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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Mom went back to the vet's clinic again today with Trooper. his bum is a lot better and healing but he has an abcess on his leg and still had another of those horrible dead bernie flies in one infected mass. We don't really know what you all call these flies in other parts of the world because they don't have them in England where Mom comes from. He has to take more antibiotics and have special spray on his leg. He cannot be vaccinated yet because his immune system is still low and he is still anaemic. Look at his beautiful face.

We all think he is in love with Sam he likes blondes!

Then they kissed

Here is a picture of the magnificent me because you all haven't seen me for a while.

Now the problem of the fat GUGA just look at this slob.

He is constantly stealing food during meal times and is very clever about it. He waits for eveyone to be distracted and then goes for it. If the human watching us goes to answer a telephone then he grabs his opportunity. Mom is going to put him on a diet starting tomorrow. He will not be pleased. Below
are two sleeping street dogs. Mom took a picture of them because they looked so comfortable despite being abandoned in the street.

Tomorrow Mom is guest blogger on www.grouchypuppy.com and we are hoping to get some donations because we are now one month behind with the mortgage and another payment due tomorrow. Three misses and we are out on the streets. So, please think of us we need to survive here until Mom and Dad come up with an idea to generate income.  So they can pay for our costs like they did for the first nine years after they started. They used to go out onto the streets and help others with food and vaccinations etc but now just us are a burden to them. They actually did have the mortgage money then along came Trooper, Sam, Panda and Little One ill as well. That just about did away with it. When dogs are ill what can you do? We need doctors just like humans do. Panda very nearly died.
It is difficult. The accountant has been working on the paperwork for our non profit status and soon he will want some money too! It doesn't matter if it is only one dollar or pound every little helps. We have two castrations to do and both have growths to be removed at the same time pushing up the cost. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


chip in defective please use paypal direct where it says donate working on a solution now

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who is Scratching the Car?

Last week before Sam got ill mom and dad found out the answer to a mystery here. For a long time dad has been noticing scratches on the car roof. He assumed that Monkeys were responsible for this and was angry about it. I knew the truth and tried to tell him but he just did not understand. Then he thought perhaps it was parrots or even rats. Last week the culprit was caught in the act.

It was bad enough scratching the bonnet but she went one step further.

and then

Look who is scratching the car roof!

So we now have a little blonde monkey here. Mom has to take some of her poop to the vet on Monday to see if they can find out what is wrong with her and do some more tests.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Panda's Back Today

Panda is responding to treatment. Her red cell cout has gone up and she has just started eating again.Sam and Little One had to be tested too because both of them are showing symtoms of tick disease. The tick seaon is nearly over here. Now mom and dad have another R$500 to pay the vet for Panda and the tests on the other two. They have no money in the bank and hardly any donations. The chip in is giving problems again because it does not accept a decimal point only a comma and there are no instructions when people try. This does not help either. We wonder if many people tried and just gave up although money can be paid direct to paypal as well. Well as mom says 'When it rains it pours'. That is some English expression apparentl. meaning they are all upset, worried and nervous because they have absolutely hit the abyss. Mom's miracle has not occured up to date. She doesn't look quite so hopeful anymore. We just want to see her relax some time and forget all of these problems for a while.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Panda is ill

Panda has been a bit quiet for a few days we all thought it was because she did not like Trooper, but it was worse than that. She has Ehrlichiosis, which is a form of tick disease. The same disease that killed Riquinho a while back. She is staying at the vets clinic tonight and taking the first injections and is on a drip. She has a low platelet count and anemia. She is quite an old dog so we hope she makes it through. We don't exactly know her age she came here in 2005 pregnant starving and beaten. She arrived in one of our neighbours gardens and wanted to stay in their garage. Unfortunatley it was one of the neighbours who hate dogs.  Mom watched the situation because she was coming into our garden too, so we all barked. Mom asked the neighbor to give her water and she would provide food until a solution could be found. This was too much of a problem for them and on top of the beating she had received prior to being thrown on the streets the neighbour laid into her with a broom. Mom had to take her in.

