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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emmy's putting her feet up

Here I am after a hard day's rescue work taking a nap. This sofa belongs to me. Jessie owns the other one and mom and dad have two hard wooden chairs to sit on. We also own the bed. Well mom and dad are still worried they need to sell that bakery quickly and move on. Mom is trying to get professional funding from several organisations, so they can help more dogs and spend more on us. Poor Jessie is still waiting for her surgery for her torn cruciate ligament. We need supplies of ear and eye medications and flea and worm medications. Most of all we need lots of food especially now there is Freddy and the Big Brown Lab. Mom
told me to post  about him seperately on his web site, but I heard mom say he has a big lump in his throat, so he will be going to the vet on Monday. We all like him except for Freddy and Pluto. I think they are jealous because he is so handsome. If,  mom does get proper funding then she said we would have to move to somewhere bigger because we are now at capacity level here and we also annoy the neighbors with our  chatter and sing songs. She and dad would like to devote all their time and energy to helping the others still out there. Like the black dog, He was so sick and without a lot more money there is nothing they can do. Mom said she can't stop thinking about him it was horrible. Mom says about once a month you see an emergency like that and you have to shut your eyes because of lack of funds.

1 comment:

Chandra said...

Emmy, you look so comfortable and adorable on your couch! You deserve a rest after all your hard and wonderful work bringing the big brown lab home!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years