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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brazil Update

Mom is letting me blog today. I have been watching her for days waiting for her to let me blog. Every time she goes in the kitchen I watch her and then flash my big brown eyes at her saying "let me blog mom". Mom thinks that all I think about is food, so that is why I am constantly spying on her in the kitchen. She even passes me some food and I say "No Mom I want to blog". She just didn't get it until today.  There has been so much happening. 

I ran around feeling so happy and told the others. Sol nearly died of shock. She did her excellent impression of a fat, dead cockroach. It really is very impressive. 

Sam just said "yeah, "yeah, "yeah!"

Trooper started a Happy Dance and although we don't get on very well he is nearly as good at dancing as me. He definitely knows some moves. He is a bit clumsy, but it's kind of interesting.  

Freddy and Cassie were very happy for me. I had been bugging them for weeks to help me talk to Mom. They took off running and did something I have never seen before and I have never done myself. 

They ran towards the big dog water bowl at full speed and then ....

Cassie jumped in first. She got the idea from Alex an English Man who has been helping Mom and Dad. Freddy followed her into the water. The whole day was turning into a party as the news that mom was going to let me blog spread around. 

Oscar and Rosie stood around the pool laughing at us all. 

Skye was busy cleaning dishes when I told her. 

She stopped what she was doing and dropped on the floor and winked at me. I think she did that to reduce my jealousy about her blue eyes. She figures that I feel better if I only see one open at a time. Mom never bought me the blue contact lenses that I wanted for my birthday. 

Henry was very happy for me. Well he is always happy, but he rolled over on the ground and laughed.

Gemma and Val told Guga. Didn't get much of a reaction out of him. He just said " How interesting" and walked on.

He had surgery a while back and is now better. At least he isn't sat under a blanket all day any more. 

Well onto the blog. Bill hurt his leg and had to see the Vet. This was a terrible ordeal for him because he is frightened of everything.

 Three new dogs arrived. The first one has been called Faith. She is a really strange looking dog. She has a disease called 'Mange' which has made her completely bald. She was also starving. Mom and Dad have been giving her medications and say that she will look normal one day.

She had a tiny bit of fur when she arrived but now it has all totally dropped out. She is in a kennel alone because she is contagious. I stay well away because it would be very hard to be a canine superstar like me without my fur. It is one of my assets and I intend to keep it in top condition ready for a modelling contract. 

Then two dogs arrived together. The first one I saw appears to know how to drive. Something I should add to my portfolio at some time. This one, who doesn't have a name yet, was at the vet with the dog that some humans attacked with a machete. He had tick disease and was going to be released back into the streets. 

He is quite thin and very nervous about humans near him. The other one that Mom told us all about had been in the vet clinic 40 days recovering from her wounds inflicted by the horrid humans, was in the back of dad's truck. Obviously she doesn't know how to drive. Females never do!  (If Mom sees that comment she will delete it but I may just get away with it because she is so busy). She is wearing the cone on her head as she still has stitches. her name is Murphy.

 She has a long scar and looks a lot prettier without the cone.  

She is in a room in the house to avoid infection from lying on the soil. Her scar goes under her belly and is still slightly open as it will take more time yet to completely heal up. 

Meanwhile Nina had spay surgery.

She is much better now and about to have her stitches out.

Tasha got a new kennel. 

Two of the kennels that were standing when we moved here collapsed. 

it made quite a mess and Mom and Dad need to build quite a few more kennels urgently. 

Then Val stole my special place, which is a shelf under Mom's desk. She was covered in wood chippings which she left for me to clear up. 

I politely asked her to "get out of my spot" and moved back in. 

It's my shelf and I am not going to share it with anyone except for my girl Gemma.

and finally this is the biggest tree here and we all get to pee on it. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Going to be back blogging soon. Mom is busy!