Anyway she got better from her mal nutrition and has been here ever since. She is a very nervous dog hates bright lights, thunder, loud noises, cameras with flash, and most men. She has been beaten with a belt buckle at some time in her life and the print of the buckle is scarred into her in several places , which probably explains why she is so nervous. She did not have much luck in life until she came here. Due to financial cut backs it has become difficult to treat all the dogs for fleas and ticks. We were being treated with Topline but the fleas became resistent to it. To treat all the dogs here every month with something like Programme or Frontline would cost in the region of R$850 which is around $600 per month. Too much for us now.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dogs that climb trees

This is Trooper, who could well be a short haired German Pointer, contemplating climbing a tree. We still think his head is a funny shape for a Pointer but anyone with Pointer expertise please feel free to comment. Snout seems a little short (unlike mine) and cheeks a little too wide. The body fits the bill perfectly. 

Here he suddenly had an idea! Why don't I climb that tree after all I see the monkeys here doing it. Then

he did something that none of us has ever done before he climbed the tree just like a monkey.

he was having a really good time and we all wanted to do it too.

The disaster occured he fell out of the big mango tree and hit the rock below. He hurt his leg with a cut and it then swelled up. Fortunately his leg wasn't too bad and did not need a vet. We all decided after that to give tree climbing a miss as a new hobby. Now Dad has decided to cut down the big tree because for a long time he has been worried that if we have a big storm then it will fall on the house and crush it. He will leave it short and able to shoot again. So troopers tree climbing days are numbered.
Well onto Mom she had some type of what she thought was food poisoning all over the weekend and spent a long time in the bathroom. I heard strange noises. I got worried. She stayed in bed all day and me, Jessie and Pebbles stayed there with her. Today Dad is ill with the same symptoms, so it may be a virus. Whatever it was Mom was very ill and could not even eat. Then this morning Mom was a lot better. She has started to eat again and to worry again. Trooper needs a new kennel. He is chewing and digging his way out. The kennel door is wood and old too so it is very weak.The kennel is too small for three dogs. Dad wants to make a big kennel like Tasha's for the three dogs there, so they can run around and then take Sol from the chicken house and put her in the old kennel, which is larger than the chicken house.Still no proper funding appeared here, but Mom still believes it will. What with medical expenses coming up for a few dogs and routine stuff she has worked it out that we need a fortune and will have to pray very hard for help. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom ill all weekend

Mom's been ill all weekend with food poisoning. Will be back soon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sam's Haircut

We all got a big shock today. Mom and Dad left the house with Sam. She looked normal at this point we just thought they were taking her to the vet or something becuase she did have cancer a few months ago. We all assumed it was some type of check up. She was gone for about two hours. We heard the car come up the road and I went on top of mom's table again. Just to get a bett view out of the window.  Whoops I scratched it again. She doesn't do much dusting, so it will be a while before she notices. This is what I saw.

We all thought another new dog had arrived. they don't normally come in wearing such awful human perfume. She did not smell like a dog at all. The old man that comes here sometimes asked mom and dad if it was staying and where they should put her because all the kennels and house are full. he then said 'Do you know that dog looks like the same type of dog as that one with Panda and Trooper. Dad said 'It is the very same type'. He laughed and told the old man it was Sam. Panda never recognized her either. She verified it for quite a while with a long smelling session. Anyway we were all pretty disgusted with her new coiffure and perfume. She soon got back to her normal lizzard chasing antics though.

Mom did not really want to cut her hair, but it was beginning to be a problem grooming her. She had not had a haircut since she arrived. Truth is Mom did not want to spend the money on a hair cut and Sam would be very difficult for mom to do it. She would probably end up without an ear or tail! Oh no! mom's coming to check my spelling and now she will know about the table thing. I had better hide quickly.   

