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Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Week

Dad is frantically trying to find somewhere for us all to go. Yesterday he was out and about in Teresopolis looking around and he stopped by to visit the spinning dog. He also passed through the area where Nicki came from. Nothing much has improved there. It is a constant reminder to us all here. Mom still cries every time she sees a picture of it. Dad took these so the world knows just what it is like there nearly nine months later. 

Looks like a scene from an earthquake.

 People are still living amid the wreckage.

So many lives torn apart.

Others just taken. Maybe this was Nicki's family. Who knows?

Then people say 'Get over it'. Difficult for those that see it daily and suffer the consequences daily.

Or maybe this was Nicki's house?

He felt depressed as he passed through the area. Imagine having to live there. He then saw a friend of ours who is a biologist working in the National park. Here is an Owl he saved. It has one wing virtually torn off because it flew into an iron support post on a building site. It can never go back to the wild.

Here is a monkey. Not sure what was wrong with him. Dad forgot. After seeing the destruction again.

The film made about the disaster featuring mom, dad and Nicki and has shots of them here in what was our home has now been accepted for the film festival in Curitba and in Goiana. So, that was good news. When the sub titles go on hopefully it will be screened in English speaking countries. Dad also visited the spinning dog, which we have pledged to take in and work with as soon as we find somewhere to live. It was dark in the shelter so the film did not come out too well. He was just the same. Poor fellow needs to have a home very soon. Just like us!

Well that is another week here in Brazil!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Well we can say with utter and complete honesty that the last nine months have been the worst in Mom and Dad's lives. Since the disaster nothing much has gone right. There have been some terrible days and a huge amount of stress. Some people think Mom is strong well she feeling pretty weak right now. The panic has set in and still they haven't managed to sort the mess they call a life out. Mom and Dad have both lost a lot of weight and aged a lot this year. Mom was always so confident that someone would want to support a rescue. We know many people want to support our work but they needed some sort of stability not living hand to mouth as they have been for months. They never managed to finish the non profit status and time has passed by so quick. The bank will own a new home soon and mom and dad will be somewhere with us in the world. The uncertainty is terrible. Eight months of publicizing all this and not one large charity helped us get off the ground. All the organizations that claim to help dogs out there and not one could even provide food for us here. Simply because we are not a non profit. Mom asked one once, 'When you see a tramp in the street with a dog and both are hungry do you ask him if he is a non profit before you buy him a MacDonalds and if he isn't then you don't help him and also leave his dog hungry'. Of course, she got no reply to this. Not one could get our non profit going and not one would take us under their wing. The world is an ugly place. People would rather give money to charities that euthanize millons of animals per year and many celebs give thousands and thousands to these in good faith but ignorant of the reality of corporate charities. Well mom tried them all. All she is going to do now is find somewhere for us. In times like this mom says you find out who your friends are and some people we have met on the internet are our new family they have helped us survive since january. They cared whether we ate or not, whether we were sick or not, they helped mom to stay strong. Thank God for people like them.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is Nicki our flood victim dog. She is fully at home now although this won't be her or mom's home soon. Mom says she will miss it here. Mom has been here ten years and we all ahve a lot of memories here and there are the graves of some of our fellow pack members here too. We have to move on though. Just like Nicki she lost everything once and then was lucky enough to find love. We are hoping to find somewhere suitable. Mom will stay with us no matter what. That is worth more than anything in the world. Nicki is chasing a monkey in this video. Let's hope there are monkeys for us to chase wherever we go. Mom's not had much luck finding anywhere yet and no celebs want to help. So we wait and see what will happen to us all. Daisy is doing real well and very happy. Here she is leaving her kennel for playtime.

 She is such a lovely girl and nobody here regrets her rescue even though mom and dad didn't have much conditions to do it. The lil white pup has also gone to a new home in Rio. So that is three more lives saved and you can't beat the warm glow that gives us all here because as they say when you die-- God won't ask what you did for yourself . He will ask what you did for others.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's News

Yesterday we had a call and one of the little pups is coming back. The new mom decided she didn't want to keep her. So, a friend of ours picked her up in Rio and will deliver her to us soon. The new mom thinks she has mange. So, our friend took her to a vet to get her tested and on Tuesday she will be back with us. We originally thought it was the black one, but it wasn't, it's the little white one. They all came with ticks, lice, fleas and worms which were all treated. We think it's just a fur failure where they scratched with all the irritation of the parasites they were carrying. She is going to be tested though just in case. Mom will be happy to see her back because she was the sweetest of them all. 

Meanwhile Daisy is really happy. Here some happy shots of her settling in.

 She nows goes for her playtime with Sol and up until now no fights. They aren't playing together yet, but at least they are not showing any aggression. Mom thinks that with time thet will be fur buddies. Now onto other news. Yet another dog dumped yesterday at the bottom of the road. Several people saw him thrown from a car.

This dog, a young male, is just beautiful. He is a bit scruffy and has a slight defect with one paw but other than that he is in reasonable condition physically. Mentally he is lost.

Dad gave him a hug whilst mom took photos and he clung on and tried to follow them. The Guy in the yellow T shirt is the local drunk. There is another street dog by his feet. She is a female in season.

