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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hi I'm Cassie,
I am a chocolate coloured labrador. I was thrown on the streets at around two and a half years of age because I had severe displasia. I was found by my mom living by a rubbish dumpster and eating from there. I also was full of magotts and berne flies (more than 50). My mom didn't have any room for me at the time and her financial situation was difficult. So she tried to feed me and treat my infested sores in the street. This didn't work because a group of people kept beating me up. So I moved to a new part of the streets. My mom was worried and looked for me for six weeks and when she finally found me I could hardly walk anymore. She immediately put me in her car and took me home with her. She said she couldn't bare to see me living like this and I would surely die, if we didn't do something about my legs. I fell over a lot and had great difficulty walking. She nursed me back to health and then took me to the vets for xrays on my hips to see exactly what the problem was. I had displasia in both hips and the vet said it was the worst case he had ever seen. I is very expensive to do a hip replacement, so she opted for a different surgery that involves cutting off the head of the femur and creating a new articulation. First one side then the other was operated on. I have gained a lot of wait because I am a greedy lab, but hey! I am happy now. I still walk all lopsided, but I don"t have any more pain and I won't end up paralysed for life.


hi I'm emmy a german shepherd living in Brazil with twelve other rescue dogs. My freinds were all rescued from the streets in Brazil. Most of us have disabilities. Cassie a brown labrador has displasia and has had two surgeries. Bonnie a large black dog without ears has diabetes and is paralysed, Jessie suffered a brain lesion, Misty and Panda were so badly beaten that they are nervous wrecks, but slowly getting better. It took Misty four years and a lot of tranquilisers to calm her down. Pluto the new puppy was found dying weighing less than a kilo unable to walk and in the process of dying. He survived and is now 19 kilos and still growing. We are looking for help with medication expenses and money to rescue more like my friends here. There is no help or charitable trusts here. All of our expenses are paid for by the kind English couple who didn't have the heart to leave us to die in the streets. They need help to continue this work. Space is no problem but money is. If you feel you want to help then please contact us. More money means more dogs saved. Brazil is a very cruel and dangerous country for us that have been abandoned. We need your help!

Emmy. If you want to see pictures of my friends then contact me I will post more.

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