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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emergency Leishmaniasis

We are all very frightened here. The neighbours dog has a disease called leishmaniasis which is fatal. The vet is doing a second test on her and should it prove positive she will be killed by the vet. We are no more than twenty metres from her. The disease is transmitted by mosqiutoes known as sand flies. There is a vacination for dogs but it requires three shots at 80 reais each, so mum needs 240 reais per dog times twelve now that poor Harry is dead. Totalling 2,880 reais. A huge sum of money here and impossible for her to get. She has been praying for a miracle but they are few and far between in todays harsh world even we know that. Mum and Dad can also get this disease as humans get it too. We are desperately hoping someone will help but still there has not been any response from any of the 'animal lovers' worldwide. Incredible!It is one problem after another for mum and dad they try so hard to do good things but without a proper income and infrastructure they are very vulnerable financially. Mum is still very upset about Harry we all miss him so much.