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Friday, December 31, 2010

poor soul

This is heartbreaking we can not abandon a dog in such need.
His face says 'Help me' Can't we help him. it is horrible to see this and not respond. It looks like the swellings may be magotts, but mom has not sen him in the flesh, she has only  seen the photos like you. On both his shoulders he has raised lumps. Mom would know if she could see him. However, if we could raise the money and cure him what would happen afterwards. There is no room for him here. All kennels are full.  we cure him and let him lose again? That is the moral dilemma?


The black dog has just turned up at the bakery!
Photos tonight when dad gets home. We must do something about him. He just ate eight bread rolls! see posts below for pictures of this poor creature.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emmy's putting her feet up

Here I am after a hard day's rescue work taking a nap. This sofa belongs to me. Jessie owns the other one and mom and dad have two hard wooden chairs to sit on. We also own the bed. Well mom and dad are still worried they need to sell that bakery quickly and move on. Mom is trying to get professional funding from several organisations, so they can help more dogs and spend more on us. Poor Jessie is still waiting for her surgery for her torn cruciate ligament. We need supplies of ear and eye medications and flea and worm medications. Most of all we need lots of food especially now there is Freddy and the Big Brown Lab. Mom
told me to post  about him seperately on his web site, but I heard mom say he has a big lump in his throat, so he will be going to the vet on Monday. We all like him except for Freddy and Pluto. I think they are jealous because he is so handsome. If,  mom does get proper funding then she said we would have to move to somewhere bigger because we are now at capacity level here and we also annoy the neighbors with our  chatter and sing songs. She and dad would like to devote all their time and energy to helping the others still out there. Like the black dog, He was so sick and without a lot more money there is nothing they can do. Mom said she can't stop thinking about him it was horrible. Mom says about once a month you see an emergency like that and you have to shut your eyes because of lack of funds.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look who is here

The big brown lab arrived!
Full story and more pics on http://www.bigbrownlab.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good News

The Big Brown Lab is coming home tomorrow. Mom will buy a house for him early tomorrow and put him with Panda and Sam for now. Mom will eventually have to build a kennel for him if they manage to keep the house here. Of course, there is also the question of his girlfriend. it is raining none stop and he arrives soaked to the skin and shaking with cold. He is just too old for all this. We can't wait to meet him. Mom will take pictures of his arrival and post them tomorrow. I know because mom said there are a few humans with an interest in him.

All the dogs that passed through here

Mom was reflecting back today and tried to count all the dogs that her and dad have taken off the streets in the last eight years. She lost count at 63 because she could not rmember them all. She also recued a duck, an owl two wild birds and a horse.  She tried to save three monkeys but they died. Mom kept the worst cases-- old dogs like Bonnie, who suffered mutilation by humans, Panda who was severely beaten and bares the scars of a belt buckle until today. She is extremely nervous around men. Misty, who nobody knows what happened, but she is highly nervous, Sam because the cancer might come back. Jessie because of the brain lesion and her disabilities, Cassie because of her disabilities, Little One because she is so nervous, Pluto is just strange, Pebbles because she was so cute and had a broom phobia. if you picked up a broom she would run off in panic thinking you wanted to beat her. Harry because we loved him so much, but he was a real handful for mom at first. Emmy well just because I am so dependent and cute. Gracie because she loved Pluto and mom had the space. Sol nobody would stand-- she barks a lot and is snappy with other dogs and children. Tasha is a killer of other dogs, so can never mix with others although with humans she is beautiful, but then again she is incontinent as well.  Freddy is getting better and seems very happy with his new home, so he will probably stay unless really good people want him. If we can bring the brown lab then he will stay it would not be fair to risk him with anyone else here and his girlfriend too. So lets hope mom and dad can carry on the good work.


