhere twice. Emmy popped back and told me never lose the opportunity to help each other and love each other because nobody knows how long we will be here for. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hey am I gorgeous or what? Mom doesn't know I did this nor Emmy! John Travolta has nothing on me!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Auction to raise funds

Mom ask me to post and tell you all it is time to clear out your cupboards. You humans have loads of clutter. If you find anything that can be donated for our auction then please let us know. It has to be relatively small or light stuff because postage and packing on huge items, which will be sent to winning bidders direct from the donor would be highly expensive. So no new cars or tables or stuff like that. Mom just told me not to be so daft and who would send a new car through the post. It can be hand made crafty stuff or any items you no longer have use for. I thought about donating my blanket for Mom's auction but just couldn't part with it. She said 'Not too worry'. Thank you I am going to play with Gemma right now. She is waiting for me.