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Friday, May 23, 2014

Joey's Travel Tips for Dogs

Mom got approached to help write some travel tips for dogs but she is very busy so she passed this responsibility onto me. First I will give you my travel tips. Then I will give you Kendra Thornton's sensible travel tips. I used to travel a lot as a puppy. I have been to down town Rio, in shopping centers, many nearby towns and have traveled twice long distance when we have moved homes. I am quite the expert on travel.  I am huge and would love to sit on Mom's lap in a small cramped space. If I don't get my way then I will howl and scream as loud as possible so people think I am dying in a crate. I used to reckon she would give in and let me crush her legs for a two hour trip. Anyway the humans say the safest way for a dog to travel is in a crate, so they force me to endure the crate now. For me the human lap is the only way to travel. Mom rarely travels now as she is always to busy and we don't have a dog sitter at the shelter to watch out for us. When we go out now it is mainly to see the man in a white coat whom we all hate. Mom calls him 'The Vet'. When they do go out it involves taking bags full of stuff like water bowls, water, leads, collars as she never knows when a sick dog will appear. She takes medical supplies for accident victims and towels, and bags in case we are travel sick, or poop in our crates. She has her moist wipes with her all the time. Dad picks up a lot of sick dogs so all this stuff is necessary as we never know when one will turn up. Just this week on a shopping trip dad came back with a tiny puppy walking around on her own. She was hungry and thirsty. 

Sam gave me a great travel tip. She sits in the crate and she barks at any vehicle that attempts to overtake us. She hasn't managed to bark one off the road yet but she says she will keep trying. When we moved houses after the disaster we couldn't all be crated so we had to go in the car and mom crated as many of us as she could. It took many journeys. Everybody looked at us all stuffed into the car. Mom says this is definitely not  the best way for dogs to travel. 

 The second time we moved it was a bit more stylish and a whole lot safer.

Occasionally Mom finds a great family in another country who want to adopt a dog from here. Mom and Dad had to pay someone to drive the dog to the airport because it is very hot down in Rio. They didn't have an air conditioned car and hot cars are very dangerous for dogs especially if you get stuck in a traffic jam. Please all remember that. It's my most important travel tip. Now here are Kendra's travel tips for dogs.  

Travel Tips for Dog Owners By Kendra Thornton (Twitter @KendraThornton)
I love to travel, and whenever possible, I like to bring my dog along on family trips. Soon, some extended family members will be coming to visit me in Chicago, and they’ll be bringing their dog with them. I thought this would be a great time to share some tips on how my family successfully travels with our four-legged family member.
1. Before the Trip
Make sure you plan for success when traveling with your dog. Always check pet policies and other rules regarding animals that will affect you during your travels. Also, make sure your pet has a microchip. The painless procedure helps to identify animals if they get separated from their owners. Finally, visit the vet for a checkup before leaving home.
2. In the Crate
Crates are essential for keeping animals safe during travel. I used to feel guilty about putting my dog in her crate, especially on long road trips. I’ve learned, however, that she actually feels safer there. We always make sure that she gets plenty of exercise prior to getting into her crate. Then she’s more likely to get comfortable and rest in her crate while we travel.
3. At the Hotel
You’ll need to research hotels before traveling with your dog. Make sure that your hotel is pet friendly. Also, take the time to find parks and walking trails where you can take your dog for exercise. Some hotels that offer breakfast for guests also provide breakfast for dogs, which is a nice treat. If your dog gets excited and starts barking in the hotel, don’t reinforce this behavior with petting. Instead, take your pet out for some exercise to help him or her calm down. My family was able to find some great hotels right in downtown Chicago that works for them and their dog.
4. Throughout the Trip
Like children, animals can experience some anxiety when traveling away from home. Help your dog feel comfortable by bringing along favorite items from home. We always bring a favorite toy or two for our dog to enjoy when traveling. Other comfort items from home might include a favorite blanket or a bone. We also use lavender oil to rub along our dog’s spine or at the base of her head to help her remain calm. This even makes them feel more safe and secure.
There are few things as fun as family vacation. Of course, it’s better when the entire family comes along. I hope these tips will help you enjoy your next vacation with your dog.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sad Easter

Hi! I am back and it wasn't a good Easter for us here. First of all little Matilda one of the puppies dumped in the box died of distemper. The other two could be infected as well so mom won't let us play out front because Cookie and Rusty could be vulnerable. They have been vaccinated but Rusty only got his last of three vaccinations after they arrived and Mom says they had the virus already then. Every time I see mom she is carrying disinfectant or bleach. She is worried sick about Luiza as well who couldn't be vaccinated due to her mange.

Poor Matilda never even got to live her life due to negligence of the humans. If her mother had been vaccinated she would have had some immunity. Mom says her mother is probably dead from it as well. They weren't allowed to suckle long enough and weren't vaccinated. It's a story that keeps on repeating here. The people that dumped the dogs knew they were ill and have now exposed other dogs to the pain Matilda went through. I cried so much then Emmy came and said she would look after Matilda. That made me feel a bit better. Mom tried everything she now gives the other two puppies anti biotics and serum daily. They have had ten days worth and when she stopped they got ill so now another ten days worth. Distemper is a killer of puppies. Mom says there is an epidemic of it every year. It made me realize how lucky I was that Mom took me in and vaccinated me. It could so easily of been me. Then Molly got ill two days later on Easter Monday. We don't know what was the matter with her but she died too. The vet said she was a lot older than Mom and dad had thought and could be anywhere between ten and fifteen. She had been to Hell and back on the streets so I guess her body couldn't take anymore. Emmy has been busy up there.

Then as if that wasn't enough sadness Mini who has been ill for a year with kidney failure took a turn for the worst and died. I didn't have time to wipe the tears I shed for Molly and the Mini went. She was very ill.

I sat on Mom's lap to comfort her but I just started crying with her. Mom says rescue is great work but sometimes very sad. I see that now. Emmy helps a lot even though she isn't here. She welcomes all the dogs when they get to Heaven. She tells them about her life here with Mom. She was always good to me. She chose me to write the blog. She made me a responsible and caring dog. I have a huge responsibility now. I will see it through. I have to blog about the sad times as well as the happy times.  The blog is about our lives here and what happens. Sometimes what happens is sad. Anyway heading for Mom's lap again. 
RIP Matilda too young to die
RIP Molly Had a shitty life in the streets. 
RIP Mini too ill to go on 
may you rest in God's arms and run free and healthy. Where's my mom?