Mom and Dad are walking around dazed and we are all so happy for them and us. A very kind lady has donated one thousand dollars to pay the mortgage this month, so you see there is a God for humans. It seemed like a miracle because that moning the little plastic card that mom uses to buy our food would not work anymore and she went into panic. Then this happened the same day. She saw the donation as soon as she arrived home. Just in the nick of time. It is a funny life--mom saved us and now humans will save mom and us.  We all learnt a lot, especially that not all humans are bad. There are quite a few good ones out there--you just have to know how to find them. Anyway we all send big licks, tail wags, and lots of woof woofs to this beautiful person.
Mom and dad are scheming on how to bring home the big brown lab and are making preparations to get him to his furever home. We haven't met him yet but they say he is silly like Freddy. God! I hope he doesn't eat like Freddy, who quite frankly is a bit of a pig woofing down his food. Mom is going to get a special bowl in case he gets the bloat.

Monday, December 27, 2010


We hope you all had a good xmas. Mom could not post a lot because here we have torrential rain and  flooding. We don't like rain very much and tend to hang around the sofa and armchair all day long.  Pebbles hates it.  The elctricity has been coming and going and most of xmas day there was no power at all. Shops in town have water knee deep aand there is a foot of mud outside of the local post office. Walls have collapsed and blocked roads and still the rain is falling. The big brown lab and his female friend were waiting for dad the day after xmas. They did not get fed on xmas day because dad closed the bakery. It was his first day off since he started. He took extra food for them. The black dog seems to have moved on. People were revolted and frightened by his terrible appearance. They shooed him away if he came near. He was treated like a lepper. If you want to help one us like this then you have to grab the dog there and then because we are always on the move. Dad is asking around after him, but nobody up to now knows where he came from or went to. We all shuddered to think how lucky we are to have found this refuge. We hope we can all stay here in peace. We want the two oldies to come and live with us too. Please help facilitate this. Mom is trying to borrow a video camera so she can post a video of us all and our home. Of course, I will be the star performer!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Friday, December 24, 2010

A teribble sight

This poor, poor dog visited dads bakery today. He cried and then mom cried when she saw the photos. He has eyes full of pus, large lumps on his joints which could be cancer,or maybe magotts. He has mange  and mal nutrition. Oh why did we have to see this on Christmas eve with all our problems. This is a massive vet bill, if he can be saved. He should be PTS if not because he is in a terrible state. We are all crying. It's not fair. Please go the extra length. if we can raise 1000 dollars tonight then we would go and get him tomorrow and take him to the 24 hour vets to see if there is any chance for him. It looks pretty hopeless but I am not a vet.  i love Brazil but this is too much

Thursday, December 23, 2010

dogs eating from the bakery

Here is the old tiger striped female dad gave her ration and now she is eating bread for dessert. She is also too old to be out there alone

A spot of happiness here

Take a look at Freddie and Cassie. Two labs enjoying each others company. I wanted to join in but mom would not let me because I don't have much of a sense of humour. I am apparently far too competitive.

And the winner was
Cassie! I think that Fredie let her win because he is a gentleman. Please don't forget to chip in and help Mom and Dad save the big old brown lab and the old tiger striped female, so they can play a bit before they get too old. The chip in gadget is further down because mom can't move the damn thing to the sidebar. It not her fault she is a bit slow with technology. She should have asked me. They still need to save our home too because we are all very happy here. Did you notice Little One got in on the photo too? freddie is having another injection tomorrow for his mange and is already improving. The big brown lab is apparently twelve years old someone near Dad's bakery remembers him as a pup. Lets get him home soon. he is too old for all this.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Thank you to all those on the pet blog hop who showed interest and offered to help. Also Merry Christmas to you all! Freddy is doing fine eating well and slowing right down on the scratching. He has had two injections and is due back at the ets on the 27th. He is a beautiful personality and it's difficult not to fall in love with those big sad brown eyes. I still miss Harry. Sam is doing fine-- no reappearance of the cancer. She has settled down well with Panda, who recently lost Riquinho. The big brown lab is still on the streets. He has also been injected for his agonizing mange and Dad is feeding him twice a day. Mom just cannot risk bringing him here at the moment because there isn't a kennel for him and they are still very worried about their financial situation. Thank God we dogs don't have to worry about that too. Mom is going to open another blog site just for him on a dog blog site called 'I Remember love'. She is also going to join forces with other concerned bloggers to hep him. Lets hope this works because he is too old to be out there alone. More pics coming soon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Laineys Pawtique & Bakery

