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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well almost a month has past since I last had a chance to blog because we moved to a new house. It was quite a surprise to me.  I did notice strange things going on like furniture vanishing in trucks, but I thought that Mom and Dad were just making more space for us and more pals for me. Then one morning I woke up and a truck came and took 19 of my dog pals away. Now that did worry me. Mom said 15 were in boarding and four had gone to another house somewhere. She said we would all be going there soon. It was really quiet there were only 12 of us left in the house. 

Sam didn't want to go and was screaming at me to get help. I felt very useless. None of us knew where they were going, or if we would ever all see each other again. Then Mom showed me the pictures of the fifteen that went into a boarding house for dogs. A sort of dog hotel. They didn't look so miserable, but they definitely looked like they wanted out of there quickly. They all missed us and Mom and Dad. 

Dad visited them and they all screamed at him 'Take us home'. 

Misty was mystified.

She kept walking to the gate looking for Dad and the other dogs.

Henry accused us all of keeping him in the dark. We told him. "Hey Pal! we don't know anymore than you do".

Skye's eyes turned red. I laughed about this. We then stayed here alone with Mom for quite a few days. More trucks came and the house got very empty. I was expecting a truck to come and bring back my pals and a load more new ones. It didn't happen. Instead the truck came back and all the dogs except me were loaded into the truck again. I was in the bedroom and started to panic. I thought they were going to leave me behind. I know I am naughty, but not that naughty. I screamed like I did when I was a puppy. The truck left and then mom got me and put me in the car with them. I was so relived. 

We drove a long way and when we arrived I saw the same truck with all my friends in it. Mom put me in a strange house and they unloaded the truck dog by dog.

 First ones out of the truck were Val, Nina and Gemma and boy! were they excited. They were barking and jumping screaming "Where are we?" let us out"

Then came Xana. She was quite confused but calm. She is old and has seen many things so nothing much bothers her. She just wanted to know where her bed was.

Then came Nicki. She was nervous but smiling putting a brave face on..

Then came Guga. The proud old guy tried to jump down from the high truck on his own and was lucky he got caught.

Mini had a bad trip and looked extremely upset when she arrived.

We all started exploring and taking in the new smells. It is much bigger than where we were before and there isn't any mud. We thought that strange because we thought that the whole world was soggy, wet and muddy. Now we know it isn't.

Oscar screwed his face into intense wrinkles and began the sniffing.

Bill peed on a tree and was so happy. He was the first DIB dog to pee there. Quite something for us canines. It would have been me except they took me straight into the house.

The new house is big we can all have our beds in the lounge during the day and we don't have to fight over space. There isn't any of the black stuff they call mould on the walls either. It is light so mom doesn't have to have all the lights on all day.

It has a huge wooden sofa that mom says she will get cushions for and then I can play blanket on it. They brought the two old sofas as well.

Skye loves it here. 

Freddy too. Then something strange happened. A lady turned up late one night to help Mom. Her name is Orna and she played ball with us, gave us baths, and brushed us. I went into her room to visit her with Gemma. 

Jessie got a bath. 

 Freddy got one.

Henry did too and ended up dirtier than he was before because he rolled in the dirt. 

Tasha got brushed.

We all got to play with the visitors. Then Henry got to come out and join us. He seems okay. We had a stare down when he came out. I held my tail up and told him "I am not scared of you" Of course, I was a bit afraid as I am not the bravest dog in the world. He fell for it and we decided to be friends. As long as he stays away from my food we should be okay. 

Jessie whispered something in his ear and he laughed. She probably told him that I was bluffing!

 We decided to to share Orna's attention. I know she liked me better though!

I have to go now mom wants me to help her with the dog food. I do this by eating it. It helps a lot. There is lots more to tell, but I will have to come back tomorrow and finish it.