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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Joey's Busy Lifestyle by Joey.

Hello Peeps... so I am well and truly in the proverbial dog house as mom has just reminded me that I haven't written a blog for a while!! I am always busy. So here goes...

Busy Me!

It has been a very busy few months here - lots of visitors, new rescues, lots of vet trips and dogs being adopted...and some strange phenomena called 'Facebook live, which apparently was great success!!!'

Auntie Nicole and Uncle Curt came here and dad married them - is was SOOOOOO cool. A few of us house dogs attended the ceremony - Of course, I was dog of honour as I am just so damn good looking- especially with my super cute bandana. AND.... bless them, they didn't want any presents (even though I had saved them some chicken! –don’t tell mom where it is – it’s my emergency stash!) and matched all monetary donations. Mom and Dad were over the moon! And guess what, Mom wore a dress and looked drop-dead gorgeous…

Auntie Khaya came back to visit - love her as she always brings us goodies to munch on and I just know she has a soft spot for little old moi!.

Two lovely volunteers called Kelly and Karen came for the day from Rio and did lots of dog baths -not me though- I managed to escape that dark wet place by pretending to be busy – really think I will always be scared of the dark!

Auntie Loana and Uncle Costa went to Finland for a treat and met up with Auntie Raili and Savannah – now called Vanni. Mom said that Auntie Raili drove a long long way and Vanni was very tired at the end of the day!
As you know it’s all about bringing people and dogs together around the Globe and this was a great example. Vanni stole the show -she is such a babe magnet! – a great DIB doggy ambassador.

It's a bit over crowded in the house and there is always another four-legged on my shelf! - there are 20 of us in the house now so it’s quite a squeeze!

We sadly had to say goodbye to Reggie's when Auntie Nicole was here. She was desperately trying to save him and stayed up night after night looking after him. He fought very hard but didn’t have the strength to pull through and crawled into her case, left his heart there and went to Rainbow Bridge. We were all very sad as we thought he would pull through.

Mom and Dad are still trying to rescue Reggie's brother and sister and are slowly gaining their trust. They are still very wary though - hope they can be tempted to come back to doggy heaven before they get too sick.

There have been lots of vets trips - Sasha and Jo Jo will never be moms!. Molly still needs more surgeries and then there was that 'huge' lump on Daisy's head and on her sibling’s heads too! - she really did look like something out of ET! (even more than I did when I was a pup).

Nicholas still on 3 different sort of eye drops and Maggie, Harley, Luiza, Katie and Bogart on Mange meds, Peaches has tick disease and then poor old Maggie got an infection in her leg.

We all love Nicholas now...heard mom saying that he is a 'fully integrated house dog' - whatever that means! think it means that the others won't try to bit him on the bum! - I caught him stealing one of mom's shoes and hiding it in the banana tree - I didn't tell though as he has been through enough poor guy. Murphy (after a dodgy start) and Sasha are his favourites. He is just one big puppy and keeps play- biting us to play with him - I am far too grown-up for this type of tom-foolery!

I have heard that our recovery room is nearly complete - just hope that I never have to spend any time in it! Visitor accommodation is going well too...as far as I am concerned - visitors = treats!

Lots of dogs are being adopted and going to their new lives abroad which is great news - Luna went to Vancouver to live with a doggy friend.

Orwell has recently arrived in Texas to live with Penny - they are going to be ganging up on poor Skipper by speaking to each other in Brazilian doggy language even though he was there first!

AND... not sure if you remember Lucky who tried to board a bus with a tourist. He went to live with a foster in Canada and has now been adopted.

There is serious competition in casa Dogs in Brazil :
1-      Chicken  - Bambi is a Chicken freak too - giving the master 'ME!' a run for my money!
2-      Resident clown title - I thought this was my accolade but Pumpkin fell asleep on the toilet!! I suspect he had a rough night on the town. 


3-      AND there is competition for my shelf - Katie sees it as her bed Katie on my shelf -she is far too pretty to be left on the shelf! - get it?

Guges is still ok but poor mom often has to clean up his pooey bum. Sasha has a soft spot for him, pardon the pun! My poor Sam has had a stroke and mom and dad have spent lots of time rehabilitating her. She is slowly getting her mojo back. Daisy, another one of our golden oldies has now gone blind and poor Bowie is chewing on the foot that has two missing toes and has to wear a bootie- the indignity of it! Always poorly doggies here, which means lots of vets bills and mom worrying about paying all the costs.

Mom and dad rescued a poor doggy that was tied to a tree. She had had spay surgery and wasn’t wearing a cone of shame so she removed all her stitches. Astrid is doing ok now. 

Have overheard mom say that our Kennel cleaner is ‘still missing in action’ - this just means that poor dad has to work much harder! Any of you lovelies out there fancy applying for the position

We have a Houdini here – Houdini (aptly named) has the accolade of being the first dog to escape our property! He was found quickly, as you can imagine, mom and dad were super relieved. Guess he was just a little scared and bolted as he didn’t realize that he had arrived in doggy heaven on earth!

I had a real shock the other day – as you know I sleep in the closet during the day and on mom's bed during the night. A naughty wasp flew into the closet and really scared me! I flew out and landed in mom’s arms just like Scooby doo landing in Shaggy's arms!

So, I think that is all now folks except I am saving the best for last!
Auntie Nicole has just given up her job and is going to be moving with Uncle to Curt to a farm in a country called America and helping us full time. We are all very excited about this so watch this space…