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Good

Trooper is looking better and his  butt is getting better. He has a growth on his neck and still needs to be neutered. Freddy is in exactly the same position except that his cyst is on his butt. He rubs his butt against the wall and ends up bleeding, so Dr Bruno will have to see them both very soon. Trooper is still taking antibiotics for the holes in his butt, which are slowly closing up. Tomorrow Sam is going for a haircut, so we will post the before and after pictures. Emmy is taking medication now for Giardia too. It has been an expensive month vet and medication wise here. This month Gracie, Trooper, and me all needed treatment. There are quite a few more of us needing attention with cysts, plaque on our teeth.
Trooper and Sam are getting on well, but Panda is not so keen on him. She is an older dog going blind in one eye and wants peace, so we will have to think about what to do for her. Dad wanted to build a new kennel because poor old Sol has been living in the chicken house since Nicki came. She does not complain but it would be good if she had a proper kennel too. Mom dreams of doing everything properly but it is dificult with so many of us. We have the most important thing which is love. So we don't complain-- well not much. We are the lucky ones. Here is Sam again. Just because she is so cute.

Mom entered Sam into a competition for photos of dogs with their tongue out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SHELTER (O ABRIGO) - TEASER (English Subtitles)

Our good friends Foley and pocket blogged about us. It made mom cry again. http://www.foleymonsterandpocket.blogspot.com/
they tell some of our story here is more

This is a trailer of a film for the Rio Film festival. we can't watch it cos it brings back too many bad memories. Mom still cries every time. Dad is in the film and Nicki is in the film and trailer. Watch out for her. The abrigo is where mom and dad helped for weeks and adopted Nicki. They are our good friends and Foley, Monster and there super Mom who is there to support every underdog.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pitbulls and Lennox

Since rescuing Trooper mom and dad have been thinking a lot aout how unfair it is that Lennox has a death sentennce simply for the way he looks. They have been looking at Trooper and they have a suspicion that Trooper has some pit bull in him. Look at the shape of his face. His body is all hunting dog but his face and his extraordinary teeth seem to point to a little bit of pit bull.

We all think this stupid law in Ireland stinks. It is just like racial prejudice hating for the sake of appearance.
Well! we really hope they manage to save poor Lennox. We don't know if Trooper has any pitbull for sure but we all gonna love him anyway.
Look at Troopers fangs they splay out unlike all of us here. He has really big teeth! He is getting better by the day. Mom will try to find him a good home if that is possible here we don't know. Occasionally one turns up!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Its official our new rescue has a name and it is Trooper. Thank you for all the suggestions we had. Mom has been busy looking after him. He still has a very sore butt. She will post some pictures soon.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chip in

This chip in apparenly requires a comma and not a decimal point for it to work. Yet another chip in glitch

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Before I tell you all about mom's Monday I want to show you before and after. Here is Nicki before awaiting adoption at the Teresopolis Shelter. Look at that sad and stressed face.

Here she is now.
She looks like she is smiling and she is. She has finally stopped being so sad and has started to enjoy herself. We are all really pleased for her. She will never forget her family but she made it through the grieving and finally started to heal. Who says we don't have facial expressions. Now onto Monday at the shelter.

This little scamp is awaiting adoption. He is so lovable. Well on Monday he escaped and ran off into the streets. The humans got five people together and went after him. When they finally found him they called out to him, 'Aranha' which is his name and means Spider in English guess what? He turned around and came running to them wagging his tail. What a relief for everyboday and he seemed glad to go home. He wagged his tail all the way.

This Guy came from Sao Jose, which was badly hit by the disaster to Teresopolis to adopt a dog. He lost his home, his parents lost theirs and his grandparents lost theirs too. He also lost his dog. He was interviewed by a film crew who are making a film about the shelter and the disaster and he got very emotional. Mom thinks he will be a very good human parent for this dog. Nicki and Dad are also in this film. It is going to be in the Rio Film Festival.
Another sick puppy.

Here he is with Dr Bruno. Dogs in Brazil managed to secure another donation from our own private Angel to keep Dr Bruno on board and help with his expenses. The good thing is when Dogs in Brazil is a registered non profit organization, which is in process now, he will be part of our team. We could not get a better vet. He is great and loves all of us animals. Mom caught him kissing a puppy when he thought no one was looking! An update on our new dog with no name yet! He has an infection but doesn't have anything more serious than anemia and maggots. He is taking lots of medications and supplements and should be recovering well in the next two weeks. If anyone has any ideas on names for him please feel free to comment. He is eating four times a day and hopefully will fill out quickly. He is very frightened and seems to come from a violent home. Let us all pray he gets over this soon. He is still very traumatized and does not really know what is going on. He is sharing a kennel with Panda and Sam and now mom and dad are packed to capacity. No more rescues for a while. Not unless some wealthy person comes along with funding that is! Our financial situation remains critical. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

