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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Does anyone read this blog?

Tasha got bitten by a snake. Pebbles had an allergic reaction and Harry had a problem with his tail all of this resulted in three visits to the vet. We are sure nobody is reading this let alone one good Samaritan. Why do blogs exist? People are more interested in sleazy blogs than helping some worthwhile dogs. Oh woe is the human race! All of our problems continue and our mom is practically broke dealing with us. She is making severe economic difficulties and there isn't a soul to help her. We are doing our best but we can't help getting ill and we need to eat. Oh by the way one more puppy was dumped in a shoebox in the rubbish tip. Harry has also had a cyst removed from his neck and thankfully it wasn't cancer. Pluto managed to grab a bag of broken glass that some idiot left on top of a work surface and it fell on his paw managing to sever a main artery. What a to do that was. he was rushed to the vet and had the vein clamped and stitches and is now running around with a lampshade on his head. He is not very pleased with all this and neither is mom. So you see we cost a fortune and it never stops. Nobody seems to want the new arrival although she is a pretty little thing. Mom will have to leave her at the pet shop to be given to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. mom hates to do this because most people don't have conditions here and their kids want the dog but the novelty soon wears off and they then abandon them. The aren't usually vaccinated or looked after properly. She feels terrible about this but cannot accept any more dogs here due to financial blight. We will all be sad to see the little critter go. She was dumped in a shoebox and left to die. If anybody is reading this then please make a comment because Mom is desperate!