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Monday, September 29, 2008

Little One

Mmy name is 'Little One' I have been here nearly five years and am one of the originals. I was found in the streets very thin and very afraid. I used to wet myself everytime a human came near me. Now, I am very different I am cuddly and love attention. I share a kennel with Cassie and constantly irritate her. I bite her ears and steal her food if I can. I am certain that she is afraid of me even though I am only half the size of her.


Ola! I am Pebbles! I was found living by the community rubbish skip with my four pups. I had abandoned two of them because I was so tired and hungry and I didn't have anymore milk. It was during the rainy season so we were all very wet and hungry, caked in mud and rotting food remains from the rubbish. Wow we smelt bad. My mom thought that I was a black dog because I was so dirty. I am daddy's favourite because I am so sweet. Everybody calls me an Angel although when nobody is looking I do naughty things. I am good at catching mice and occasionally bring leave them in my mom's bed for her. She loves my presents! I nearly died once with a disease that filled my mouth and throat with warts. Mom saved me though! I love living here with my friends.

Dancing Dog

Everybody who loves dogs should see this amazing and moving film at http://breathingeasy.wordpress.com/2008/03/15/dog-dance/

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hi I am Panda this is me ill in a neighbours garage. I am very thin and am heavily pregnant I had no where to go and the neighbour wanted me out of her garage ASAP. She wouldn't even give me a bowl of water. I began to cry a lot until the nice English lady came and rescued me. She took me straight to a vet. I collapsed and lost all my pups and was very ill for a long time. I am now totally recovered and happy with my friends here. I have put on a lot of weight and I am less nervous now, although I will always be a nervous dog. The top photo is me now hiding behind a plant because I don't like cameras.


Hello, My name is Misty and I am truly barking mad. It isn't my fault! Something happened to me when I was young and I have never got over it. I take diazepam everyday to keep calm because anything out of the ordinary can set me off. I am very clever and can open door bolts and attack furniture and clothing whenever I want. Sometimes I try to bite other dogs too. My mom has an awful lot of patience with me and never gets angry with my bizarre behaviour. I am extremely loving with her but I don't go near anyone else or let them put a hand on me. I have tried to bite several vets and visitors to the house. Apart from these little defects I am a very good dog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Woof !
I am Jessie I was found at around six months old. I have an egg shaped bump on my head where somebody bashed me on the head. I later suffered a cerebral lesion which left me paralysed for nearly a year. I had to learn to walk, eat, pee and everything all over again. It was hard going but I made it. It took me a year to learn to climb on the sofa or onto my mom's bed. I am still deficient but I can run and do doggy things. I am not so agile as the others and walk a little crooked, but I get on fine. Below are some of my photos thre's one of me very young and one of me after I recovered. The one above is me during the dark days of my paralysis.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Street dog in Brazil

Hi I am Bonnie. I am a street dog from Brazil. I was found dying from hunger and maggot infested sores in the state of RJ. An English couple took me home with them and treated my many infected sores. I had a hole from one side of my knee to the other which finally prevented me from walking. They managed to cure this and for two years I had a great life even though I was at least ten years old when they found me. I finally experienced love from humans!Bow Wow! All was fine until I developed diabetes. I have been ill for nearly two years with diabetes and now I can't walk due to diabetic neuropathy. I am just one of thirteen dogs that they care for and I cost a huge amount of money to maintain. I need: insulin, regular blood and urine tests, special ration and food, I am plagued by other problems at the moment I have water in my lungs, I get regular ear infections due to some cruel person cutting my ears off, I have regular urinary infections and all this cost money. My mom and dad are trying to get some medication for me called Methyl Cobalamina, which is not available here in Brazil. My mom wrote to a company called New Beginnings in the USA to see if they would donate some, but they said they couldn't at the moment. Nobody told us why. These are just some of the reasons that Emmy and all of us are asking for donations. My mom and dad aren't rich. they do the best they can. We have good news today a company in England called Vitamins Uk at www.vitaminuk.com
has said they will be happy to donate some methyl cobalamin for me. Everybody here and most of all me are hoping this will get me up and walking. It would be a miracle. I dream of walking around the garden and digging a few tunnels just like I did in the past.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hi I'm Cassie,
I am a chocolate coloured labrador. I was thrown on the streets at around two and a half years of age because I had severe displasia. I was found by my mom living by a rubbish dumpster and eating from there. I also was full of magotts and berne flies (more than 50). My mom didn't have any room for me at the time and her financial situation was difficult. So she tried to feed me and treat my infested sores in the street. This didn't work because a group of people kept beating me up. So I moved to a new part of the streets. My mom was worried and looked for me for six weeks and when she finally found me I could hardly walk anymore. She immediately put me in her car and took me home with her. She said she couldn't bare to see me living like this and I would surely die, if we didn't do something about my legs. I fell over a lot and had great difficulty walking. She nursed me back to health and then took me to the vets for xrays on my hips to see exactly what the problem was. I had displasia in both hips and the vet said it was the worst case he had ever seen. I is very expensive to do a hip replacement, so she opted for a different surgery that involves cutting off the head of the femur and creating a new articulation. First one side then the other was operated on. I have gained a lot of wait because I am a greedy lab, but hey! I am happy now. I still walk all lopsided, but I don"t have any more pain and I won't end up paralysed for life.


hi I'm emmy a german shepherd living in Brazil with twelve other rescue dogs. My freinds were all rescued from the streets in Brazil. Most of us have disabilities. Cassie a brown labrador has displasia and has had two surgeries. Bonnie a large black dog without ears has diabetes and is paralysed, Jessie suffered a brain lesion, Misty and Panda were so badly beaten that they are nervous wrecks, but slowly getting better. It took Misty four years and a lot of tranquilisers to calm her down. Pluto the new puppy was found dying weighing less than a kilo unable to walk and in the process of dying. He survived and is now 19 kilos and still growing. We are looking for help with medication expenses and money to rescue more like my friends here. There is no help or charitable trusts here. All of our expenses are paid for by the kind English couple who didn't have the heart to leave us to die in the streets. They need help to continue this work. Space is no problem but money is. If you feel you want to help then please contact us. More money means more dogs saved. Brazil is a very cruel and dangerous country for us that have been abandoned. We need your help!

Emmy. If you want to see pictures of my friends then contact me I will post more.