posting in reverse order Today

We are posting about today first and about yesterday tomorrow, if that makes any sense to anyone. I am not sure? Mom told me to tell you all this I don't understand a word of it. All I know is there is a new dog here and he is sick. Mom and Dad said it is the last thing you need when you are broke. Dad said it is like cars they wait until your broke and then they conk out. Well,  the story started when after writing letters and a blog for another web site Mom and Dad went out to get some liver for us in the next little town called Areal. They stopped outside the chemist and they noticed a dog lying on the sidewalk. The dog was bleeding and tired. He could not stand up. They decided to go and do all the most necessary things and think about what to do. After much deliberation they could only do one thing pick up the poor dog and take it to the vet and get it treated then take him home for food. They could not live with their consciences if they did not. They can't take anymore. They are now more worried than ever and have one more mouth to feed. The bill with medication came to nearly R$ 200.00. After mom and dad finished they saw that somebody with good intentions had passed by and put ungent cream on the dog. This actually was useless because it will not kill the maggots. They also cleaned up some of the blood and he was in a different position. This was minutes before mom and dad returned.

Here he is you can see that even with the thick ungent on him he is still bleeding. Mom stroked him and he grabbed her arm with his paw as if to say 'please dont leave me'. How can people ignore our suffering like this? Here is a series of photos as Dr Bruno treats him.

First of all Dr Bruno resolves the maggot infested wounds and he eeds to shave his butt first. Through all of this the dog never complained and actually with severe anemia he slept through a very painful process. He has no energy to stand up.

These horrible little things can eventually kill a dog. Dr Bruno said one more week and his tail which is broken as well would have fallen off just as it did with the poor dog in Teresopolis. Then they would eat ligaments, muscles and everything in their way until a leg dropped off. Mom and Dad have plenty of experience with this.

It is difficult to see from this photo, but the poor fellow is around 10 to 15 kilos underweight all of his ribs are visible. Dr Bruno said give him food little and often not in large quantities because he is slowly starving. He weighs only 26 kilos and should weigh around 32 to 35 kilos.

 Well this is the poor fellow's butt. On top of this mom had a full blood test and test for tick disease done because he was covered in ticks. Inside of his ears there were colonies of the nasty little things.

Here he is at home. He has had medication to kill all the maggots, antibiotic, and iron for anemia. mom and Dad woke him up twice to give him small quantities of food. He is sleeping at the moment without the terrible irritation of maggots crawling around inside his body. He wags his tail every time they go to see him. Mom said we have no money, but she doesn't regret saving him one bit. She and dad are happy. So come on folks if you can donate then please do. We are still up to our necks in it here and today made their financial situation even worse. Could you ignore this?   A lot of humans can.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chip in

Please don't forget to chip in. We are in trouble here.

April Fools

Happy April Fools Everybody.
Mom found the picture for me. They are ordinary dogs painted with vegetable die in China. Apparently it is chic to paint dogs there at the moment. I asked mom if I could be painted as a leopard for a day and she no 'NO'.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Rescues!

Mom and Dad were out in Sao Jose and saw two more poor stray dogs. They don't know what type or breed they are, but they appear to be a mother and her pup. They decided to bring them home even though they seem to be in good health, they were in danger of being run over. Some silly people actually thought they were small tigers. How stupid, I said can't they tell the difference between feline and canine? They arrived yesterday and seem to be settling in well. The mother eats ravenously and the pup is playing with me.
Here is a photo of the mother.

and here she is again making herself right at home.

Mom just could not leave them to get run over.
Here is the beautiful little puppy he keeps biting my ears, pulling my tail and pulling my leg!

Look at this sweet face. Mom wants to call the little pup 'Tony' after Tony the tiger and the mother 'Tiga'. They do have very unusual colorings don't they? Well we will keep you updated on their progress. Mom just asked me 'what's the date today?????? I just BOL April the First!!!!!!!!