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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Joey and Dogs in Brazil

Hi guys! I just sent my letter to Santa Paws and I asked him for a new sofa. I seem to have wrecked the one here. It can't take much more of my games. I have been looking at the world upside down lately. It's good to change your perspective on things now and then. Mom told me to say 'Merry Christmas' to everyone out there. I am also thanking everyone for their support. Especially when I failed to become a superstar that was one BIG disappointment for me. Hope has had surgery, so I also asked Santa Paws to make her better for Christmas. She had two huge tumors removed. She is recovering now. I also asked Santa Paws to help all the homeless dogs out there on the streets who won't be having such a good Christmas. They will just be surviving and experiencing another day. Poor guys wish mom and dad could save them all. They do their best but there are too many homeless dogs out there. 

Us dogs had our own Christmas Nativity play and of course, I was one of the three kings.

I was paw picked for the part because I am so handsome.

Casper the new dog that is a girl and got a boy's name is getting fatter. She was a bag of bones when she arrived.

Her brother and his friend are still waiting for Mom to go and get them. Trouble is Mom has no where to put them right now. This is Casper's brother they look like twins.

Here is his friend they are both in an empty property waiting for mom.

They are both frightened and Casper must miss her brother and her friend. We are hoping they can come soon. As I went around taking my pictures of the other because I get all the important jobs here. I encountered some very rude behavior.

I asked these two to smile for the camera and this is what they did. Xana looked the other way and Guga stuck his tongue out. I was hoping Santa would bring him some dentures for Christmas. Then it happened again.

and that's when I realized it was a conspiracy. Gracie was just about to do it to me and she giggled instead whilst trying to stick her tongue out.

When I got to Oscar and Sol's kennel she was whispering something to him that vaguely sounded like 'get ready to stick your tongue out'. Huh! I moved on to find some more dignified models.

Freddy caught me out and I ended up with a picture of him with his tongue out.

 Sam caught me out as well. You have to be quick with these mutts.

Skye posed for the camera and didn't stick her tongue out at me. I told her about the mud on her nose afterwards and she was not pleased. She didn't want me to post the picture. I just laughed and asked her 'where is your sense of humor?' 

Cassie also caught me with the tongue thing.

Here is the a beautiful picture of me and my girl.

We were playing the other day and I was pulling her ear! Well it looks like it but it was a sock really.

Here is Xana. She is about the only sensible dog here. I asked her to pose for a Christmas picture and she did.

I went back to catch Gracie doing something more dignified and she got me again.

Hope has been having a tough time. She still can't walk and she has some serious tumors. Dr Andre (the vet) took two of them out this week to help her. 

Here they are. These are the two biggest ones. I felt sick when Mom showed me this. Poor old Hope.

Then they stitched her up. Emmy said she spoke to her whilst she was under anesthetic and she gave her a little kiss and told her to be brave. I cried when Emmy told me this. Emmy said if I am in real trouble ever she will come and do the same for me, or for mom and dad or any of the other dogs here.

Then after the kiss from Emmy Hope woke up an smiled a bit. She was trying hard to be brave for Emmy. 

The next day she felt a whole lot better without those horrible lumps in her and sitting outside.

Mom and Dad have a great vet called Dr Andre and he has helped them a lot with all the dogs they have rescued. Thank you to everyone for all your support this year and may 2013 be a good year for you all. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally I am Back

I am back and I know how much you have all missed me. I only have to read all the comments. Mom has been very busy and I am not allowed to blog without her in case I get bored waiting and chew the computer cables. The first thing I have to tell you is that Emmy sent a beautiful flower to Mom from beyond the grave. It started growing a while back on her grave and she told me not to pee on it or chew it. I respect Emmy and she was my first friend here, so I didn't do anything nasty on it. Then a while back a beautiful flower opened. 

I showed it to Mom immediately and she got all emotional. Emmy said it was to make mom happy and let her know that her, Pebbles, and all the others are happy and waiting somewhere. Mom didn't look that happy she started crying instead. The flower was spectacular.

Somebody told Mom it is a Canna Lily and mom said it should be called a 'Canine Lily'. It was the best present she had for a long time. Then a huge storm and more flooding came and Emmy's flower faded. I guess it's back with her now. That's where all the things that disappear go. The next big thing that happened here was that another new dog arrived. We all only just got used to Xana, who is sleeping in the bedroom now. Boy she really wheedled her way into everything. 

She is sleeping on Emmy's old bed exactly where Emmy slept, near mom and dad's bed. I thought it was a bit of a cheek at first, but Emmy explained that she doesn't need the bed. Emmy sleeps on a cloud now and Xana is nearly 14 years old and has had a hard life, sleeping on hard surfaces for years, so she should sleep on Emmy's old bed.  As I told you another dog arrived here. She looked very thin and very frightened. 

This was one frightened dog. 

Just like Oscar was she is very thin because the humans responsible for her weren't looking after her properly. We know she will be fine now that she is here with us. By the end of the second day she was wagging her tail a tiny bit. We all had a great laugh because Mom and dad told us all the new dog was a boy. Of course, at first we thought it was some type of human joke then we realized they meant it.  Word soon got round and everyone cracked up as the new dog even got given a boy's name. She got called 'Casper'. Here are some of us laughing. Cassie went overboard and rolled on the ground like a bear. 

Someone said she looked like a bear and she got up shook her self off and said 'Where's my pot of Honey then? Word traveled round quickly about the huge mistake.

I told Nicky, Pluto and Gracie and they spread the word from there until everyone knew. They all came to see the girl named Casper.

Xana chuckled like the oldies do.

Hope was shouting 'It's a girl It's a girl!'

She then cracked up with laughter too

Sol said she would split her sides laughing. I am surprised her sides haven't split already because she is so fat .

Oscar couldn't believe the humans were so silly and thought she that was a boy.

Skye also had a good laugh. I like it when she laughs because you can't see her blue eyes so clearly and I am still jealous of them. 

Even old Guga woke up to enjoy the joke.

Freddy missed most of it because he was too busy still looking for the ball that I hid weeks ago.

He never noticed that Skye found it a long time ago

Sam giggled and said she would have a word with Dad.

Dad did not listen and that was that!  Casper the female dog now has a boy's name.

Here is me and my girl Gemma 

We have the occasional lovers tiff,  but we laugh. I tell her 'Hey! Bite my nose! 

and she says 'Hey! bite my arse!

Then at night we play secrets.

The other news this week was that we got a calendar for Dogs in Brazil. Oscar is September's pin up boy.

I am on the February page. I got a new blanket sent from England and Gemma got one too. A nice lady called Jayne knitted them. 

and Guga made a mess on his clean bed. Emmy said it wasn't necessary to mention that but it just sort of slipped out!
 and just in case you are all worried Casper (the girl) is following Guga around and introducing herself to us all one by one. She is still a bit afraid but is settling in well. 

Well I am tired now. That was a long blog. Emmy asked me to tell everyone that Christmas is coming and to be generous and to please help Mom and Dad help more street dogs here in Brazil.