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Monday, January 17, 2011

Brazil Floods Dogs

Today Mom and Dad went to Sao Jose do Vale do Rio Preto to donate some ration to a vet who has over a hundred animals to feed and treat.  This is where the poor human, who loved her dog got rescued and dropped him in the water. Here are some photos.
The only way in now is across this devasted bridge because the two main bridges have gone. No lorries, buses or big vehicles can enter.

This is the remains of somebodies house. The chimney you see is a wood burning stove still standing.

 This house was really sad because you could smell death there. It must contain the bodies of animals or people still because the smell was utterly awful. All of their furniture is scattered and buried under the rubble.Mom said it was shocking a sight and smell you will never forget.
This is the same house from a different angle. All thats left is this. Boy am I glad mom and dad didn't take me. I can't bare to see all this.

Here mom said is someones life entirely she saw personal documents in files just lying in the road. All the houses had beds and sofas outside ready for the refuse collectors. Mom met the guy  that delivers our gas bottles and he showed us his deposit and lack of house. It vanished completely and he, of course, had no insurance. Here nobody does and he was a better off Brazilian. Mom and Dad passed at least a hundred houses like this gone or inhabitable. Now onto the survivors

Here is one.

Another survivor in the mud.

And another lucky one although he is in bad shape. He is alive
Signs for emergency and assistance all along the way.
More devastion. Mom said we also have devastion here. Last night one more house fell less than a kilo meter from here. We have not yet looked in our own back yard. Mom and Dad also went to look for the striped female. She was not around, nor the sick black dog. The bakery cannot be opened because there isn't any water until wednesday. Every day, is more loss. They are not sure yet what to do, but they might just  close the doors and call it a day. They don't have much luck with businesses here. They will continue looking for her and the sick black dog. He might, however be dead by now and her too. The devastion is total.      


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I am going to link your blog to a website for dogs I administer. The dogs are from all over the world, only one from South America, Argentina, but I want them to experience what you have gone through

georgia little pea said...

:( i cannot imagine how it must be to be in such a situation. i hope you find more dogs that made it.

hugs and thanks again for updating. xox

Chandra said...

Emmy, give Mom and Dad lots of kisses. Their hearts and minds must be so heavy. It's hard for me to process the photos of the destruction, I can't imagine witnessing it in person. They are very brave to be traveling and taking photos to share with us. I know their food donations to the animals will ease a bit of the suffering.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Jen said...

Girl, you've got rock stars linking to your blog. I am praying for you, the dogs, and all your family and neigbors.

Lavi said...

Oh dear, it really looks awful there. I'm so sad about all the people and animals that died in that flood...

Hold on and I hope things start looking up.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Such sadness for all who are there.