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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blue Eyes

Hi! I am back and I have a new idea which I pitched to Mom earlier today. I want some of those blue contact lenses so I can have blue eyes when I want. Everyone has been looking at the new dog called Skye with blue eyes and saying how beautiful her eyes are.

I want to have blue eyes too! Mom is mean she said I can't have the contact lenses and that it was silly because my brown eyes are beautiful. Then she said we all have one special thing and mine was my nose and my sense of humor. I don't care I want the blue eyes anyway.

She is getting a lot of attention and worse still I heard her brother is coming here too and he has blue eyes too. How am I supposed to get all the girls if they bring the blue eyed wonder boy here. Only with contacts.

 Mom said I shouldn't be jealous of them and that I am beautiful the way I am.

Here she is with her eyes closed. Worst still she is really sweet and has wormed her way into everyone's heart. Emmy told me not to say that because people would think I was mean and jealous, but I just want blue eyes too. Mom and Emmy both told me off and Emmy told me to 'grow up'. Then Pebbles suddenly appeared and explained it all to me. She said beauty is on the inside and I am beautiful because I make people laugh and blue eyes are irrelevant. She talked to me for a long time and she spent her life with brown eyes like me. In the end I realized she was right and I want to stay with my beautiful brown eyes I want to be beautiful on the inside and out. The new dogs name is Sky now because her eyes are the color of the sky. She is a bit thin, but seems like a nice girl. She hasn't had all that much contact with people and never slept in a bed with the humans like I do. I learnt a valuable lesson and won't be jealous anymore of those beautiful eyes. They look great on her, but mine are beautiful too. Pebbles said when you looked into eyes you can see the soul. It doesn't matter if it's a human or a dog. I felt kind of naked then but I guess my soul doesn't mind.

 Who needs blue eyes when you can do this. I make people laugh and mom said that's one of the best contributions to the world. My girl Gemma has brown eyes and I love her. Here we all are playing with Dad.

Here is Guga enjoying his retirement.

and finally me and my girl.

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