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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dr Bruno's weekend so far

Our own private Angel who donated the funds to pay for Dr Bruno is now part of our everyday lives. She is a very interesting and intelligent person, who is greatly enjoying seeing his work. Dr Bruno filled a long gap without full time veterinarian help. Estimacao vet Jaqueline has helped a lot, but has many other responsibilities in Rio and can only work two days a week.. Kinship circle and mom and dad just coud not find another vet and the dogs could not wait. They were dying. So Thank God for our anonymous Angel. Let's take a look at Friday and Saturday for Dr Bruno. Mom said post some photos first.

Dr Bruno is a life saver.Bebete was doing her best but without a full time vet it was very difficult. 
Even the local animal loving kids are helping.

These Franciscan nuns are adopting 15 dogs. Every nun has her own dog and the dog accompanies her when she works. Mom visited Assisi  many years ago. They are also having an adoption fair with nine puppies and twelve adults. More dogs are still arriving look at this poodle's bad hair cut.

 This very thin Poodle came in all matted up. He could not lift his leg up to pee, so everybody thought he was a she. Boy did everybody get a surprise. Mom said you could not even tell if he had a tail or not. His ears were enormous with huge hair balls.

Here he is all clean and happy. He is going to the adoption fair because although he is very thin he is healthy.
This poor little baby nearly died. Dr Bruno revived him. The blanket is a thermal one to keep his body temperature up.

 After the puppy revived Dr Bruno had to find a vein to start a drip for him. This is difficult with such a small animal.
This kid from a poor family is so good with the dogs that Bebete president of the NGO Estimacao has offered to pay for veterinarian college for him.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another look at Teresopolis

Just look at there poor faces pleading to get out of the shelter.
Mom said this one was so sweet
This is an old dog.

This oneis very chic

They are all in need of homes and humans to love them. They lost everything too during the floods and landslides.


Mom is here today with me. Gracie went to the vet this week and had test because she isn't too well. She has an upset tummy and mom says she is lethargic. I don't know what this means I am just repeating her words. Her blood results point to a liver problem, so she will have to go back for more tests. The picture is of Gracie invading mom's herb garden, which is strictly off limits to us because we do naughty things there like pee on the herbs. Some of us even eat them. Gracie ate all the sunflowers too.
Here is mom with Nicki. Nicki is doing okay. She's had a couple of minor problems, but mom sorted them out. Nicki is now quite famous her photo and story appears on IDA's, Kinshipcircle and other websites Dad is still working in Teresopolis at the animal shelter.  Today Dr Bruno is back in action. Yesterday they saw two abandoned St Bernard dogs. The owner left them with a caretaker and has not been seen since early December. The caretaker has not been paid and although he was feeding the dogs. He has run out of money and can't feed them anymore. He actually can't feed himself and family anymore too. That is Brazil! The dogs were lucky this nice man fed them up to now otherwise they would be dead. A lot of people in Rio had second homes up here and have been to afraid to return. The economy here has bee hit hard because it is a touristic region.

These affluent people just forgot about their dogs. Now a vet has to get a court order and then they will be taken away and given to someone else. Luckily for them I think they will be easy to donate. They are pure breed, healthy dogs, so have a very good chance of finding new owners with better memories.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Flood Update

Here are some recent photos mom took after the floods. Many people now live in tents. They are expected to be rehoused in six months time. These tents are much bigger than the ones in Sao Jose.
This is Dr Bruno. He is Freddy's vet and was Tequila's vet too. He works with Dr Antonio. He volunteered  to help us at the Teresopolis shelter because there was not a vet there Saturday. They have a desperate need for a trained vet there every day. At the moment there are many days without a vet.

Dr Bruno examined every dog and left the place running like a military hospital. All dogs now have papers saying what is wrong with them and which type of treatment they need. There are cases of distemper let us hope they can get it under control because it is highly contagious. Dr Bruno really loves Freddy and he knows Guga because Guga lived in the streets near to him.
Talking of Freddy here he is on his visit to the vets last week. He is a very handsome fellow!

One anonymous private donor has given us the money to pay Dr Bruno to attend the shelter four days a week and co ordinate all the vets. The NGO called Estimacao requested this of us because they were so impressed with Dr Bruno.  He is starting on Friday and will attend the animals Friday, Saurday, Sunday, and Monday every week. He will also attend calls from the vets attending animals on the days when he cannot be there. Dr Bruno will stay several weeks until the situation calms down. Mom will help me choose another stylish blog award soon. Tomorrow Gracie is going to meet Dr Bruno. We will tell you about that tomorrow.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are quiet tonight.

