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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jessie has new problems

We are all still really sad about Tequila and Mom is still crying from time to time about it. Now she has a new and serious problem to cope with. Jessie has been limping badly again and Mom and Dad took her for an x-ray yesterday. After all the trouble they had getting her to walk again after the brain lesion this was devastating. She apparently has crossed ligaments in both knees and needs expensive surgery. The local vet can perform a type of artificial transplant of the ligament which will cost 400 reals each side, but the better option would be to take her seventy miles away to the nearest big town and have another type of surgery, which is apparently superior giving much better results at a cost of 1,500 reals each side. Of course, the second option is totally and sadly out of the question due to the lack of any donations, or help from others worldwide. The first option will of course have a devastating financial impact on Mom and Dad's financial situation. We are all praying to the big doggy in the sky that some kind Samaritan will come along so that Jessie who has suffered so much can have the best treatment possible. She is hardly walking now and spends most of her day sitting in Mom's bed. She is very irritable and growling at Harry due to the pain she is in. Please help her if you can
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