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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Making a difference one dog at a time…

Hello peeps – Joey here with my Pre-Christmas blog –have been cogitating what to talk out – so much has happened in the last month – some very, very, sad, but some happy things too…
Have heard that there are now 88 of us with 4 legs, one with three legs,  oh! and Gregory, that annoying little lizard! – clearly he thinks he is a DIB dog! mom said that is Gregory on top. I asked her what they were doing and she said she didn't know.

I have been feeling very sad as we all had to say goodbye to poor little Chester who was dying with Kidney failure – I cried a lot as it was all very sudden but hid it from mom and dad as knew they were so upset. I spent a lot of ‘reflective me’ time on my shelf under Mom’s desk...
Overhead Mom saying to Dad that she was very grateful that Chester’s voice was finally heard and he didn’t die in silence.

Good news that Nicholas is doing really really well but is still having eyedrops as he has something called an edema in his left eye – not really sure what that is – but he does seem to be milking it!
All the house dogs have accepted him except for my girl, grumpy Gemma, she is not good with new arrivals as it means less chicken scraps for her (and me ! – come to think of it).

Maggie is still recovering and mom still feels sick when she thinks of the vet bills to pay. Molly is still recovering from her surgery – poor things she still has another 3 surgeries to go. They are both so much braver than me! all the house dogs know that I get Scoobydoo scared at the slightest thing and run to mom for cover but they are polite and pretend not to notice!

Benny is still having his PT and hydrotherapy – must admit that I am a bit jealous of all the attention he gets and love his new braces! He is starting to walk better now. I shouldn't really be jealous as everyone tells me I have the most elegant legs! Benny is being adopted by the nice vet giving him PT in the pic next Tuesday.

I am going to have to be a big brave boy and say goodbye to some more or my friends soon– Potter, Savannah, and Lizzie as they have all found new homes. Mom is very happy about this and is very grateful to Auntie Nicole and Uncle Curt for helping with this.
AND! STOP PRESS - our paralympian 3 legged boy, now called Sugar Cane, is going to a new home - a fancy one with lots of other dogs and cats in AMERICA!

So, Abby (she found a new home this time last year)and Father Christmas would like to say a big thank you and Merry Christmas to you all.

I overheard ( I do have nosy streak!) Mom and Dad say that they are are so happy with progress this year - In August we had just over 7,000 'LIKES' and now we have 27,000!
Being just a dog (a very handsome one at that) I don't really know what 'likes' are but I would like to extend my doggy paw to say hello to all my new followers... I don't know about likes but I know about licks.
Will have to have a word in Mom's shell-like as I am still getting the same amount of CHICKEN! - just think, if my portion size increased by the same percentage, then I would be so fat  that I would be wobbly Joey and I definitely wouldn't have such elegant legs! Well it took me quite a while to write this and whilst I was doing it Mom and Dad saved seven more puppies.

Well I will be back soon. before Christmas hopefully.