Dad has been out doing search and rescue and treating dogs in Teresopolis. He is still not home and won't get here until around 9pm our time.Mom will help me post news and photos tomorrow about his day. We are not sure if we will be able to do the blog hop because of this. We want too, but the sitiuation here is still very difficult and sick animals are turning up everywhere. The disaster is not over for us. It has only just begun. There are still many things not functioning normally. The debris is still all around. The animals are still out there abandoned and suffering. Incredible as it may seem so long after the floods. we have some good news for tomorrow. Have you all read about the outrageous Yorkies? Something to lighten the day. We love them.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Freddy went to the vet and now is clear of mange. He still has a problem with his paw with a thing called a hotspot. Nicki went back to the vet to because she has some type of trauma. If you touch her head a lot she screams and mom thought it was her ears, so back again. Dr Antonio thinks she remembers some kind of trauma because he could not find anything wrong with her. We don't know what happened, so we are going slowly touching her head little by little. Other than this she seems happy.  Yesterday mom and dad were in Teresopolis where things are not so good. Eight dogs died and one puppy died in mom's arms. She was very sad when she got back. Distemper has started in the shelter and lots of giardia too. Tomorrow they are going back again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have decided on our first award winner

Mom and I decided who should get our first Stylish Blogger Award and it is Foley Monster and Pocket. They are outrageous little Yorkies, small in size but big in personality although they can't play football. They are at http://foleymonsterandpocket.blogspot.com/ mom has a soft spot for Yorkies,Portuguese Water Dogs, and Labs because these were the family dogs of her youth. Well! actually she has a soft spot for all dogs! The blog is adorable and we all like it when mom reads us about their antics. You can also ask Aunt Foley for advice as there is a section just for this. It makes great reading. We liked the letter from Twisted, and I like the videos because I can't read too well. When I see dog videos I like to bark back at the dogs, which is exactly what I did when they tried to play football. They will never make the national team though!
Congratulations! from Dogs in Brazil and Thanks to Georgia for bestowing it on us.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dogs with hobbies

Well to continue yesterday's blog here are two more photos of dogs with unusual hobbies. Jessie is doing Freudian research into dreams. That is why she has to sleep a lot, so she can gather material for her research.
We asked her what she dreamt about and what it meant and she just yawned and fell asleep again.
Pebbles is interested in crafts and she can crochet. Yes she can! I know you all think I am exaggerating. Look she told me she made this hat.

She looks lovely in it! Don't you think. If any of you have interesting hobbies then please let me know. Then mom won't think we are such a strange bunch! 


Hey, look everybody, Wow, we won an award from the multi talented,bi- lingual Georgia at http://littledogsonlongleashes.blogspotcom/ They chose three blogs to bestow this Stylish blogger award on and mine was one. Mom says I am a genius now. We have to say seven things nobody knows about us and then we will choose three more blogs and pass the award on. If, mom could explain how I put our beautiful award in the header then I would but she is not as clever as I am. Seven Facts:

Mom s a terrible driver. Ok I know this is about mom, but it effects me too.
Tasha murdered a parrot in her kennel.
I am very selfish at times.
I once visited Rio de Janeiro town centre when I was a puppy.
I have a scar on my ear where Harry bit me.
I hate having my toe nails cut.
I am afraid of thunder and hide in the shower box shaking.

I am going to speak to mom and give out our three awards later because I can't read very well.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dogs with Hobbies

Some dogs have unusual hobbies just like you humans. Gracie is an archeologist, she digs holes and examines the soil for evidence of past lives. Freddy is a botanist because he picks up every leaf he sees and carries them around in his mouth whilst examining them. Little one is a rock climber and Mini an expert on Rodent life and death. Guga is an omithologist, which means he enjoys watching birds.
He sits for hours looking at these lovebirds. This is his television and he is fascinatd by it. I am going to try and get a photo of some of the others doing their favourite hobbies soon. 

Late saturday

I am so proud of my Dad. he went out doing search and rescue with The Kinship Circle and saved some animals in Santa Rita. This was a town that was destroyed by the disaster. Here is a photo of one poor thin dog left in an abandoned house along with two other dogs, chicken, ducks and rabbits to die of starvation.

We all hope he will find some nice new humans to look after him.

 These three were all at the abandoned house together. I will tell you more later. I am so lucky to have my  home, mom and dad and sofa.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Posting tomorrow

Dad has been doing search and rescue and moms been here looking after us. So I could not write because she was so busy. Tomorrow she says she will help me again. Emmy. Mom and Dad have been married 25 years today I heard them say it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well Mom is at home today and she is helping me with my work. First of all  I want to tell you mom has been doing all kinds of stuff with Kinship Circle. They have been in Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis and Sao Jose. They have seen some terrible stuff.. Teresopolis is the worst. We were so lucky here. There are still many flood victim dogs out there awaiting rescue. Kinship Circle is going to try to get some of them today. Every day more turn up and in terrible states because now maggots are infesting their wounds. We saw Bonnie with maggots, but this is worse. They have seen a dog whose tail dropped off, another whose leg dropped off, and this poor baby whose face was eaten away eye and all.

