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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All the dogs that passed through here

Mom was reflecting back today and tried to count all the dogs that her and dad have taken off the streets in the last eight years. She lost count at 63 because she could not rmember them all. She also recued a duck, an owl two wild birds and a horse.  She tried to save three monkeys but they died. Mom kept the worst cases-- old dogs like Bonnie, who suffered mutilation by humans, Panda who was severely beaten and bares the scars of a belt buckle until today. She is extremely nervous around men. Misty, who nobody knows what happened, but she is highly nervous, Sam because the cancer might come back. Jessie because of the brain lesion and her disabilities, Cassie because of her disabilities, Little One because she is so nervous, Pluto is just strange, Pebbles because she was so cute and had a broom phobia. if you picked up a broom she would run off in panic thinking you wanted to beat her. Harry because we loved him so much, but he was a real handful for mom at first. Emmy well just because I am so dependent and cute. Gracie because she loved Pluto and mom had the space. Sol nobody would stand-- she barks a lot and is snappy with other dogs and children. Tasha is a killer of other dogs, so can never mix with others although with humans she is beautiful, but then again she is incontinent as well.  Freddy is getting better and seems very happy with his new home, so he will probably stay unless really good people want him. If we can bring the brown lab then he will stay it would not be fair to risk him with anyone else here and his girlfriend too. So lets hope mom and dad can carry on the good work.

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