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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Friend Joey

I have a new friend and although I was a bit slow getting to know him I have decided I like him. We have been playing a lot together recently. His name is Joey.

Joey is in the dog house today because he chewed through mom's camera cable, so not she can't pass photos to the computer. He is quite naughty in comaparison to me. Mom says it's his age and he will grow out of it. The other five puppies that were dumped here are doing fine and have no signs of distemper. Mom's trying to raise more money for all the things we need at the new place including houses to sleep in and more fence wire. They have already moved most of the furniture from the house and are living with just the bare essentials. Today dad was with the removal men and the truck got stuck in the mud. It was pulled out by another vehicle. We have just had a huge storm and really violent rainfall for twenty four hours. It's still raining now. The won't be able to take us all there until the rain stops.  So we are all about to make a new start. They are hoping that it will be the last of the terrible things that happened last year. Even on the last day of 2011 they had to euthanize a dog. It was a terrible, terrible year.   

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This journalist wrote about mom and what she does.


Life Here

Mom told me to give an update on everything going on here and there is a lot. First Tupa's ear. It's looking much better.
Second here is mom's new home and the kennels dad has been building.

These are the first two kennels

These are going to be three more. Then dad has to make four more somewhere away from the house. They are very worried because it's all costing way more than they thought and they need to put roofs and little sleeping houses in all these kennels. For that they don't have any money. They are asking for donations to help set up the new place so we can have our play area back and so that the kennel dogs don't have to sleep under the stars especially if it's raining.

Now the five pups dumped at mom and dad's door.

They are doing well. The two that were really weak have picked up and no sign of distemper either.
Joey is fine in the house and doing a good job of growing. Topi is okay and gave Mom four cuddles this morning. Guga is okay and finally off meds. So, that's it here. Please donate to help my mom and dad help animals like us that nobody wants. We get ill and can't cope alone and sometimes we need people like my mom and dad to help us.  My Mom and Dad need people like you to help them to help us.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Charity Auction for us

To read ansd see more about these beautiful paintings click here http://bipolarlioness.blogspot.com/2012/01/this-is-me-this-my-art-and-its-being.html?zx=85c0c84177136a4e

This is Winter's Gold a really beautiful painting W30 ins x L48 ins

Art Auction

These two paintings called 'Female' and 'Male' are a couple in every sense and should really be sold together. They are H36ins x W48ins. Of course, in real life the colors are more vivid. We think they are beautiful and should enhance any home. The artist is a very talented lady and she is giving 75% of any sales to Dogs in Brazil. In order to bid you can contact us dogsinbrazil@hotmail.com and we will give further details.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Joey or ET?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Dog

Mom and Dad took in another dog who is very sick. He was found in Teresopolis. He has a huge ear infection that will almost certainly leave him deaf, he has mal nutrition and is full of maggots in his ears and neck. He smells terrible and the vet said if the infection enters the brain then he will be in deep trouble. Mom and Dad are trying to get him better.

Here he is eating he chokes a bit because of the huge edema under his throat.

He has deep holes made by maggots under his throat.

His ear has been eaten by maggots and he will probably never recover his hearing as the damage is so deep. He has internal structural damage in his ear. He also has anothe huge hole not visible here at the back of his ear with part of the internal structure of his ear hanging out. Mom says she has never seen anything as bad in a dog's ear.

He is extremely thin and the vet said if he was two or three more days on his own then he would be dead. They just buried one this month, so naturally they are very sad and trying everything to save this boy. Any body that wants to help Mom and Dad save dogs like this please donate now. They are moving soon after losing their home to help dogs. They have huge removal expenses and need help. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

If you wish to bid on any of these paintings

if you wish to bid on any of these paintings please contact us dogsinbrazil@hotmail.com for further information

Twitter Auction

These paintings are being auctioned on twitter to help us.

There are other paintings please if you love art think about making a bid. You get a brilliant painting and we benefit too.  

Mass Animal Killer for Black Magic Caught

Please read this and try to tweet or share it so we can get some justice for all the animals that died so painfully.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me and Joey

Well I must admit I didn't like Joey much at first mainly because he keeps biting my tail and my ankles and his tiny teeth hurt. So I have been avoiding him ever since he came here. Yesterday I decided to play with im a bit and he isn't so bad after all.

It started with a sniff.

and then we shook hands

and then we were ready to go.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The five pups dumped in a box

Well the five pups that were ill and dumped here are being looked after by our friends in Teresopolis who thank God have an isolated space for them. They don't seem to be getting any sicker. If they had distemper then they would be going down quick. We cannot risk bringing them here because Joey the last pup dumped here is still young to vaccinate and very vulnerable. We know he is healthy so cannot risk killing him with distemper.

Here he is afterwards.

The pups seem better, if it was distemper the they would definately be worse.

 We can't risk Joey dumped here Jan 5th. So, we are lucky to have animal friends to help us out. Here is one of Joey.