  I think I will have nightmares from now on! mom said that this poor dog actually wagged his tail while the humans were treating him. My God! A doctor from Rio de Janeiro has adopted him. He is one of the lucky ones. Also whilst checking out Nova Friburgo with Kinship Circle the team saw this. This was someone's home. This family were luckier than Nicki's because they got out alive, but their two pet dogs tied up on chains were not so lucky. They are buried under this rubble.

Most of the world has now forgotten the Brazilian floods except for all of us creatures and humans who live within the disaster zone. The misery and pain continues. I think of all the other dogs and animals out there just like me. We just want a quiet life with a good human mom or dad. This really was not fair! Well onto something happier.

This is Nicki. She has cheeed up a lot since the first days. She still remembers and misses her human family from Teresopolis. They used to rub her tummy like this too! She loves it! She has started to talk to us now. She was a mom once or twice herself. It must have been real hard work with that bad leg. She told us about her accident and the pain her bad leg gave her. We think she will be okay now that she is getting used to her routine and the humans here.

She looks beautiful relaxing here. Mom and Dad are still trying to work out a way to survive in Brazil and make money after three failed business ventures. It is difficult. They are very worried about our little slice of Heaven here. They have to find a way for all of us to stay together. Dad had to close the bakery after the disaster. There was no electrcity for days and no way to travel there for over a week. It made a loss every week and they decided to close it and try something else. When they had paid up all the outstanding bills there was very little left. They don't know what they will do!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mom's back tomorow.

Tomorrow mom's going to help me do a post. She has been exceptionally busy.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Nicky wagged her tail today! She has nearly stopped crying when left alone for small periods of time. Freddy really likes her and keeps visiting her kennel. He jumps up and down like a pogo stick. Mom says we may have to have her spayed. She is beginning to explore the garden too. Tomorrow Mom starts her volunteer work with Kinship Circle.  So she is going to bed early and cannot do the bloghop. She told me to say thanks to everyone that has helped us. Some do not appear on the website they are hidden angels. Mom says we would never have lasted this long without the kind humans out there. Now we know they exist.
Thanks from all of us now here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Nicky is still very insecure. Mom found out that her entire human family were buried alive in the mud. No wonder she is very quiet and clinging on to mom at every opportunity. We all want to make her better, but don't know what to say to her. Guga seems better today atleast there has not  been anymore blood.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lots of new things are happening here. Mom brought a new dog here. She came from a flood victim shelter, where mom and dad are trying to get help for the dogs. More on that later this week. Meanwhile mom is helping out Kinship Circle. They are a charity that responds to disasters and the aftermath. Mom says the aftermath around here is drastic. There are hundreds of lost and abandoned animals. Mom and Dad fell in love with an old, crippled dog in the rescue center. They said they would only take one that nobody wanted, so Nicky arived. She is pictured on the Kinship Circle website along with mom's other pictures and details of the conditions they came across. http://www.kinshipcircle.org/ They wrote all about mom and what she has been doing. That is why I haven't been writing much because I can't spell very well and mom helps me out. She has been very busy. Mom is going to be working as a volunteer with kinship circle when they arrive.

Nicky is around ten years old. She is a GSD mix. She did have an owner because she came in with a collar caked in mud. She is very thin at the moment, but the vet said she cannot be allowed to gain too much weight. She walks on three legs only. Her injury is apparently years old. She was run over by car probably and lost one of her toes, her pad under her foot is also gone and the bone healed on top of the other bone. Now the leg is twisted under her and much shorter than the other one. She can get around though. I am so glad I came here young. The world out there sounds terrible. She has not spoken to us much. We think she is still in shock. She seems calm and a bit depessed after losing her owners.  We have no idea if her owner abandoned her or was killed. The situation in Teresopolis is terrible. Mom did not want another dog with so many financial problems, but her little face and those eyes were really begging them don't leave me here. Here she is at home.

Here she is being fattened up. She likes hr food a lot!

Here is her poor leg all mangled up. Dr Antonio said that the owner must have applied minium treatment, but never had the bone set by a vet. Probably opted for stitches and treatment to avoid infection only. That is the way it is here. People just don't have the money because vet's bills are so expensive.

Here she is sniffing around her new surroundings. We all hope she settles in well and is not so sad anymore.

Guga has been to the vets twice this week too. He has a thing called a ganglion under his throat. It enlarged to around ten times the size it originally was. Mom gave him a pillow during the day time and at night he has his bed. . The vet said that to wait and see if it goes down and fortunately it did.Then yesterday mom noticed little drops of blood all over the floor. It was coming from Guga's penis. Mom took him back to the vet who said it was perhaps a stone coming down  his uretha or pus that caused this. Well if it happens again then he will have to go back. Boy have they been very busy with doggy work this week.
I do have some more news ut I am tired now and going back to my sofa.