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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Street dog in Brazil

Hi I am Bonnie. I am a street dog from Brazil. I was found dying from hunger and maggot infested sores in the state of RJ. An English couple took me home with them and treated my many infected sores. I had a hole from one side of my knee to the other which finally prevented me from walking. They managed to cure this and for two years I had a great life even though I was at least ten years old when they found me. I finally experienced love from humans!Bow Wow! All was fine until I developed diabetes. I have been ill for nearly two years with diabetes and now I can't walk due to diabetic neuropathy. I am just one of thirteen dogs that they care for and I cost a huge amount of money to maintain. I need: insulin, regular blood and urine tests, special ration and food, I am plagued by other problems at the moment I have water in my lungs, I get regular ear infections due to some cruel person cutting my ears off, I have regular urinary infections and all this cost money. My mom and dad are trying to get some medication for me called Methyl Cobalamina, which is not available here in Brazil. My mom wrote to a company called New Beginnings in the USA to see if they would donate some, but they said they couldn't at the moment. Nobody told us why. These are just some of the reasons that Emmy and all of us are asking for donations. My mom and dad aren't rich. they do the best they can. We have good news today a company in England called Vitamins Uk at www.vitaminuk.com
has said they will be happy to donate some methyl cobalamin for me. Everybody here and most of all me are hoping this will get me up and walking. It would be a miracle. I dream of walking around the garden and digging a few tunnels just like I did in the past.

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