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

old brown lab

Look at this poor old guy. He will be spending christmas alone on the streets. Can you help him for christmas? Donate now.  He is in a terrible state. He needs to go and retire somewhere secure with love and food.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Mom got replies to her e mails about Sam and she has posted them below her picture. Freddy is going to the vets today because he has a new problem. maggots have entered his sores. The vet is the only solution now to resolve him. More money going out and none coming in!!!!!Mom will post photos later today when she has time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Dog Freddy

So as you can see Freddy looks very pretty from a distance but the real story is quite different, apart from hunger and no road sense whatsoever, he has a bad case of mange over his whole body. He is greatly irritated and biting until he bleeds with the itchiness. This is a pedigree dog probably bought by the rich to appease one of their kids whims. When the novelty wears off they give the dog to their maids, who of course cannot afford to treat a dog because of the very low wages here. They may love the dog, but won't take it to the vet, or by any products to cure it. So now Mom has to pay 800reais for Riquinho's bill. Blood and faeces tests for Sam and medication to treat Freddy and this is just one week and and lets not forget she still has not paid the outstanding vet bill at the local vet clinic. Freddy seems a nice Guy. Mom says he will have to be castrated because he is in love with Cassie and she had to have both the heads of her femur bones removed due to the incurable displasia that she had when Mom found her crawling in a rubbish dump. Cassie has a very weak back and and cannot be mounted by this handsome huge labrador.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

there are other Angels too

Well it looks like we may get a second donation. That gives us all a little optimism that things may get better! We are still in the same shaky situation and we have all had our meat quota cut. After Riquinho died another very needy dog turned up at Dad's bakery full of mange. He was bleeding and severely irritated. Dad called Mom about ten times saying what should I do as he has mange and absolutely no road sense at all. He was running all over the road and in serious danger. He was obviously freshly abandoned. Mom said well bring him home then. They could not stand by and watch a young dog (nearly 35 kilos) get run over. Here everybody worries about mange being contagious and immediately throw their dog out onto the streets. Mom will post a picture of him soon. He has been injected with ivemec and will have to have treatment for some time to see if his fur grows back. Dad also rescued a dog from the river today. What a hero! Please help us so we can stay here all together with Mom and Dad.  The new dog is with Cassie and Little One and seems very pleased with his new surroundings.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Save the 14

Angels Exist
Thankyou the beautiful lady in Texas that gave the one and only donation in three years. Thankyou for believing in mom and thankyou for caring about us street dogs. It was a very emotional moment for mom. She was so happy even though we are still in the same situation. It was not the amount that mattered--. it was the deed. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

not a drop of happiness anymore

Riquinho died today at around midday. He died alone in the vets clinic. Mom could not be with him because their is too much work here. He was a nice old chap and Panda will miss him a lot because they shared a kennel and slept together even though they did not have to. He had a tick disease and was around 15 years old. he just could not stand anymore 14 days in the vets clinic and no improvement. We are all very sad and Mom is crying again. Mom cries every day. She said at least he does not have to go through the trauma of being given to some uncaring Brazilian, or euthanized because we are about to lose it all. Mom and dad don't even have money for our food anymore and bread is becoming top of the menu. Nothing goes right she says, nobody gives a damn, only their own little microcosms matter their kids and their pets. Dad is bringing home his body at eight o clock tonight after he finishes his 17 hour day. Mom has been on her feet since 5'o clock this morning only a very few special people appreciate their efforts. Riquinho at least had a long and full life, which is more than can be said for many of the dogs that have ended up here because they were ill in the streets. I remember the little four week old german shepherd that mom tried to save. The mother was poisoned and mom and two friends divided the puppies. We all stayed up at night watching her try to save him--he died anyway. As did tall he other puppies. Another one was little panda 2 ,another puppy whose pancreas did not work she died too, there have been quite a few. Nobody appreciates Mom's efforts really. Worst still Mom thinks Sam and Gracie may have the same illness, but has no money to check this out before they get really bad. She owes the vet here money and had to take Riquinho forty kilometres away because the local vet won't treat us anymore even though Mom has paid him a fortune during the last eight years. well soon we will all be gone from the blog site as  time is nearly up for the telephone line to be cut. I expect many of you will be wondering what happened to us all, however wondering is not enough!