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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Woof! I am Pluto. I was found at four weeks old dying by the side of the road. My family including my mom were all dead in a plastic bin liner near by and somehow I managed to survive. I crawled out of the plastic bag and sat waiting by the edge of the road for someone to save me. I nearly ran out of time because when my new mom arrived and scooped me up she took me straight to the vets who said I was seriously anemic and had an edema due to malnutrition in my throat. I was covered in sores and scabs due to the malnutrition and I had the worst case of worms my new mom had ever seen. The vet said my body temperature had started to drop as I was in the process of dying. I had diarrhea for three days and couldn't eat solid food. I was given medicine by drip for three days and then started on some mushy type of food. I missed my mothers milk and I weighed less than a kilo, but I decided I must survive to tell my story to all of you out there.

As you can see now I am pretty and weigh over twenty kilos. I am extremely naughty and get to sleep in the house. I chew up everything I can specialising in dish cloths and rubber sandals. I have learnt to sit and lie down but I only do it when I want to.

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