Unfortunately Friday the other pup died with distemper. He was just too far gone. If, we save six and one dies then we are in front. We felt so sorry for Friday he had no chance, his spirit couldn't take anymore. His heart gave out during the anesthetic for euthanasia because he was so weak. The five pups are still weak. let's hope they make it.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Dogs Dumped at the Door

Today we started the day normally. Mom and Dad had coffee and let Nicki out at six thirty and all was normal. They cleaned the kennels and gave breakfast to all the dogs. By eight a o clock, Mini a little terrier with a really good nose was sniffing the front gate a lot so Mom went to see why. Out side was this box.

Well it was only going to be obvious what was in it. The only question was how many? and how sick?

Well Mom says there were five. (I didn't see. She wouldn't let me antwhere near them). The box was dry, which means it hadn't been there long. It was full of mud but no dog poo. Who ever delivered them didn't travel far with them and they were only just dumped when we found them. The person also came on foot because we hear cars. Mom had to go and wash the dog kitchen with bleach to make sure it was clean and then she unloaded the poor pups to see what kind of stste they were in. They had the usual fleas and ticks but two looked bad. Mom said they looked like they had distemper. One was walking really strangely. Another one seemed to be nodding his head. This was not good news because Joey is here and too young to be vaccinated and even if he was the vaccination takes 15 days to work. Now poor Joey is at risk. They look around five weeks old too. Then dad decided to take them up to Teresopolis and find out if they do have distemper. So Mom was left on her own all day with a ton of work and worry.    They can't win. They don't even have the money to euthanize them if necessary. This will cost 90 reais each one plus consultation to see if they really do have distemper. Pluto couldn't walk when he came in his rear end went completely due to malnutrition. We will have to see.

  Mom fed them and gave them water and then dad took them on the long journey to Teresopolis while Mom worried what the roads would be like on top of all her other worries. Mom can't look after six puppies and twenty dogs on her own and dad has to go to build kennels in the new place. It is too much for anyone. She has to cook for us, clean up after us, take us out to play, wash our beds, give us medicine and the love she always gives us. They can hardly afford five more-- meaning more vaccinations, more puppy food,  more worm medication, more flea medication, A trip to Rio to donate them and that's if they are health,y now imagine if they aren't. We are talking a small fortune. Mom's praying some substantial help will come soon. The lawyer says the charity will be up and running by the end of February, so let's hope some kind person chips in big time here to help because Mom and Dad they can't do this on the present financial level and   it's getting worse here. Our house has become a general dumping ground for sick and unwanted dogs. Mom say's thank God we are moving then she is sad because what will happen to all these animals?

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Raining and Raining and Raining

We are on red alert for floods again here. It is raining again. We are hoping for the best and bracing ourselves for the worse. There are many regions on alert and there has aready been flooding in nearby towns. Some roads have had minor slides and were partially blocked about four kilometers from here. The weather forecast is not good news. The rivers were already very full.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another New Pup Here

Well last night a new pup arrived dumped outside our gate. He looks healthy and is very young. Mom says about five weeks old. He is realy missing his mom because he screams everytime mom leaves him alone. She had to take him to bed with her. The rain has stopped here although it did quite a lot of damage in many parts of the country before it stopped. Here our some photos of the new little pup who weighs in at 2.10 kilos. He hasn't got a name yet.

He is very cute!

As you can see he is about the size of Dad's foot.

This was going to be his bed but he cried so much he managed to get into mom's bed and slept across her neck. She didn't get much sleep.

  He curled up on Dad's lap in this weird position and fell asleep. Why won't dad let me sleep on his lap? Mom says it's because I am 35 kilos and way to big for that sort of thing. Huh!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Topi is making huge progress here. He is coming to his name and responding to affection. He is really a sweet boy. He is still spinning but less than 50% of what it was before. This morning mom went out and called him and he came in a straight line to her and he is now wagging his tail. He is beginning to be a dog. We are all dying to talk to him when he gets the confidence to talk to us. He is very shy and distracted with the spinning business. He barked for the first time new years day and really wags his tail now. Mom is really happy about his progress. When he gets excited about food he does start spinning and if he is left alone he spins more. We will film him when the rain stops. Mom says we are on maximum alert here for floods. Where we are moving to has already got 200 people homeless and mudslides. The roads are blocked so dad can't build our kennels either. It's still raining and mom says if it doesn't stop there will be another disaster. 2012 hasn't started off quite the way we all imagined it. Mom says we are going to be a charity as soon as the lawyer comes back from his Christmas holidays she will talk to him and get going on that.  So lots going on here. Praying the rain stops soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy new year everyone may 2012 be 100% better than 2011. We are ready for 2012 here.

Friday's last Day

Friday had a short and harsh life. He was probably born in the streets. Mom and Dad are dong everything they can to stop this kind of thing.

  Please help them to get their charity going and start vaccination programmes and spay and neuter clinics to alleviate suffering like this. Friday got the gift of peace for New Year. What a shame he didn't get the gift of a good quality life instead.