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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Henry's Story and Emmy's First Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge.

Yesterday Emmy came to see me from the Rainbow bridge. She knew Mom and Dad are still missing her. Mom and Dad put flowers on her grave and on Pebble's too. She died on the 29th May last year suddenly and would of been ten this year had she lived longer. We all miss her terribly. I miss playing with her. She comes to help me with my blog but she doesn't play with me like she used too. She says she can play all she likes where she is and she only comes back to help me become a professional blogger like she was. Mom was down at heart all day and fretting about the impending move. All sorts of stuff has to be worked out. 

Here are the yellow flowers Mom and Dad picked for her and below there she was on the sofa her favorite place. 

 She loved me from the first day that I arrived when I was a tiny little squirt of a puppy.

She was my special friend. R.I.P Emmy. Now on to Henry. Mom and Dad have managed to piece together some bits of his life. When he first arrived Mom said she recognized him. She has a very good memory for dog faces. He is doing well and is a bit happier. he hasn't told us anything yet so we all have to guess what he went through. The only thing we know for sure is that it wasn't good. Here he is wearing his new collar. He is still quite bald and thin but he can wag his tail now like the rest of us. 

Mom went through old pictures until she found the pics that were taken of Henry nearly a year ago when they first saw him in July 2012 living on the streets. He didn't have mange at this point nor fear of humans and Dad fed him several times. he was a lot fatter too. Then he disappeared. 

Next time Dad and Raili, our visitor from Finland, saw him was practically a year later and he looked much worse and was mentally broken down by fear. Here he is in May 2013.

Dad had to pick him up as he was in danger looking like that on the streets. Well Dad asked around and at a shop nearby people knew him well. He was picked up by a mentally ill man. The staff and owner saw him regularly being beaten and dragged on a rope down the road. They say the guy that took him was a hunter who ate Gamba (A rodent like creature here). We don't know why he abandoned Henry again after abusing him for a year and starving him. Anyway Henry is slowly recovering from the worse and Mom says he will get better. He looks sad in the next two pictures.

His eyes have started to shine again after being treated kindly. He snuggles on Mom's lap.

He gives his paw. 

 He looks at Mom and Dad. He was afraid to do this at first.

His soul has been sprinkled with happiness dust.

Then another dog arrived. Her name is Rosie and Mom and Dad took her to meet Henry. He wagged his tail.

 She is also very thin but full of energy. 

Mom and Dad let me meet her. 

When Henry gets better Rosie is going to share a kennel with him. Then Guga went to the vet clinic with Little One. I didn't get her picture because she is always hiding. The vet says she has Canine Senile Dementia and that there is no cure for her odd behavior. She is very old now and has been with Mom for ten years now. Guga had another Ultra Sound Scan because his bladder problems continue. I am not saying he is fat but they couldn't put him on the clinic table in case he broke it. He had to have the ultra sound scan on the floor. He has four stones in his bladder. I don't know how they got there but they are trying to dissolve them because the vet says he is very old for surgery. 

Here he is coming home after the indignation of lying on the floor for his exam. I laughed when he wasn't looking. 

Dougal hasn't found a new home yet or Charlie. He is a nice young puppy and loves playing ball. 

He is always smiling.

Finally me, my girl and Val. 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Meg and Kipper and Henry

Well! on Monday I woke up extremely early and there was something going on in the house. Dad was getting ready to go out at the crack of dawn so I knew that it was an important day. I could smell excitement in the air. Dad took Meg and Kipper and left. Mom told me they were going to Canada. He went and picked up a friend and then they all went to the airport. Mom was extremely nervous about it all. At the airport they had quite a bit of paperwork to do and the Ministry of Agriculture vet was going to check them out. 

Here they are waiting whilst Dad attended the paperwork. They reached the airport at around midday. I wanted to go to but mum said I couldn't. When she said they were going to new families I changed my mind very quickly. She explained that it was better for them and they would be having a lot of fun and that there are too many dogs here to all live in the house like the ten of us. They need families to love them. 

Meg waited patiently and didn't really know what was going on.

Kipper was very puzzled too.

Then Kipper got put in his new crate (a special one for flying) I didn't know dogs could fly but Mom said he flew to Canada. he must have hidden wings and special powers.