It was heartbreaking to leave him out there alone. He clearly was begging for someone to help him. We asked a few people if they wanted him but nobody did. Mom was very upset because he reminded her of Harry our first rescue dog. He was a pure bred GSD.  When Mom passed the river she looked down where the little pups were found and saw only two ducks. Dad asked her if she wanted to rescue them and laughed.  Apart from this Mom and Dad have three nasty looking letters from the bank. They have not got the courage to open them. They have been there since yesterday. If we had the space and more resources then Mom and Dad would have kept the dog until the next adoption event and given him a bath then maybe someone would take him. For this you need spare kennels, money for vaccination and food and gas to make the trip and also to be prepared to keep him if nobody suitable wants him. They just can't take the chance. They will keep asking aroound to see if anyone wants him. Mom is going to deworm everybody and just worked out that she needs 53 pills at one pill every 10 kilos. That is 13 packs at R$7.80 per pack. So you see it isn't easy.  We are still looking for a corner to run too. So far nothing has been found. We just need some land with a shack on it somewhere in Brazil. The miracle hasn't happened yet but mom is still dreaming.   

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photos of Adoption Event Cool!

Here they are our three pups awaiting their new furever homes. It was a chilly day in Rio. They were all given beautiful collars with bells on them.

They looked adorable! The black one was a bit chilly so she was given a little woollen coat to keep her warm.

Now who could resist her? Dad did turn down three prospective adopters as unsuitable and he believes that they all got good homes. Here they are with their new mom's.

The big white one with the little heart shaped mark on her nose went first.

This lady has a Cocker Spaniel and lives with her mother. She fell in love with the little black one and called mom to see if she could adopt the lil black one. She began to cry whilst talking to her Mom.

The conversation went on quite a while with dad observing! She wouldn't let go of the pup all through the conversation. Then suddenly her Mom agreed and look at her face then.

We think she will be a very lovely mom.

And here are the new family for the lil white one! So they went from near death in the river abandoned covered in Ticks, lice, fleas and had worms to luxury in central Rio. We all hoping they have long and happy lives with their new owners. Mom felt happy and sad at the same time. She was getting quite attached to  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Radio Show

We are going to be on air Thursday the 15th 7pm EST on TPPC.tv  http://www.tppc.tv/ Hope it goes ok. Mom's a bit nervous. She's going to talk about their terrible situation. Sorry mom said 'tomorrow' yesterday because she didn't check the calendar.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daisy and the Little Pups!

Well Friday night late a new dog arrived here. The little white street dog that looked so pathetic in the video way back in August. Mom and Dad rescued her and she has been in the vet's clinic all that time. Her anemia is better and she doesn't have distemper. She is very affectionate and follows mom around like a lamb. She is wearing her special collar donated from the USA with Daisies on it.

Here you can see her collar. This was her first day here and she smelt everything that she could. Mom is going to try now and upload some videos of her. she tried earlier but it didn't work.

This is Daisy walking around. The vet said we couldn't do much about her leg.

This is Daisy enjoying her new home. She will probably remain with us for life as we know that it will be almost impossible to get her adopted. She will need some kind of protective shoe forher paw at the back. She is a lucky girl survived being run over twice and did not catch distemper and now she has her furever home. No more starving in the streets. She put on quite a bit of weight at the vet clinic. For comparisons of before and after see older post entitled 'New Dog on the Block'. She is already showing signs of a strong bond with mom and dad.
Talking of adoptions today our three little puppies rescued from the river got adopted out and an adoption event in Rio. We are going to miss them.
They were getting quite fat. We were very happy they didn't die stranded on the rock in the rver like their siblings did, but also sorry to see them go. They distracted us from our massive problems. We are also stranded awaiting the sale of our house or eviction whatever comes first. We are looking at houses to rent now and try to raise money to move as one way or another we have to get out of here. So it was a happy weekend. Pups have new homes! Daisy is safe and saved! Only us now to be saved! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fierce Pups

Here are the little pups we rescued recently. They have grown a lot. They turned out to have ticks, worms, fleas, and lice. They have had baths every day for four days to cure the lice problem. They are finally clean today. They are adorable. We will miss them greatly, if they all get adopted on Sunday. Daisy is coming home tonight too. Tomorrow will post pics of her. It's too dark here to take photos of her arrival. Had a big day today mom was on her own all day. She worked very hard and cleaned the pups room five times. She also looked after all of us. Dad was out looking for somewhere for us to move too before the stinky bank kick us all out. He did not find anything today but will be going back again. We are all waiting to welcome Daisy. Another special needs dog. Mom is going to find something to protect her paw because it's dragging on the ground.  There are now 21 of us here at the moment. They are selling T shirts at Cause I Care for us and if you mention it's for Dogs in Brazil then we get $5 every T Shirt sold. They are on FB. We are also being sponsored for every sack against Michael Vick on a Fb site Called the' Vick's Payback Pledge'. So things are looking up a bit. We will still have to move whatever happens. People have been so kind to us. Thanks everyone! Two years ago Mom thought the human race was worthless now she knows that  there are good folk out there. Let's hope we do find that last minute buyer.  We still believe in Miracles and even tho we have passed hard times we are still here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Computer Broke

Mom has not been blogging because her computer broke and she has to borrow dad's so now she has only a little time on line per day. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon. Meanwhile the puppies are growing fast. They had a bath today and on Sunday are going to find their furever homes--hopefully. Daisy is still at the vet clinic and some time this week mom and dad will get her. They are borrowing a portable kennel for her. They are not building a kennel because they will be thrown out of their house soon.