Meg had a huge green crate. She can fly too. Emmy can also fly. I wish I could.

They had one last meal on Brazilian soil then they were checked for space in their crates and health.

They had special water bottles, pee pads, and food with them.

Meg said Goodbye. Going to miss her. She woke me up every morning crying for a pee. I am still wondering how they both flew. I think they used their ears. Dougal could do a round the world trip if I am right.

He is still waiting for some nice people to come along and fly home to them. He has really good wings.

Then Dad had to say 'goodbye'. He was sad to see them go. The journey took 48 hours in the end as the flying was delayed for some reason and Mom nearly went hysterical with worry. We all waited up until the early hours of Wednesday morning to hear that they were okay. Mom cried Dad cheered and I want to know how they can fly. Then we got some pictures of them in the place called Canada. 

This is Meg being her friendly self a few seconds after she was released from customs. Not sure what that meant but Mom was so happy. She is with her new Mom called Jules here and they got on well straight away. 

Here is Kipper with his new dad. His name is Brent and he drove seven hours to collect Kipper from where he landed. I don't know why he landed seven hours away. I guess his radar system doesn't work to well.

Meg has new friends now.

She has loads of new toys. She watches TV we have never seen that. She ate some steak and travelled through the rocky mountains. She saw a bear.

She saw this bear and a real one.

Kipper got a new home with some real good humans too. he even got some little humans that like to play. I am tired now so I will tell you about Henry tomorrow. Does anyone know how I can learn to fly.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joey's Back

Hi! I am back again. Mom finally has time to oversee my blog. She says I can't blog alone because I am bound to write something silly. Huh! We have had a lot of stuff going on. First of all we had a visitor from Finland, which is far away and apparently very cold. We all liked the new person and thought she was going to stay permanently. We were quite disappointed when she went back to her country.

We all tried to sit on her lap even Guga had a go, but he just couldn't manage it at his age. Gemma and Val spent most of the ten days sitting on the visitor's lap. She cut our nails, well not mine as I get a professional manicure because I am a star. She brushed our fur and helped Mom and Dad. During the week dad and our new auntie rescued a dog. He was in the street looking very sad and thin.

He is a bit bald due to mange and has white socks. Mom says he will be beautiful soon. He has been badly treated and shakes a lot. He is still very quiet, so we haven't found out much about him yet.

Mom and Dad are trying to get him well at the moment and then maybe he will play with us. Daisy who was beginning to look like a punk rocker got a haircut. She looked totally different when she got home.

Ben had a tumor removed from his mouth. Poor old guy is waiting for the results of a biopsy.

Dad watched the surgery.

 Getting old is not so much fun.

Guga is also not very well and will be having an ultra sound to find out what is wrong with his private parts. He isn't too happy about this. Personally after my experience with Dr Andre and my private parts I wouldn't be too happy either. I only know this classified information because I was on guard duty behind the door whilst Guga and Nicki were talking about it.

So 'Mum' is the word.

Nicki is recovering from surgery too. She had a tumor in her breast and had to have her breast removed. The new puppies are very noisy and the two that got adopted are leaving on Monday for Canada. I will visit them one day. I just need to sort out my passport first and buy a suitcase for my blanket.

Kipper the black and tan pup got adopted and Dougal didn't. I think it is because his ears are so big. People are calling him 'Gizmo'.

Dougal will miss Kipper when he leaves on Monday

I don't know why they bought him a plane ticket? He could run to Canada quite quickly. 

This pup is called Charlie. Mom hasn't found anyone to adopt him either. He was a bit thin but his ears are okay so I don't know why?

This is Meg she is going to Canada too. She had surgery too.   

They put a cone on her head. 

This is me in case you didn't recognize my butt. I am learning Capoeira.

and although I say it myself I am pretty good at it.

Val and Gemma have taken up jogging together.

Gemma likes to keep herself in shape for me.

 Val just likes the run.

 Pluto is still thinking about some sort of keep fit but he is too lazy to start.

Here we are having fun with a blanket. me my girl and Val.

Here is Skye and her blue eyes.

and finally me. Soooo handsome. Those girls in Canada will be falling head over heels!